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The Unseen Tool for Small Business: Storage Units

Welcome back to the Allstate Self Storage blog! This month we have been covering a wide range of storage topics from simple home hacks to the pros and cons of utilizing an outdoor storage space. This time we are looking at another niche need that storage units can meet: small businesses.

Struggling Small Business? Storage Units Can Help
Often, small businesses are not small because they are desired to be. The realities of resources confine the business, preventing it from evolving or growing at the rate that its owner, workers, and even customers and market might wish. A business might be the best fit to fill a specific need in the marketplace but until the operators have the resources to expand they may never be able to break through to that next tier of business.
That’s where self-storage comes in. Where small businesses are strapped for resources; capital, materials, space, consumers, etc. Storage facilities like us deal in one such resource: space. For a small cost, we can supply a small business storage units that will double, triple or more their available space.
How a business utilizes that space is then up to them (within the realms of the agreements) and there are many ways that businesses can benefit.
A business can use the storage unit as a storage facility for products on their way to customers, or as a stock room. Depending on what kind of inventory is being stored you can find the right storage unit for you. For instance, electronics or pharmaceutical reps would benefit from using a climate controlled unit.
Some facilities, though not many, allow work to be conducted in the unit. The kind of work is limited, as there are many laws and regulations in place on what units can be used for, but it may be possible. Speak with a facility manager about what is possible.
Use a storage unit space as a showroom to show off your products in an enticing space. For small businesses making custom furniture or home pieces, having a space to show example pieces can be the crucial step in expanding the business.

Pros to Small Business Storage Units
• The month to month nature of storage units means smaller businesses can jump in for the extra space and not be locked into a long-term contract. This saves money and helps curb risk!
• Work with your facility and you can have packages delivered directly to them, keeping all mail, packages, and correspondence in one easy to manage the flow.

There are plenty of ways businesses can leverage the extra provided space of a storage unit and facility. We provide the resource and with the right ingenuity, they turn it into profit. If a self-storage facility is what your business needs to break through to the next income bracket, find the nearest Allstate Self Storage facility and see if it’s a good match. Until then, keep hustling!