Tips on Efficiently Packing a Storage Unit

Whether you are moving, going through a transition period, or simply cleaning house, storage units can be valuable assets in keeping your cherished belongings safe and secure. Packing your storage unit efficiently and strategically will give you one less thing to worry about at a time when stress levels are commonly high. Here’s how:

1. Separate furniture and boxes. By placing furniture items on one side of the unit and boxes on the other, finding what you’re looking for becomes that much easier. Be sure that you have clearly marked your boxes as to their contents, and face the writing outward so you can tell at a glance which box contains what.

2. Allow yourself an access area, and room to move around inside the unit, without having to crawl underneath or climb over your belongings.

3. Before packing the unit, break down what you can into smaller pieces. This will eliminate wasted space within the storage unit. Take bed frames apart, take legs off of tables and chairs, disassemble futons, etc. Securely tie loose pieces together. Be sure to bag any nuts, bolts, or screws, and tape the clearly marked bags inside a dresser drawer for safe keeping.

4. Keep belongings at least a foot away from the front of the unit. The doors of storage units often get caught on items placed too close to them if even the slightest degree of shifting has taken place.

5. To prevent continuously moving your goods around the unit, place the items that you are most likely to need access to during your storage experience at the front of the unit, and those less likely to be needed toward the back.

6. Finally, make use of dresser drawers. These are great for accommodating small and fragile items. Using packing tape to secure these items inside the drawer is recommended to prevent mishaps later on.

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