Storage Rental Prices, Sizes, and Other Things to Consider

When it comes to self-storage, rental prices are often the first thing on peoples’ minds. Understandably so, the financial aspect of storage rental is one of the biggest components of it. Welcome back to the Allstate Storage News blog where this time around we wanted to take a deeper dive into storage rental prices and sizes, things you should consider before you make any commitments!

storage rental prices

Storage Rental Sizes

Self-storage facilities traditionally offer a variety of sized units to provide the best service to their clients as possible. While it is easier to keep track of an inventory of all identical sheds, a great facility will offer a range of space to make sure you aren’t renting anything more than you need.

Allstate, for instance, has a number of sizes depending on need and location. Ranging from the smallest, 5’x5’ in 5 sq. ft. increments up to 10’ x 30’, we are sure to have the right size for your needs.
If you are unsure about how much size you need, feel free to utilize our Space Estimator to figure out just how much storage room you are looking for.

Storage Rental Prices

The prices for storage rentals can range, just like the sizes. Supply and demand rule the market, even in the self-storage biz. That said, you still want to have an idea of what a unit might run you. To that end, we can only give you our storage rental prices. These, of course, will still vary by a number of things.
Say you decided a 10’x20’ unit is the size you are needing. That’s about a big enough for a 5-bedroom home to be condensed. A unit of that size will run you $40 even in Las Vegas, NV (and most other places) while one in Phoenix, AZ with climate control will run closer to $80.

That difference is in the features available to the facility. These range from climate control, video surveillance, wine storage, drive-up units, commercial storage, or RV& Boat storage. It is important when comparing prices to understand these variables between facilities. If you don’t think you need climate control in your storage unit then it may benefit you more to find a facility that offers a better price.

Ultimately, storage rental prices are made up of much more than just the dollar on the price tag. The location, the ease of use, and the features provided all will affect the desirability and actual cost of the unit. A facility that is closer to you, and allows 24-hour access but costs a bit more per month may be a better value for you.

No matter the case, if you are in the market for a storage solution, Allstate has you covered, from 5’x5’ climate-controlled units to 10’x30’ with additional RV & boat parking, we can accommodate you. Reach out to your nearest facility and let’s get you moved in.