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The 2016 Year in Moving (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Storage News blog, brought to you by Allstate Self Storage, where we cover all the news that’s fit to move. Last time we started a two part series on moving stats and talked about the busiest days and months for moves, and the types of homes people were moving. This time we’re going to look at some country wide stats.

Where People Are Staying

Last time we mentioned that over 60% of reported people were moving locally. Well here are where those people are staying: California, Florida, Texas and New Jersey are the top four states for people moving about locally. Of those the cities with the most local moves are New York City, Chicago, and Houston, taking the gold, silver, and bronze respectively. Los Angeles and Miami round out the top 5.

Where People Are Going

The top ten cities people are moving to are made up many popular places. Seattle, Washginton has moved up to number one, while Denver dropped to second. Other hotspots include several southern cities: Charlotte, Dallas, Austin, Orlando, Tampa, and Atlanta, as well as San Francisco and Portland, OR.
The states with the most incoming movers are Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Texas, and at number one… Florida!

Where People Are Leaving

The ten cities with the most population leaving are all over the country. Chicago is number one for 2016, while New York City and Washington DC make the top three. The rest are spread from Cambridge, MA all the way out to San Jose, CA. Many of the cities being the east coast.
The states with the more residents moving out than in are Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, with Michigan taking the number one spot.
That’ll do it for the 2016 Year Snapshot of moving facts. These numbers and info were all compiled by the websites MyMovingReviews and MyMovingLoads and over 100,000 user quotes. We’ll catch you next week back here at the Storage News blog.

The 2016 Year in Moving (Part One)

Welcome back to the Storage News blog here on Allstate Self Storage. This past month and change we’ve been looking for ways to keep you from getting injured or taken out by the heat while you’re moving all your belongings around. We have covered the topic it fairly well at this point, so it’s time to move on. Let’s look at 2016 through the moving lens, using sources from and This takes user submitted data in regards to moving

Busiest Month

The busiest month for moves this past year was June with a whopping total of just under 14% of moves! July and August are close behind with 12.6% and 11.39% respectively. This is keeping with 2015 numbers.

Moving Day!

The busiest moving day in the entire year was June 30th with August 1st and June 1st coming in a close second and third. The busiest days of the week for moves stuck to the usual trend of Friday/Saturdays at 19.45% and 17.69% respectively. Monday is a close third at 17.61%

Move Sizes

When it comes to home sizes, the number of folks using movers to move their one bedrooms has declined 14% while 2, 3, and 4 bedroom moves have all seen an increase. Everyone’s moving on up! 23% of movers are in 2 bedrooms, 17% are in 3 bedrooms, and 10% in 4 bedrooms.

Keeping it Local

Of all the moving quotes requested on the MyMovingLoads site, 60% were for local moves, the same as the previous year. Folks are, on average, sticking to their current locales.
We will go ahead and put this on pause for the moment as there are loads more stats to pick apart. As you no doubt prepare for your moves (14% in June!), we hope you’ve found these a fun diversion from the stress of planning. After all, it has been about moves; surely that counts as planning. We’ll see you next time on the Storage News blog.

Avoiding Heatstroke

The summer is here and with that comes additional concerns when it comes to moving! Unless you want your move to take twice as long, if not stopped entirely, avoiding injury is key. As we talked about last time, lifting incorrectly can do just that. But improper lifting or dropping something heavy are not the only ways to hurt yourself during the move. Moving around outside, in the confined spaces of metal containers (moving trucks and storage units) can be a recipe for heatstroke if you are not careful. To that end, here are some tips to avoid heatstroke!

Drink Plenty of Water
o Staying well hydrated will keep your body cooling itself correctly via sweat.
Wear Proper Clothing
o Loose fitting and lightweight clothing allow your body to cool properly.
Stop Sunburn
o Sunburns also tamper with your body’s ability to… you guess it, cool itself. Wear sunglasses, wide hat and use sunscreen if you’re outdoors.
Look for Medications
o Some medications have side effects that will worsen or may cause heat related issues. Know what you are taking and its possible effects.
Avoid the Hottest Hours
o While the desire to move everything fast and furious is there, it may be a good idea to take a lunch break or plan all the moving for the morning and late afternoon.
If, despite all attempts to the avoid heatstroke and exhaustion have been in vain then take these steps to recover:
• Rest in a cool place. Air conditioned, shade, so long as you’re out of the heat and sun.
• Drink cool water. The coolness will bring your temperature down while the water replenishes your body.
• Loosen your clothes. The fewer restrictions in the way of your body cooling itself the better.
• Take a cool shower or bath.
• Apply other cooling means (i.e. fans, cold towels, etc.)
We hope this information has been helpful to you in your move and work. Remember it is not just the summer sun that can get to you so be mindful of how you are feeling and take care and preventative measures.