Summer Storage

Spring cleaning is a great time to get the house in order for the busy summer months. Winter items need to be packed before moving into storage, summer clothes brought out and everything needs cleaned off. This can be more difficult if storage space is limited or if there is a lot of clutter. Spring cleaning can be made easier if unused or seldom used items are stored away. This makes it a great time to consider using storage units. Storage units can hold off-season clothing, decorations and other gear as well as the clutter that we can’t seem to get rid of.

When deciding to use storage units as part of spring cleaning it is wise to first devise a plan. Start by making a map of how the space inside the unit can be used. Remember to leave space to maneuver. This makes it easier to get to boxes you may need; reducing the time spent needlessly moving boxes around. Packing the boxes based on seasons or holidays is a great way to ensure everything can be easily found. Also, make sure items are clean before packing them away. When packing boxes, it is important to note that sealed plastic bags tend to harbor mildew, so plain boxes are best at ensuring there are no surprises when seasons once again change.

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