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Keep Your Home Up to Snuff – Easy Storage Solutions

Keeping a clean and tidy home is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions out there. Sure, it might not be as overtly stated as ‘Lose 100 pounds!’ or ‘Run a marathon!’ but so much of what people are hoping to start fresh with involves a command of their lives, a control over themselves and their surroundings. Keeping your home organized is a part of that. Because of that, and since we are still in the beginnings of the New Year, we here at Allstate Storage News decided to take that step to the adjacent topic.

easy home storage
Easy Storage Strategies for Home

We have written extensively about this topic, especially as it pertains to storage units. This time we are looking -specifically- at what can be done in the home to help keep it tidy and organized for the whole year.

Before organizing, clean up! A messy house makes the organization efforts almost overwhelming. Whether you go by the KonMari method of cleaning up or not, having a clean home will make the organization process much smoother. You won’t be stopping to clean a desk first before placing anything on it, or get distracted by the floors needing vacuumed.

Go room to room and do this process bit by bit. Attempting to do it all at one often drains the would-be home kings and queens. Be methodical about it.

Take inventory. As you clean, organize, and begin to shuffle things about. Keep an inventory of items and objects so that you know what all you have. In the process you might find you have a few extra of something, or are missing a critical piece that makes the rest work. This will help you know not only where and what everything is, but if it is even useful/usable to you!

Use ‘wasted’ space. This is one we have talked about even as it pertains to RVs. Thinking outside the box when it comes to useful storage space will give you a lot more room to work with. Behind doors, sides of cabinets, or under beds are common areas where the space is ready and waiting for you to use.

Here’s a fun one: use storage options that are wheeled. Along with using wasted space, using wheeled or otherwise ultra-mobile storage tools can really be the Swiss Army Knife of home organization. You can move them quickly from closets to under beds or out into the room where they are needed.

And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t address the easiest storage tip for homeowners: self storage units! The extra space can give the exact square footage you need to get the excess clutter out of your home but keep those useful belongings you only need a few times a year. If that sounds like something you need, find the nearest easy storage facility for you and get sorted.

Just How Much is Storage?

Welcome back to the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog! We are already two entries deep into 2018 and the year looks busy as ever! Last time we did a quick overview of some more tips and tricks to make sure your self storage experience was as great as could be. But that got us thinking, ‘What if our readers have not even gotten a unit yet?’ They are who this entry is dedicated to. Those folks out there who are thinking about renting and using a unit but have a few questions first before they even start. And the biggest question of them all? ‘How much is storage?’

How Much is Storage

We here at Allstate are happy to offer real time price quotes and estimations based off a few factors. Using our Space Estimator tool, you can input the types and number of belongings you expect to be storing and see the size unit you’d need (from 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’ and on.) That is not all! You can then click through to Our Locations search page where you can be given a rough idea of just how much that size unit will cost you in different locations, the features that are available with it etc.

A 5’ x 5’ unit to store three bookcases and a desk, for instance, may run you around $69 for a facility with no admin fees and air conditioned units while across town at a facility that focuses on residential storage and feature video surveillance will cost $42.50.

how much is storage

With these two tools you can have a really solid working idea of what your storage solution will cost you. By being able to compare the features and the different facilities you can also pick the right one for you and your belongings (some do need climate control after all!)

Now, the dollar amount is not the only ‘cost’ to consider when it comes to renting storage units. Obviously, you will want to take a look at the features, as mentioned before, but also the benefits of working with a particular company. For instance, with Allstate, you can rent a unit outside of normal business hours through the website, a feature that many of our customers find beneficial.

Another consideration that we think is huge is location. A unit may cost you $20 a month but if that unit is all the way across town the gas, and inconvenience of driving to it may end up giving it a higher effective cost. Rather than drive to your unit to find your coffee pot, you may stop at the coffee shop more, or buy a new one. Those costs are a bit extraneous in this instance. Take this into consideration when choosing your storage facility.

We hope this rundown of some of the costs of self storage have helped you come to a decision. As we said, we offer a number of amazing tools to help you get situated, and with the ability to rent over the website you could have an idea of the size needed, price, and be ready to drop off your first load almost immediately. We are happy to be of service.

Self Storage Tips – January 2018 Edition

And just like that, already, we are in 2018. Absolutely wild. It’s been somehow both a massively long and incredibly fast year. Here at the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog we decided to start off the year with some classic advice. Self storage tips. It’s what everyone is here for, how can they make the most use out of their self storage unit. We got your back.

self storage tips january calendar
Self Storage Tips

It’s the new year, meaning it’s winter. Now is the time to be aware of temperature sensitive items in self storage. If your unit does not have climate control, or the facility you are planning on using does not offer them this may be worrisome. In actuality, not al items need the temperature control and some can be handled simply by wrapping in blankets or other insulating materials inside their package. This can keep the item safe as well as keep costs down.

If you are just now moving into your unit, might we recommend a bit of planning? We mentioned this last year but sweeping up and inspecting the unit’s floors, walls, and the ceiling is done much easier when the unit itself is still empty. Do all of this before you begin packing up and look for any signs of possible concern. Possible water leaks, cracks in the floor or wall that let in moisture or pests. Anything of the sort. Make sure you report these to your facility manager and get them solved before you move in. Your belongings will thank you.

Check on your unit regularly. It may seem silly, but visiting your storage unit (even if you are not planning on taking anything out) and cleaning it regularly will make for not only a much smoother move later on but a cleaner one. During these checkups make sure to do a basic inspection to be sure no reasons for concern have developed.

Plan your packing. When loading your unit have a sort of blueprint in mind before you begin to unload the boxes. Leave a space around the items, between the wall, or by leaving a walkway in the middle will make sure you have the room necessary to get into the unit and find belongings. And you won’t have to unpack the entire unit when you’re looking for your Great Aunt Helga’s record player.

These have been just a smattering of self storage tips to start your new year off right. If you already have a unit with Allstate then maybe these can be applied as you spring clean, but for those newcomers or prospective clients, following these steps can make the whole experience of self storage a breeze. We will catch you later this month on the Storage News blog.

Climate Controlled Self Storage with Allstate Self Storage

While it might not seem like the time for us to be discussing climate controlled self-storage, after all, we are in the depths of winter, it is important to know the ins and outs of it. Why you would want to utilize it, how it helps you, what kinds of belongings would need the climate control. It is one of the most common questions we field here so let’s write up a whole post on it, and it’s our last post of the year!

storage climate control self-storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units
Air-conditioned, temperature controlled, or climate controlled self storage has several names but they all refer to similar things. They are not quite synonymous of course. Climate control refers to the ability to control and manage not just the temperature inside the unit but also the humidity. These two conditions then manage the moisture inside the unit as well.
There are a number of different types of belongings that would benefit greatly from using climate controlled self storage.
• Antiques
The big one is antique furniture. It is one of the most common items found in storage units across the country. The older wood does not endure fluctuating conditions too well, as the moisture and temperature can cause expansion and warping. To best use climate control, keep the temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity no more than 50%. Keeping the humidity low will prevent mold from growing and any wood from rotting. Clean and oil any wood furniture to extend their lifespan.
• Electronics
The bulk of belongings in our homes are electronic. We forget because our homes themselves are climate controlled, but electronics have specific conditions that they need to stay in to function properly. When storing in a unit, keep them off the ground, the unit at 50-80 degrees and humidity between 30 and 60. This will ensure you don’t need to make any expensive replacements.
• Records, Discs
As you organize your electronics, take a look at your discs. Vinyl records do not handle humidity well and neither vinyl nor optical discs (blu-rays, DVDs, CDs) handle high temperatures. Keep all of them stored between 65 and 70 degrees. Humidity shouldn’t be higher than 45%
• Metal
Go figure, metals don’t enjoy moisture! Iron rusts, copper will turn green, and silver blackens. To avoid all of that diabolical degradation the temperature should sit between 35 and 75 degrees, humidity meanwhile between 35 and 55%. Storing off the ground will also help prevent moisture.
• Fabrics
Some fabrics are very delicate and sensitive to moisture and temperature. If not properly managed they can grow mildew or mold. To prevent any antique furniture from growing spores, keep the unit at 35 to 75 degree and 55% humidity at the absolute most. Store fabric with tissue paper can also help.
• Art
Art such as paintings does not tend to survive extreme conditions. The fluctuating conditions can cause canvas and frames to expand, shrink or tear, not to mention growing mold or mildew. Keep the climate at around 70 degrees.
• Paper
Books, magazines, comic books, photographs. If they’re paper, they will have a rough go of it in extreme humidity and temperatures. Paper can warp or turn yellow. If you don’t like the sound of that (and who does?) then you will want to set the thermostat between 35 and 75 degrees. Humidity should be less than 35%
If you are looking to store some belongings and any of the above are in that inventory then it would be worth investigating climate controlled self storage. The big idea behind storage is holding items for later use and if, because of poor conditions, they become destroyed or otherwise damaged while sitting, then it is not much good for anyone.
With all of that laid out there. We hope the rest of your holidays are great, and from everyone here, at Allstate, we wish you a Happy New Year! If your New Year’s Resolution includes decluttering, you give us a call!

RV and Boat Storage Month with Allstate Self Storage Part II

We are continuing on this month with our discussions of RV and boat storage, specifically when it comes to using self-storage facilities! Last time we made an argument for why you would (or should) look at using self-storage facilities as your RV and boat storage solutions. Assuming you have already made that decision (smart!) here are some tips to make sure you are getting the best results from it.
RV and Boat Storage Tips
RV and boat storage

When storing your RV for the winter (or whichever offseason you happen to store during) there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process not only easier for you but also save money!
• Save money by canceling any services you won’t be using while it sits. If your RV is stored on private property, you may not need to keep your collisions, medical, and other insurance policies current on it. Keep comprehensive coverage active during this, you don’t want to have coverage lapse and end up in a stickier situation. Just know what you can cut back on.
• If your RV has satellite services for TV then this is certainly something you can deactivate while the vehicle is stored. Certain providers may even offer an RV specific month to month, pay as you go plan that may help.
Storing the batters for winter or any other time require a few upkeep steps to ensure everything is in proper working order. Remove the batter and do the following:
• Clean the battery and terminals!
• Check water levels and add if any is needed.
• Test the batter to ensure it is fully charged
• Use a maintenance charger to keep batteries charged and avoiding sulfation.
• Store the battery in a cool, dry space.
Preparing to store your boat starts even before you leave the water. Here are just some tips to ensure your boat is still seaworthy when you come back for it after the offseason.
• Take the boat out one more time. Aside from enjoying that final cruise, you should listen and look for anything out of sorts. Getting repairs done during the offseason will save you a lot of headaches when it is time to take your ship out again.
• After you’ve had your last ride of the season, give your ship a thorough scrub down. Inside and out! Do this before it is allowed to sit and become an even tougher job to take care of. Dry it off thoroughly.
Maintenance steps to take before letting your boat sit in storage:
• Change the fluids! Oil, antifreeze, fogging oil, you name it, it should all be as fresh as possible.
• Adjust belts. You don’t want your drive belts sitting tensely all winter as they can develop cracks.
• Grease up the steering and control joints to keep them moving smoothly.
• Tend to the battery just like you would an RV
• Fill up the tank!
For both vehicles, you want to take measures to avoid any possible damage while in storage. Specifically, you don’t want to come back to your vehicle in the spring and find a large extended family of rodents has made your boat or RV their RV. Make sure the vehicle is properly covered to help avoid this.

These have been just some of the steps to take when storing your RV and boat. No doubt if you own them you have a good handle on their care and upkeep, but these reminders are here for all. Take the necessary steps, move your vehicles into storage and rest easy knowing that come time to take them out again they will be ready and waiting for it.
We will see you next time on the Allstate Storage News blog, and as December winds down Happy Holidays. If you are in need of RV and boat storage contact our storage experts and we will be happy to help. Until next time!

RV, Boat Storage Month with Allstate Self Storage

Welcome back to the Allstate Storage News Blog! It’s the end of 2017 already, and deep into winter. RV and Boat season has passed us by (unless you are a snowbird living in your RV, in which case the season is in full swing!) and it is time to figure out where you are going to be storing the giant things. RV, boat storage can be done in a number of ways, though by the end of this blog you might have an idea of what we think is best.
RV boat storage

RV Boat Storage Options

When it comes to storing your RV for the off season you have a few options. The classic, of course, is to park it in a backyard or lot, whether it be yours or your families. We’ll give you a hint here, this is the least preferable for most. Not only is it a bit of an eyesore to have a massive recreational vehicle poking up above the fence, it also does some damage to the yard that it sits in. It is slightly better than leaving it parked in front of the house on the street but only barely. You can also find a parking facility or RV lot that will allow the space to be rented and parked.
Storing a boat is similar. Depending on the craft or the options you have available. A boat can be stored at a marina, sitting in the water while you wait to take it out again. It can also be pulled out from the water and put on a trailer. Then the decision of where to put that trailer. If you have space in the backyard you may do just that, leaving the boat on the trailer and parked over the offseason. Leaving it out on the street can be an option but often not for long.
When it comes down to it, you may just not have the space to store RVs or boats, no sizable yard to take up or just prefer to keep a tidier appearance when it comes to your landscape. In those scenarios, there is another option that may not occur to most but is certainly viable.
Using RV Boat Storage from a storage facility! Self Storage facilities (like Allstate) often have more than just drive-up shuttered units. With access to a large fenced area, you can utilize their space to park or store your vehicles during the off season and not have to think twice about any of the details.
Is it legal? Absolutely, no need to worry about getting a ticket when the large vehicle is stored in a facility! How does my yard look? Certainly does not look like a shanty town with vehicles parked all over! Your home keeps its perfect, homey look and your yard does not get torn up by vehicles driving across it. What about security? Being in a self-storage facility means it is under watchful eyes of management and you do not need to worry about theft or vandalism like you may if parking in front of your home. If you have a boat or RV and store it in your vacation destination rather than trek it back home, you can rest easy knowing that while it is out of your sight, it is secure and protected by surveillance and fences.
Using a storage facility for RV/Boat storage might not be the first idea that comes to mind but it can really be the best option available. For the cost, you are getting a number of assurances that you will no longer need to think twice about. Your vehicle is secure, safe, legally placed and will be ready for you to pick up whenever you see fit.
That will do it for us this time on the Allstate Storage News blog! If you are looking for a place for RV boat storage contact one of our Arizona or Nevada locations and see what arrangements can be made. Until next time, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Allstate. See you next time.

Storage Rental Prices, Sizes, and Other Things to Consider

When it comes to self-storage, rental prices are often the first thing on peoples’ minds. Understandably so, the financial aspect of storage rental is one of the biggest components of it. Welcome back to the Allstate Storage News blog where this time around we wanted to take a deeper dive into storage rental prices and sizes, things you should consider before you make any commitments!

storage rental prices

Storage Rental Sizes

Self-storage facilities traditionally offer a variety of sized units to provide the best service to their clients as possible. While it is easier to keep track of an inventory of all identical sheds, a great facility will offer a range of space to make sure you aren’t renting anything more than you need.

Allstate, for instance, has a number of sizes depending on need and location. Ranging from the smallest, 5’x5’ in 5 sq. ft. increments up to 10’ x 30’, we are sure to have the right size for your needs.
If you are unsure about how much size you need, feel free to utilize our Space Estimator to figure out just how much storage room you are looking for.

Storage Rental Prices

The prices for storage rentals can range, just like the sizes. Supply and demand rule the market, even in the self-storage biz. That said, you still want to have an idea of what a unit might run you. To that end, we can only give you our storage rental prices. These, of course, will still vary by a number of things.
Say you decided a 10’x20’ unit is the size you are needing. That’s about a big enough for a 5-bedroom home to be condensed. A unit of that size will run you $40 even in Las Vegas, NV (and most other places) while one in Phoenix, AZ with climate control will run closer to $80.

That difference is in the features available to the facility. These range from climate control, video surveillance, wine storage, drive-up units, commercial storage, or RV& Boat storage. It is important when comparing prices to understand these variables between facilities. If you don’t think you need climate control in your storage unit then it may benefit you more to find a facility that offers a better price.

Ultimately, storage rental prices are made up of much more than just the dollar on the price tag. The location, the ease of use, and the features provided all will affect the desirability and actual cost of the unit. A facility that is closer to you, and allows 24-hour access but costs a bit more per month may be a better value for you.

No matter the case, if you are in the market for a storage solution, Allstate has you covered, from 5’x5’ climate-controlled units to 10’x30’ with additional RV & boat parking, we can accommodate you. Reach out to your nearest facility and let’s get you moved in.

RV Storage Ideas

Welcome to another Allstate Self Storage blog! We are continuing our month-long work on RV storage ideas, how to get it, and the prices for space. It’s heading into winter which means some folks are parking their recreational vehicles til the seasons and temperatures change for the better, while others are out using them in force, driving south for the winter. Last time we discussed secure RV storage, this time we are going over some ideas to get the most of your RV storage!

RV Storage Ideas and Tips

Storing your RV ain’t the only kind of storage we are talking about here. What about actual storage inside the recreational vehicle? To that end here are some tips on how to maximize the space available to you.

rv storage ideas

Mountable Magnetic Strips

Magnets! How do they work!? Well, like magic. Magnetic wall strips will also help you use all the verticle space available to you, especially useful when you have only so many drawers and cabinets

Hanging Jars

Hanging mason jars from the bottom of shelves and cabinets also go a long way to making efficient use of vertical spaces. Since they are smaller, they also work for all the assorted knick knacks and miscellaneous materials we invariably end up accruing. Simply screw through a lid into the bottom of a cabinet or shelf, fill the jar and twist it into place.

Velcro Control

Nothing says ‘recreational’ quite like vegging out in front of television, that’s probably why so many recreational vehicles come equipped with TVs and media players, each with their own remote controls. When you are bombing around the highways, the remotes are sure to slide their way to hidey holes you didn’t know were possible unless they’re secure. An easy way to combat this is to Velcro them to the backs of chairs, under tables, or along walls. Secure, stationary, and easy to find when you need them!

Inner Door Storage

The doors into your RV are another place where vertical storage could be perfectly implemented. Either attach a ready-made net or fashion your own mesh storage solution to keep shoes, a flashlight or first aid kit, anything you don’t want to be fumbling around in your RV for that you need -now-.

In case it wasn’t clear enough by now, the biggest thing you can do to really best utilize your RV storage space is to go up! Using suction hooks, command strips, command hooks, wire hangers, clips, all sorts of small pieces can make the insides of doors, cabinets, walls, and more new storage spaces.

Whether you are looking to store your RV, or RV storage ideas, Allstate has your back. If it’s time to dock the RV for the season, give us a call and we can get your mobile command center secured away for the season. For those of you still on the road, put these tips to use and see your trips much more fun and less puzzling space issues.

Secure RV Storage – What, Why, and How

Welcome back to another insightful (we hope!) blog here at the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog. This might seem out of season, but the reality is the topic of focus this month’s blogs is timeless: RV Storage. ‘Timeless?’ you scoff! ‘Timeless!’ I say resolutely! Whether you are from the northern states on a snowbird trek down to the ‘warmer’ climes, or living in the south and have no need for your RV until spring or summer, now is the time to start thinking about secure RV storage. So let’s answer all them

What is Secure RV Storage?

secure rv storage

Secure RV storage via self-storage facilities (such as Allstate Self Storage) is parking spaces inside a larger, secured lot. These are fenced, or otherwise restricted, as well as having surveillance, personnel, or other forms of security (depending on the facility). For a low cost per month, you can have your RV parked somewhere other than in front of your home or out of your backyard and be secure (ha!) in knowing it is safe.

Why Secure RV Storage?

Secure RV storage is important for anyone who owns a recreational vehicle. B definition, these vehicles are not our daily drivers. We use them for specific road trip adventures and then they sit while we toil away at the day job, accruing the time to take our lives out on the road. These little (ok, sometimes massive) mobile living command centers are our homes on the road. While we are out we make secure plans for our actual homes with neighbors or family friends checking in, collecting mail, etc. Why should we treat our RVs the same when we are at home for lengths of time?

How to Secure RV Storage?

As for ‘how’, that’s the simplest part yet! Simply find your nearest self-storage facility and see if they offer vehicle storage and their going rates. Not all do, of course, many simply sticking to units but they are out there! Make sure in your inquiry that you clearly state you are looking for a place to secure your RV so they know what kind of space you are needing. For instance, at Allstate Self Storage facilities that offer RV storage, we have two sizes – 10×15 and 10×20 – sized perfectly for RV parking.

So there is the what, why, and how to getting yourself a secure RV storage situation! This has been just the first entry in our month-long discussion of RV storage. Come back next time where we will look at the steps you should take for storing your RV and later on the price of storage (here’s a hint, there’s more to the equation than just the price tag!) We will see you next time here on the Storage News blog.

small business storage unit equals cash

The Unseen Tool for Small Business: Storage Units

Welcome back to the Allstate Self Storage blog! This month we have been covering a wide range of storage topics from simple home hacks to the pros and cons of utilizing an outdoor storage space. This time we are looking at another niche need that storage units can meet: small businesses.

Struggling Small Business? Storage Units Can Help
Often, small businesses are not small because they are desired to be. The realities of resources confine the business, preventing it from evolving or growing at the rate that its owner, workers, and even customers and market might wish. A business might be the best fit to fill a specific need in the marketplace but until the operators have the resources to expand they may never be able to break through to that next tier of business.
That’s where self-storage comes in. Where small businesses are strapped for resources; capital, materials, space, consumers, etc. Storage facilities like us deal in one such resource: space. For a small cost, we can supply a small business storage units that will double, triple or more their available space.
How a business utilizes that space is then up to them (within the realms of the agreements) and there are many ways that businesses can benefit.
A business can use the storage unit as a storage facility for products on their way to customers, or as a stock room. Depending on what kind of inventory is being stored you can find the right storage unit for you. For instance, electronics or pharmaceutical reps would benefit from using a climate controlled unit.
Some facilities, though not many, allow work to be conducted in the unit. The kind of work is limited, as there are many laws and regulations in place on what units can be used for, but it may be possible. Speak with a facility manager about what is possible.
Use a storage unit space as a showroom to show off your products in an enticing space. For small businesses making custom furniture or home pieces, having a space to show example pieces can be the crucial step in expanding the business.

Pros to Small Business Storage Units
• The month to month nature of storage units means smaller businesses can jump in for the extra space and not be locked into a long-term contract. This saves money and helps curb risk!
• Work with your facility and you can have packages delivered directly to them, keeping all mail, packages, and correspondence in one easy to manage the flow.

There are plenty of ways businesses can leverage the extra provided space of a storage unit and facility. We provide the resource and with the right ingenuity, they turn it into profit. If a self-storage facility is what your business needs to break through to the next income bracket, find the nearest Allstate Self Storage facility and see if it’s a good match. Until then, keep hustling!