All About Packing for Storage Units

It is important that packing be done correctly, whether you are placing your goods in a self storage unit, or transporting them via truck from one residential location to another. Proper packing of boxes is essential to ensure that your valuables arrive at their ultimate destination in the same condition as they were in when you began moving them.

Small boxes are designed for weighty items, such as books, glassware, dishware, and small but heavy appliances. Bubble wrap, packing paper, and glass and dish dividers should always be used when filling up small boxes. These essential supplies, along with the boxes themselves, are commonly sold at facilities where storage units are rented, and their usefulness is worth every penny.

Medium boxes are perfect for pots and pans, small lamps, knickknacks, and small to medium audio/video equipment. All electronic equipment should be thoroughly protected with towels or bubble wrap to eliminate shifting and potential breakage while moving the box. Clothing also does well in medium boxes, along with smaller wall hangings and not-so-heavy appliances.

Large and extra large boxes are designed to accommodate light and bulky items, such as pillows, blankets, and linens, or one large item, such as a television or microwave oven. A TV or microwave should be cushioned with large towels or blankets to keep it safe from harm during the move. Soft or fragile items placed at the inside top of the box should also be thoroughly protected by towels or pillows to prevent damage.

Rented storage units should be large enough to allow you to stack your boxes and other belongings in an organized fashion with room to spare. Whether you are putting your goods into storage, or transporting them in a moving truck, boxes should be secured with high quality tape and labeled clearly on all sides, with heavy ones on the bottom, and lighter ones on the top.

One thought on “All About Packing for Storage Units

  1. Adan@self storage

    Proper packing of boxes is essential, you have to get right boxes from your local market or furniture store as per your requirements and do packing according to what fits in each boxes and labeling them according to a floor plan will make relocating the items much easier. Use only soft material e.g. newspapers and magazines as packing material.


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