RV and Boat Storage Month with Allstate Self Storage Part II

We are continuing on this month with our discussions of RV and boat storage, specifically when it comes to using self-storage facilities! Last time we made an argument for why you would (or should) look at using self-storage facilities as your RV and boat storage solutions. Assuming you have already made that decision (smart!) here are some tips to make sure you are getting the best results from it.
RV and Boat Storage Tips
RV and boat storage

When storing your RV for the winter (or whichever offseason you happen to store during) there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process not only easier for you but also save money!
• Save money by canceling any services you won’t be using while it sits. If your RV is stored on private property, you may not need to keep your collisions, medical, and other insurance policies current on it. Keep comprehensive coverage active during this, you don’t want to have coverage lapse and end up in a stickier situation. Just know what you can cut back on.
• If your RV has satellite services for TV then this is certainly something you can deactivate while the vehicle is stored. Certain providers may even offer an RV specific month to month, pay as you go plan that may help.
Storing the batters for winter or any other time require a few upkeep steps to ensure everything is in proper working order. Remove the batter and do the following:
• Clean the battery and terminals!
• Check water levels and add if any is needed.
• Test the batter to ensure it is fully charged
• Use a maintenance charger to keep batteries charged and avoiding sulfation.
• Store the battery in a cool, dry space.
Preparing to store your boat starts even before you leave the water. Here are just some tips to ensure your boat is still seaworthy when you come back for it after the offseason.
• Take the boat out one more time. Aside from enjoying that final cruise, you should listen and look for anything out of sorts. Getting repairs done during the offseason will save you a lot of headaches when it is time to take your ship out again.
• After you’ve had your last ride of the season, give your ship a thorough scrub down. Inside and out! Do this before it is allowed to sit and become an even tougher job to take care of. Dry it off thoroughly.
Maintenance steps to take before letting your boat sit in storage:
• Change the fluids! Oil, antifreeze, fogging oil, you name it, it should all be as fresh as possible.
• Adjust belts. You don’t want your drive belts sitting tensely all winter as they can develop cracks.
• Grease up the steering and control joints to keep them moving smoothly.
• Tend to the battery just like you would an RV
• Fill up the tank!
For both vehicles, you want to take measures to avoid any possible damage while in storage. Specifically, you don’t want to come back to your vehicle in the spring and find a large extended family of rodents has made your boat or RV their RV. Make sure the vehicle is properly covered to help avoid this.

These have been just some of the steps to take when storing your RV and boat. No doubt if you own them you have a good handle on their care and upkeep, but these reminders are here for all. Take the necessary steps, move your vehicles into storage and rest easy knowing that come time to take them out again they will be ready and waiting for it.
We will see you next time on the Allstate Storage News blog, and as December winds down Happy Holidays. If you are in need of RV and boat storage contact our storage experts and we will be happy to help. Until next time!