Storage Unit Can Make More Business Sense than Renting Warehouse Space

Why A Storage Unit Rental Is Better Than Warehousing For Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur, contractor or small business owner who’s looking to cut storage costs, consider the benefits of renting a self storage unit instead of leasing warehouse space. Modern self storage facilities are clean, dry and secure, providing customers with a variety of unit sizes and locations.

While warehouses have long been the traditional choice for businesses that need additional space to store records, equipment and inventory, dealing with a warehouse can be costly. Most warehouses require prepaid annual leases, placing a strain on your cash flow as well as restricting your ability to respond to changes within your business. If you suddenly require extra space due to an influx of supplies or stock, you might have to find another warehouse to meet your storage needs. For seasonal businesses, contracting with a warehouse storage facility can mean paying for empty space during times when it’s not needed.

Warehouses are almost always located in industrial areas to facilitate truck and rail traffic. While this can be an advantage for large companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs often work long hours and need access to their storage during the evenings and on the weekends – times when it can be downright dangerous to travel in an industrial area. Warehouse storage also often involves sharing an open space with other tenants, leaving businesses at risk from theft, damage or infestation by rodents or bedbugs. If you are looking for storage space, consider the benefits of renting a self storage unit for your business.

Storage unit rentals offer businesses all the advantages of traditional warehousing without the hassles, long-term prepaid leases or late-night security worries. Unlike warehouses, storage units offer individual secure metal units that are individually locked by the renter – no one else has access to your unit. Most self-storage facilities are open 7 days a week, offering extended hours that fit your busy schedule.

Self-storage facilities are fully equipped with security systems, fire sprinklers and on-site management to ensure the safety of you, your staff and the contents of your storage locker. As your storage needs change you can move between units within the facility, renting numerous larger units when you require extra space and downsizing when your inventory is low.

Before renting space in an industrial warehouse, visit a self-storage facility to see why renting a self-storage unit makes good business sense.

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