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Storage Resolutions

We’re now almost three months into the new year, is it still a new you? Sticking to your resolutions and building new, better habits? We talked about some simple steps to help get off on the right foot but if it hasn’t gone the best here are a few things Allstate Self-Storage can help you conquer!

If the big goal was to minimize your life clutter and live a more harmonious existence, then a storage space will be a big step in the right direction. We’ve previously mentioned keeping the excess stored away in one of our units but what if you know it’s all ‘stuff’ you don’t need? Humans tend to invest our things with emotional value that we have a hard time breaking. Taking the first step of moving it out of the house and into a separate space may be the step needed. Then, after a bit of time, you’ll be able to go back through it with clearer eyes and keep, donate, sell, or junk whatever is necessary.

Most resolutions fall into two camps, do less of a ‘bad’ thing or more of a ‘good’ thing. Exercise, eat fewer sweets, eat more vegetables, that sort of thing. It might be ‘learn _____, ’ and that means creating a new habit. While it may be a new year, chances are you’re still under the same pressures from work and life, and if those are in a rut, you may be finding yourself coming home and sticking to the familiar, plopping down in the living room and binging Netflix for 8 hours (It’s ok! We’ve all done it!) If that is the case, perhaps your environment is setting you up for failure. Why not move the TV/Entertainment set up into temporary storage while you build new habits and new hobbies, then reintroduce the old entertainment options back into your life. It may seem silly to rent a small space just to store your things you’ll want again in three months, but if it helps you stick to your knitting or reading then maybe it is worth a shot?

Alright, that’s the last we’ll talk about the New Year, at this point is decidedly THE year, we wish you the best in your continued efforts to better yourself and remember January 1st isn’t the only time to begin to start changing your life. If you need some space solutions in those plans, you know who to call.

The World’s Most Secure Sites

Last time on the Blog we talked about the future of locks and how that is materializing in the present. This time we want to go one step further and talk about some of the most secure sites on the globe! What follows, in no particular order, are the most secure, locked down areas of humanity, most (not surprisingly) operated by the U.S. government.

Fort Knox

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Fort Knox, the site best known as the storage facility for a large percentage of the U.S. official gold reserves. Surrounded by four fences, half of which are electrified, a military base, 4 feet thick concrete walls, and dozens of locked doors and hallways requiring multiple people with multiple codes, few places are as safe. No wonder it has been seen prominently in fiction as The Most Secure site.

Cheyenne Mountain

The military installation in Colorado Springs, CO built 2000 feet into the mountain. The doors, two 25-ton behemoths can withstand a 30-megaton blast. It houses NORAD and the US Missile Warning Center. With that history, Cheyenne Mountain has featured in plenty of fiction as the place to be when it all hits the fan, whether by nuclear war, the uploading of a human hunting AI, or alien attack.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Another site buried deep into a mountain side, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault houses over a half million specimens of the world’s plant species. Safe from the ravages of a nuclear Armageddon (sensing a pattern here?) the hope is to prevent any accidental loss of genetic diversity in traditional genebanks. Only ~600 miles from the north pole, and protected by miles and miles of oceans, the Svalbard bank is exceptionally remote.

No matter how secure these places are, they’re unfortunately not open for our spare furniture or motorcycles the spouse doesn’t want around the house. For those things, traditional self-storage will just have to do.

All About Locks

Previously on the Allstate Self-Storage blog we discussed the long and varied history of lock making and types. From those ancient Egyptian rope and wood pin locks to the trusty industry standard disc lock that is no doubt securing your unit as we speak! The lock is the hinge on which this whole industry revolves, without a strong lock there is no security and without security would anyone store their belongings out of eyesight? This time, we’re jumping to the Future! With fingerprint features and Bluetooth enabled locks that Future is today!

Electronic Access Locks

Electronic access everything is quickly becoming the norm, so its no surprise that tech is making it’s way to padlocks. Through smart phones or other Bluetooth enabled devices you can open the lock with a swipe of the finger. With being digital, this also means you can give out access to others, setting permissions based on family, friends, coworkers, and even by the time of day.

Fingerprint Padlocks

Another futurelock, are those utilizing the unique key of your fingerprint. Locks such as the recent Tapplock can open in lightning speed with just the touch of your key finger. The Tapplock in particular also looks to have similar features to the electronic access locks mentioned earlier, with smart device utility.

But is the new tech as secure as those of the past? Well, both of these types of locks have that weakness we discussed previously in padlocks. They have the vulnerability of the exposed shackle inherent in padlocks. Some users of older types of electronics locks have also reported malfunctions causing the locks to seize entirely. For the time being, we’d still put our money on the tried and true disc lock, but we are as excited as anybody to see what the future holds when it comes to security.