The Best Way to Pack for Long Term Storage

Long term storage offers you an easy solution that protects your possessions for extended amounts of time. It’s important to properly pack your belongings in order to withstand multiple factors that include time, weather, and moisture. If your possessions are not properly stored they can become permanently damaged, or irreparable, which can result in large monetary losses. By properly storing your possessions you can trust that they’ll remain in excellent quality even after years of storage.

The first step, in properly storing your items, is to obtain heavy duty boxes that will not break open or puncture easily. By storing your property in sturdy containers, you can drastically lower any risk of damage due to the extra protection. Before you place your belongings into the storage boxes, it’s a good idea to line the interior to ensure extra cushioning. By using old newspapers, or plastic shopping bags, you can easily line your boxes with materials you have in your home which in turn saves you money for packing materials.

If you plan on storing your property for an extended amount of time, it’s a smart idea to invest in quality shrink wrap. Also known as stretch wrap, shrink wrap works by preventing any unwanted debris from entering your boxes and getting onto your belongings. Dust and other fine particles will begin to damage your things and will accumulate rather quickly over time. If moisture has the chance to make its way into your boxes then the chance of water damage, mold, fungus, and rot greatly increases. Shrink wrap helps prevent this occurance by keeping any unwanted moisture outside of the box, in turn allowing your belongings to stay dry.

After your belongings are carefully packed and shrink wrapped, you can begin to pack your boxes in their designated storage area in the order of their use. By placing the items you will likely access the soonest in the front of the unit, you can save yourself the hassle of searching through the entire area for a single box. You should avoid placing your boxes directly against any walls to aid in ventilation and prevent excess moisture from accumulating. Lastly, a good and sturdy lock is your best bet when storing any valuable items for long periods of time. When theft is a concern it may be smart to store your most valuable items in the back of the storage space. By following these steps you can extend the life of your possessions and prevent damage or other unwanted effects that are often associated with long term storage.

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