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Keep Your Home Up to Snuff – Easy Storage Solutions

Keeping a clean and tidy home is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions out there. Sure, it might not be as overtly stated as ‘Lose 100 pounds!’ or ‘Run a marathon!’ but so much of what people are hoping to start fresh with involves a command of their lives, a control over themselves and their surroundings. Keeping your home organized is a part of that. Because of that, and since we are still in the beginnings of the New Year, we here at Allstate Storage News decided to take that step to the adjacent topic.

easy home storage
Easy Storage Strategies for Home

We have written extensively about this topic, especially as it pertains to storage units. This time we are looking -specifically- at what can be done in the home to help keep it tidy and organized for the whole year.

Before organizing, clean up! A messy house makes the organization efforts almost overwhelming. Whether you go by the KonMari method of cleaning up or not, having a clean home will make the organization process much smoother. You won’t be stopping to clean a desk first before placing anything on it, or get distracted by the floors needing vacuumed.

Go room to room and do this process bit by bit. Attempting to do it all at one often drains the would-be home kings and queens. Be methodical about it.

Take inventory. As you clean, organize, and begin to shuffle things about. Keep an inventory of items and objects so that you know what all you have. In the process you might find you have a few extra of something, or are missing a critical piece that makes the rest work. This will help you know not only where and what everything is, but if it is even useful/usable to you!

Use ‘wasted’ space. This is one we have talked about even as it pertains to RVs. Thinking outside the box when it comes to useful storage space will give you a lot more room to work with. Behind doors, sides of cabinets, or under beds are common areas where the space is ready and waiting for you to use.

Here’s a fun one: use storage options that are wheeled. Along with using wasted space, using wheeled or otherwise ultra-mobile storage tools can really be the Swiss Army Knife of home organization. You can move them quickly from closets to under beds or out into the room where they are needed.

And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t address the easiest storage tip for homeowners: self storage units! The extra space can give the exact square footage you need to get the excess clutter out of your home but keep those useful belongings you only need a few times a year. If that sounds like something you need, find the nearest easy storage facility for you and get sorted.

Just How Much is Storage?

Welcome back to the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog! We are already two entries deep into 2018 and the year looks busy as ever! Last time we did a quick overview of some more tips and tricks to make sure your self storage experience was as great as could be. But that got us thinking, ‘What if our readers have not even gotten a unit yet?’ They are who this entry is dedicated to. Those folks out there who are thinking about renting and using a unit but have a few questions first before they even start. And the biggest question of them all? ‘How much is storage?’

How Much is Storage

We here at Allstate are happy to offer real time price quotes and estimations based off a few factors. Using our Space Estimator tool, you can input the types and number of belongings you expect to be storing and see the size unit you’d need (from 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’ and on.) That is not all! You can then click through to Our Locations search page where you can be given a rough idea of just how much that size unit will cost you in different locations, the features that are available with it etc.

A 5’ x 5’ unit to store three bookcases and a desk, for instance, may run you around $69 for a facility with no admin fees and air conditioned units while across town at a facility that focuses on residential storage and feature video surveillance will cost $42.50.

how much is storage

With these two tools you can have a really solid working idea of what your storage solution will cost you. By being able to compare the features and the different facilities you can also pick the right one for you and your belongings (some do need climate control after all!)

Now, the dollar amount is not the only ‘cost’ to consider when it comes to renting storage units. Obviously, you will want to take a look at the features, as mentioned before, but also the benefits of working with a particular company. For instance, with Allstate, you can rent a unit outside of normal business hours through the website, a feature that many of our customers find beneficial.

Another consideration that we think is huge is location. A unit may cost you $20 a month but if that unit is all the way across town the gas, and inconvenience of driving to it may end up giving it a higher effective cost. Rather than drive to your unit to find your coffee pot, you may stop at the coffee shop more, or buy a new one. Those costs are a bit extraneous in this instance. Take this into consideration when choosing your storage facility.

We hope this rundown of some of the costs of self storage have helped you come to a decision. As we said, we offer a number of amazing tools to help you get situated, and with the ability to rent over the website you could have an idea of the size needed, price, and be ready to drop off your first load almost immediately. We are happy to be of service.

Self Storage Tips – January 2018 Edition

And just like that, already, we are in 2018. Absolutely wild. It’s been somehow both a massively long and incredibly fast year. Here at the Allstate Self Storage Storage News blog we decided to start off the year with some classic advice. Self storage tips. It’s what everyone is here for, how can they make the most use out of their self storage unit. We got your back.

self storage tips january calendar
Self Storage Tips

It’s the new year, meaning it’s winter. Now is the time to be aware of temperature sensitive items in self storage. If your unit does not have climate control, or the facility you are planning on using does not offer them this may be worrisome. In actuality, not al items need the temperature control and some can be handled simply by wrapping in blankets or other insulating materials inside their package. This can keep the item safe as well as keep costs down.

If you are just now moving into your unit, might we recommend a bit of planning? We mentioned this last year but sweeping up and inspecting the unit’s floors, walls, and the ceiling is done much easier when the unit itself is still empty. Do all of this before you begin packing up and look for any signs of possible concern. Possible water leaks, cracks in the floor or wall that let in moisture or pests. Anything of the sort. Make sure you report these to your facility manager and get them solved before you move in. Your belongings will thank you.

Check on your unit regularly. It may seem silly, but visiting your storage unit (even if you are not planning on taking anything out) and cleaning it regularly will make for not only a much smoother move later on but a cleaner one. During these checkups make sure to do a basic inspection to be sure no reasons for concern have developed.

Plan your packing. When loading your unit have a sort of blueprint in mind before you begin to unload the boxes. Leave a space around the items, between the wall, or by leaving a walkway in the middle will make sure you have the room necessary to get into the unit and find belongings. And you won’t have to unpack the entire unit when you’re looking for your Great Aunt Helga’s record player.

These have been just a smattering of self storage tips to start your new year off right. If you already have a unit with Allstate then maybe these can be applied as you spring clean, but for those newcomers or prospective clients, following these steps can make the whole experience of self storage a breeze. We will catch you later this month on the Storage News blog.