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The Most Expensive Homes in the U.S. (For Sale): East Coast Edition

Didn’t quite find what you were looking for last time? Maybe you’re more interested in relocating out East with the ‘Old Money’? Well this time around we have a list of the most expensive, and expansive, homes on the the market along the East Coast. Without further ado.

Woodland Manor, Chestnut Hill, MA

Let’s start in Massachusetts where Reebok founder Paul Fireman is selling the 14-acre estate. Built in 1999 with privacy but also city access in mind, the home features 8 bedrooms, 7 bedrooms, and a landscape of ponds, hills, and pathways. Asking price $90 million.

Pumpkin Key, Key Largo, FL

Heading south to Florida we find plenty of exciting places. A personal island in the Keys, with 26 acres of undeveloped island just waiting for…. Well whatever you want to do! It does come with a home and 20-slip marina already. So that’s nice. Only $95 million to own your own island!

Gemini Manalapan, FL

While we’re in Florida already, why not check this property. Sure, it’s a little out of our price range but why not look? This South Florida compound sits on 15 acres, has 33 beds, 38 baths, and 14 half baths. Amenities include pool, tennis court, putting green, and docks. This property just had a $30 million price cut no less! What’s that? Oh, it’s going for $165 million.

Great Island, Darien, CT

Was Pumpkin Key not quite the island for you? Head up to Connecticut where the most expensive home in the state is being listed. Main house, guesthouses (plural!) stables and a cove all for a cool $175 million. There are no interior photos available however, so you’ll have to tour to really get a good idea of what you’re buying. The island has a number of other homes as well, so you got that going for you.

834 Fifth Ave, New York City, NY

The remote island life not quite what you’re looking for? Well why not move to the Big Apple! This corner duplex was built in 1931, taking up the 7th and 8th floors. It has grand rooms, a grander entry, and views of Central Park, all for $96 million. The master suite sits on the second level and includes a marbled fireplace, naturally.

The Most Expensive Homes in the U.S. (For Sale): West Coast Edition

Got a couple hundred million burning a hole in your pocket? Us neither, but isn’t it fun to imagine? Last time we gave you an easy rundown of the tools to use in hunting down your next home. This time we are going to look at the homes no one (at least no one we know) are moving in any time soon. From Beverly Hills, to private islands off the east coast, these are some of the most expensive homes for sale in the U.S. Pop any of these addresses into your favorite search engine and join us on this virtual tour!

2727 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

Want that sweet 90210 zip code? Well with this 20,000 square-foot home you’d get just that, as well as 16 acres, a tennis court, landscaped grounds, oh and a 7,000 square-foot ‘guesthouse’. Yeah. All that for a cool $85 million. Again, yeah.

Palazzo di Amore, Beverly Hills, CA

While we’re in the area, let’s look at this palazzo nearby. You’ll see it has 25 acres, a beautiful waterfall, terraced acres, pool, ballroom, and spa! Previously listed at $195 million, but you’re in luck! It just got relisted following a $66 million price cut. These 12 bedrooms, 16 baths, 7 half-baths, with chef’s kitchen and wine room can be yours for the cool, cool $129 million.

West Creek Ranch, Gateway, CO

Let’s head inward just a little and take a stop in Gateway, Colorado. This ranch covers nearly 7,000 acres! Featuring a 22,000 square-foot, four level house (with elevator!) an airstrip, helipad, stables (all modes of transport covered here) and an observatory. Ready to own your own private kingdom? For $149 million you can!

The Spelling Manor

Alright, we should duck back out to Los Angeles, CA for the single most expensive home on the market: The Spelling Manor. Hollywood royalty Aaron and Candy Spelling previously owned this massive 55,500 square-foot mansion. Sitting on 5 acres in an exclusive neighborhood, the home has 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms with such extras as a nightclub, beauty salon, tanning rooms, and a bowling alley. Oh, and for your fleet of 100 cars? Yeah there’s enough parking for them. Just how much will this run you? Well you may need to sell that extra couch in the garage, because it comes with a $200 million price tag!

How to Find Your Next Place?

We’re in the middle of the hottest months – no not for temperature (though that too)! We mean for moves! Most Americans find themselves moving homes between May and September, and so maybe you find yourself in just such a situation. How do you find your next place? Check the newspapers? Drive around looking for signs? While those both could net you a new place, we’re in the digital age – the tools available are better than ever! Here are some of the best ways to locate a new home and get you settled STAT.

The Home Finding Sites

Whether renting or buying you can use a wide variety of sites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and to find a place. They all have widely the same features, viewing in map view, searching with various filters. The big difference, the crucial difference, is that not every homeowner or seller uses each one! If you’re only looking at one and forsaking the others you could miss out on the perfect place for you, just around the corner! To get the most use of these use them all, create set criteria you’re using across the board and make sure your maps and filters are tuned to exactly what you want. Two bedrooms, one bath? 1000 square feet? Dogs allowed? BIG dogs allowed? You can fine tune your search settings to the most specific minute details, and do so!

After you’ve developed a list of top candidates, mess with those settings some more. Why? Some owners or rental companies might not have done their due diligence when it comes to listing. Their home that IS dog friendly might have ‘No Data’ in the pets tab which will cause it to not show on the Pet Friendly search. Reading each listing extremely carefully can net you a few more options than you expected!

Don’t forget craigslist! The site for buying and trading of all sorts has thousands of listings and while the search features might not be as robust, you can certainly find what you’re looking for.