Secure RV Storage – What, Why, and How

Welcome back to another insightful (we hope!) blog here at the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog. This might seem out of season, but the reality is the topic of focus this month’s blogs is timeless: RV Storage. ‘Timeless?’ you scoff! ‘Timeless!’ I say resolutely! Whether you are from the northern states on a snowbird trek down to the ‘warmer’ climes, or living in the south and have no need for your RV until spring or summer, now is the time to start thinking about secure RV storage. So let’s answer all them

What is Secure RV Storage?

secure rv storage

Secure RV storage via self-storage facilities (such as Allstate Self Storage) is parking spaces inside a larger, secured lot. These are fenced, or otherwise restricted, as well as having surveillance, personnel, or other forms of security (depending on the facility). For a low cost per month, you can have your RV parked somewhere other than in front of your home or out of your backyard and be secure (ha!) in knowing it is safe.

Why Secure RV Storage?

Secure RV storage is important for anyone who owns a recreational vehicle. B definition, these vehicles are not our daily drivers. We use them for specific road trip adventures and then they sit while we toil away at the day job, accruing the time to take our lives out on the road. These little (ok, sometimes massive) mobile living command centers are our homes on the road. While we are out we make secure plans for our actual homes with neighbors or family friends checking in, collecting mail, etc. Why should we treat our RVs the same when we are at home for lengths of time?

How to Secure RV Storage?

As for ‘how’, that’s the simplest part yet! Simply find your nearest self-storage facility and see if they offer vehicle storage and their going rates. Not all do, of course, many simply sticking to units but they are out there! Make sure in your inquiry that you clearly state you are looking for a place to secure your RV so they know what kind of space you are needing. For instance, at Allstate Self Storage facilities that offer RV storage, we have two sizes – 10×15 and 10×20 – sized perfectly for RV parking.

So there is the what, why, and how to getting yourself a secure RV storage situation! This has been just the first entry in our month-long discussion of RV storage. Come back next time where we will look at the steps you should take for storing your RV and later on the price of storage (here’s a hint, there’s more to the equation than just the price tag!) We will see you next time here on the Storage News blog.