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Self Storage Don’ts

Last time we talked about how to prevent the most frequently unwanted guests from finding their way into your unit. Obviously, no one wants to open up their space to discover it has been overrun with pests. But there are other things you or the facility managers won’t want to find in your unit; these, however, would have to be placedd there by you. To avoid making that faux pas, here is a brief, but hardly exhaustive, a list of the things you should (and are not allowed at Allstate) to store in your unit!

Explosives, Ammunition, Flamable Liquid

o D’uh right?

Hazardous Materials

o Hazardous materials include anything like chemicals, corrosive liquids, radioactive materials. Speak with your individual facility management team to verify what exactly falls on this list.


o Perish the thought! We talked about this one earlier this month, anything that can decompose in your unit will no doubt do so and cause several problems from attracting pests to causing awful smells for you and your storage neighbors.

Living or Dead Creatures

o This includes animals and people. Again, it seems a no brainer but let’s lay it out there. Putting a pet inside a storage unit is cruel and neglectful. As for humans, aside from the obvious illegal ways that may occur, it is also illegal to live or work from a storage unit. They are not built for such purposes, and anyone found to be using their space for such purposes will handle it with the police.

This has been a small, obvious, and far from exhaustive list of the things not permitted inside a storage unit. If you’re ever wondering, a safe bet is anything that needs more attention than setting in a box and forgetting for months at a time is probably not something to put in your storage unit. That’ll do it for us this week at the Allstate Self Storage News Blog, until next time!

Keeping Pests Out

Last time on the Allstate Storage News blog, we offered the suggestion to extend your Spring Cleaning routine to your storage unit. For a variety of reasons, maintaining the upkeep of all your belongings, not just those in your home, is a good idea. We mentioned that keeping an eye out for pests which may have decided to winter in your belongings would be a smart move. Well if that thought put the fear in you, here are some tips to ensure that your storage stuff doesn’t become the home to pests or vermin.

Plastic Containers

While the classic method of storage is the almighty Cardboard Box, it is hardly the most secure means. Rats and other vermin can easily chew their way through the walls of a cardboard box to find their way inside. That’s where the pinnacle of secure storage steps in. Hard plastic containers. While certainly not as cheap as cardboard, they’re also not nearly as flimsy or easily infiltrated by vermin.

No Perishables

Specifically speaking, don’t store food in your unit. If you want to keep anything from choosing yours ashome, this is the biggest thing to avoid. Leaving food in your unit, or containers or dishes that have lingering food smells is an open invitation for animals to find their next meal. Even if pests don’t come in for the food, the rotting of food in your unit can ruin your other belongings.

A few other quick tips for the prevention of pests. On larger items that can’t fit in a plastic container, stuff like furniture, wrap them tight and secure with plastic sheeting to prevent anything from burrowing in. Place traps to catch anything that may find its way inside. Flypaper, mousetraps, etc. If you’d like to prevent most bugs from even entering your unit (and who wouldn’t?) why layout some cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil, most insects hate the scent.

Your unit is cleaned and now prepped to prevent any infestations, now you can relax with some peace of mind that your things are safe from all sorts of wrong doers.

Spring Cleaning Your Unit

It’s here! March has come and with it the change of seasons from Winter to Spring. And with Spring comes that most hallowed of seasonal traditions, that’s right Spring Cleaning! While you’re busy getting your home cleaned up to snuff it might be the time to take a look in the old self storage unit and make sure it’s not doing poorly.

If you live in an area that experiences inclement weather, there is the change that the facility received heavy rain or snow. While if any severe storm damage occurred you’d know doubt know by now, there is still the possibility, however slight that moisture found its way inside your unit. Take the time to drive down and inspect your unit for any damage, just like you would when you first rented it. If there is anything out of sort tend to it and inform the facility manager so that they know of the situation, it may be affecting others as well. Moisture can lead to mold growth, and you absolutely don’t want that taking root in your belongings.

The other main thing to search for when cleaning up the unit is the possibility for critters. When the temperatures dropped, there is the chance that pests attempted to make their way into the unit for warmth. Same rules apply, look for any signs of trouble, and possible entry points that may have been utilized and if seen, report to your facilities management crew.

Following those two unit specific tasks out of the way, you can proceed with the average cleaning of dusting and sweeping to ensure your belongings aren’t getting too nasty. Obviously, they’ll be getting dusty in there, but you’d rather not have anything worse brewing in the unit. With that taken care of, you might find the clean space a welcome addition to your Spring Cleaning pursuits at home.