Self Storage Tips – January 2018 Edition

And just like that, already, we are in 2018. Absolutely wild. It’s been somehow both a massively long and incredibly fast year. Here at the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog we decided to start off the year with some classic advice. Self storage tips. It’s what everyone is here for, how can they make the most use out of their self storage unit. We got your back.

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Self Storage Tips

It’s the new year, meaning it’s winter. Now is the time to be aware of temperature sensitive items in self storage. If your unit does not have climate control, or the facility you are planning on using does not offer them this may be worrisome. In actuality, not al items need the temperature control and some can be handled simply by wrapping in blankets or other insulating materials inside their package. This can keep the item safe as well as keep costs down.

If you are just now moving into your unit, might we recommend a bit of planning? We mentioned this last year but sweeping up and inspecting the unit’s floors, walls, and the ceiling is done much easier when the unit itself is still empty. Do all of this before you begin packing up and look for any signs of possible concern. Possible water leaks, cracks in the floor or wall that let in moisture or pests. Anything of the sort. Make sure you report these to your facility manager and get them solved before you move in. Your belongings will thank you.

Check on your unit regularly. It may seem silly, but visiting your storage unit (even if you are not planning on taking anything out) and cleaning it regularly will make for not only a much smoother move later on but a cleaner one. During these checkups make sure to do a basic inspection to be sure no reasons for concern have developed.

Plan your packing. When loading your unit have a sort of blueprint in mind before you begin to unload the boxes. Leave a space around the items, between the wall, or by leaving a walkway in the middle will make sure you have the room necessary to get into the unit and find belongings. And you won’t have to unpack the entire unit when you’re looking for your Great Aunt Helga’s record player.

These have been just a smattering of self storage tips to start your new year off right. If you already have a unit with Allstate then maybe these can be applied as you spring clean, but for those newcomers or prospective clients, following these steps can make the whole experience of self storage a breeze. We will catch you later this month on the Storage News blog.