RV Storage Ideas

Welcome to another Allstate Self Storage blog! We are continuing our month-long work on RV storage ideas, how to get it, and the prices for space. It’s heading into winter which means some folks are parking their recreational vehicles til the seasons and temperatures change for the better, while others are out using them in force, driving south for the winter. Last time we discussed secure RV storage, this time we are going over some ideas to get the most of your RV storage!

RV Storage Ideas and Tips

Storing your RV ain’t the only kind of storage we are talking about here. What about actual storage inside the recreational vehicle? To that end here are some tips on how to maximize the space available to you.

rv storage ideas

Mountable Magnetic Strips

Magnets! How do they work!? Well, like magic. Magnetic wall strips will also help you use all the verticle space available to you, especially useful when you have only so many drawers and cabinets

Hanging Jars

Hanging mason jars from the bottom of shelves and cabinets also go a long way to making efficient use of vertical spaces. Since they are smaller, they also work for all the assorted knick knacks and miscellaneous materials we invariably end up accruing. Simply screw through a lid into the bottom of a cabinet or shelf, fill the jar and twist it into place.

Velcro Control

Nothing says ‘recreational’ quite like vegging out in front of television, that’s probably why so many recreational vehicles come equipped with TVs and media players, each with their own remote controls. When you are bombing around the highways, the remotes are sure to slide their way to hidey holes you didn’t know were possible unless they’re secure. An easy way to combat this is to Velcro them to the backs of chairs, under tables, or along walls. Secure, stationary, and easy to find when you need them!

Inner Door Storage

The doors into your RV are another place where vertical storage could be perfectly implemented. Either attach a ready-made net or fashion your own mesh storage solution to keep shoes, a flashlight or first aid kit, anything you don’t want to be fumbling around in your RV for that you need -now-.

In case it wasn’t clear enough by now, the biggest thing you can do to really best utilize your RV storage space is to go up! Using suction hooks, command strips, command hooks, wire hangers, clips, all sorts of small pieces can make the insides of doors, cabinets, walls, and more new storage spaces.

Whether you are looking to store your RV, or RV storage ideas, Allstate has your back. If it’s time to dock the RV for the season, give us a call and we can get your mobile command center secured away for the season. For those of you still on the road, put these tips to use and see your trips much more fun and less puzzling space issues.