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What Can You Store in a Unit?

what can you store in a unit

This month on the Storage News blog we have been covering the logistics of self storage units, giving you the tips to best pack, sort, and store your belongings. You may have some lingering questions about what you can store in a unit. We’ve covered this before on the blog, but it was going on 5 years ago and at this point it could use some updating. So, let’s get to it shall we?

What can you Store in a Unit?

Okay – Store Away!

All of the following are totally kosher to store in your unit, so long as they are stored properly, legally, and the facility manager gives the go ahead in the off chance they need to be consulted.


o Obviously, there are no qualms here. Storing clothes is simple and safe. Put them in a plastic container (to prevent possible pests from disturbing them) and you will be fine.


o Classic item for the storage unit industry. People move in together, or size down all the time and with those fluctuations in living situations come an excess of furniture. If you want to get protective with them by all means covering them up with plastic and keep any rodents and insects out.


o Electronics are easily and safely stored. The two concerns to keep in mind are the temperature to worry about as well as storing near the back of the unit to deter possible theft from prying eyes.


o Easy peasy. So long as they are packed right storing antiques is as easy as anything else. Just be aware if they are sensitive to temperature. That could be a bummer when it comes time to recollect grandma’s old sewing table.

Business Supplies

o Boxes of records, old equipment, fixtures, you name it. So long as they’re not hazardous materials storing business supplies is a-okay.


o Non-perishables like sealed canned foods can safely be stored.


o Depending on the size of the unit or the vehicle, storing an extra car or certain parts is doable, and some facilities even have special vehicle storage areas.

No Way

Anything that follows are things you should certainly not be storing in a unit. There are a number of reasons why some items cannot be stored in a self-storage unit and most of them are fairly obvious, but we will lay out why they are a no-go.

Hazardous Items

o Chemicals, combustibles, anything of the sort are no good for self-storage.


o Fruit, breads, meats, anything perishable should not be stored in a unit. It’ll quickly go bad and ruin everything in your unit as well as neighboring units.

Living Beings

o Come on. Of course not.

These lists have been by no means extensive or exhaustive and if you have any questions about whether or not an item will land you in hot water with your storage facility it is best to ask before moving it in. It will save you the headache of moving and possible consequences should the facility find out.

Even More Self Storage Tips

self storage tips garage

So far this month here on the Storage News blog of Allstate Self Storage we have talked at length about storage tips, the ins and outs on how to get the most out of your storage facility. While we hope all that info was of use, we have even more tips to make sure your self storing solution is not just up to snuff, but surpasses it. With this knowledge tucked away you will be storing everything smart, in handy locations, and be rest assured that everything will be there when you need it.

Even More Self Storage Tips

Consider the Facility

o First: location, location, location. The saying goes for real estate but it is just as important for a storage unit. You will want to make sure whatever facility you decide on is rated and trustworthy. Past that you also want to make sure that it is accessible either from home or work easily. The last thing you want is to have to dart across town for a simple pick up.

o Think about what you want out of a storage facility other than price. Do you want 24/7 facility manager? More security or at least a gate? All of these things may increase the cost of the unit but it is worth getting exactly what you want and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Know the Environment

o Specifically, the actual environment. In Arizona we have some critically high temperatures half the year and if any of your belongings will not do so well in the heat then maybe it’s worth it to look into a climate controlled facility. No one needs to store their great aunt Edna’s TV only to find the thing melted when they come back.

Insurance is Assurance

o If you are storing it, it is valuable to you, no two ways about it. While facilities, like ours, are often gated and under 24/7 security and monitoring, there can still be natural disasters, particularly bad storms or worse that might damage your belongings. It’s always a good idea to insure those valuables and have the assurance that even in the worst case scenario, you will be covered.

Smart Storage

o We talked about this last time but it really is the most crucial thing to consider. Storing everything in an organized, effective manner is the surest way to benefit from a self-storage situation. Tossing an extra room and garage’s worth of stuff into a unit, looking like a tornado tore through, will use up more room than necessary and almost absolutely assure you won’t be in any rush to come back and get that ‘One Thing’ you need when it crops up. The specter of that messy unit will haunt you. Instead, make a plan, allow for an accessible path, and stack with care heavy on bottom, fragile and light up top.

Hopefully these tips have been even more helpful to you in your storage odyssey. If you are now ready to take the next step, give us a call, and we’ll find the location perfect for you.

Self Storage Tips to Build the Best Storage Set-up

what can you store in a unit

August is here and with it comes school and university, and also one of the most popular moving seasons. With that, we figured it is high time we go over more of the best moving and self storage tips to help get you the most out of your storage unit.

Self Storage Tips

Minimum Necessary

o This applies to both the unit and the packing. Rent the smallest amount of space you need and pack the unit full while using the least number of boxes possible. Make sure you’re filling boxes full and using space intelligently.


o Concrete floors have the unenviable habit of becoming cold and damp on occasion. To combat this lay down 2x4s or place pallets to avoid your items getting damaged.

Inventory of Items

o Knowing exactly what is in your unit will save you a world of headache down the line. Make sure each box is labelled correctly with its contents and then have a separate list of everything. Next time you’re searching for Aunt Ramona’s slow cooker, you will know exactly where it is.


o Speaking of knowing where things are, that will not do you much good if you cannot easily get to it. Plan out your storage space to provide accessibility as necessary. For items, you anticipate you will be needing frequent access to, store them near the front of the unit.

o Further, attempt to leave an aisle down the middle of the storage unit to make for an easier storage shuffle when it comes to find that slow cooker. We did say to get the smallest space necessary, but keep in mind this extra wiggle room when renting. You do not want to have to unpack a full 300 sq. ft. to get to one item you placed too far in the back on accident.


o If a table or furniture has removable legs or collapsible portions, make sure to fully break down the furniture to save space. If you are saving tools or gardening supplies, store like objects (think rakes, shovels, hoes, etc.) together in a can or barrel.

o Furniture with drawers or cabinets can be utilized to get the most bang for your buck. Wrap up pictures, small items, or knick-knacks and tuck them away into the drawers. You will be maximizing your potential storage space and protecting more fragile pieces. Win win!

Follow these tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your self-storage unit. We have a wealth of more information to make sure that any storage solution you use is the best one. If you still need to get your unit, find your ideal location and together we can store your stuff, securely, safely, and smartly.