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Storage for Seasonal Residents

Phoenix is one of the most popular cities in America when it comes to season residents. Colloquially, people who spend winter in Phoenix, and summer somewhere else, are referred to as snowbirds. Snowbirds spend the winters in the comparative paradise of Phoenix, while the rest of American freezes and is buried under several tons of snow. Snowbirds typically only spend a few months in Phoenix, but their possessions and homes stay here year around.

Self-Storage for Seasonal Residents

Even though many snowbirds own homes or condominiums in Phoenix, many of them still make use of self-storage facilities. A home which is left on its own for 6 to 8 months out of the year is a vulnerable target for burglars. Many snowbirds opt to keep their valuable possessions in the safety of a self-storage facility when they are out of town.

The homes of snowbirds also sit empty during the brutal heat of the summer. Because there is no one living in them, the air conditioning will almost always be turned off inside these homes. This can lead to the internal temperature of the homes rising above 120 degrees. Many items, including wooden furniture, will be damaged by prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. This is another reason many snowbirds opt to place items in storage.

Some items can be properly stored inside the home, rather than at a storage facility. These items are best placed in boxes, then sealed. If snowbirds would rather keep their furniture inside the home, they would do best to cover it in plastic in order to give it some protection. It is also common to place mothballs near clothing to keep away pest that might cause damage. If snowbirds know people who are permanent residents of Phoenix, they can ask them to stop by the home periodically to make sure everything is in good shape.

Learning To Reduce Clutter

Do you remember what it was like to be young? You wanted to own everything! If you saw a toy, you wanted it. If your neighbor had a toy, you wanted it even more. If you saw a commercial for a toy, you HAD to have it. There was no negotiating. And of course, the moment you had a toy, you forgot about it. It became clutter. Toys pilled with other toys while you grew up and went about your life. More clutter gathered. Eventually… it took over. Today we are going to talk about reduce clutter in your home.


Memorabilia often makes up a large percentage of the clutter that starts following us around throughout our lives. Memorabilia may include crafts made when we were children, photos of early birthday parties, gifts given to us by a wacky aunt, stuffed animals, sea shells, old toys, the list goes on. What all of these items have in common, is that they are now useless, but we keep them around anyway. Why do we do this? Because we have emotional attachments to things. One of the best ways to start decluttering your life, is to move memorabilia to storage, where it can stay safe, but you don’t have to see it.

The Infrequently Used

We all have items like this around our home. Things we only use once or twice a year. Declutter your home by putting seldom used items in storage. If you own several boxes of camping gear, but only make it out a couple of times a year, why not place them in storage? Seasonal items like snowboards and skis are excellent candidates for storage as well. You only need access to them for a few months out of the year. For the other months, keep them somewhere they will be safe, but out of site. Holiday decorations are only used for a few days. When it isn’t holiday time, keep them in a convenient self-storage unit.

Practical Reasons To Consider In Renting A Storage Unit

If you think renting a storage unit is only used for putting away old or seasonal items, think again. In fact, storage units can be used for much more than only storage, including a number of practical reasons that may apply to you!

• Staging/selling a home: If you’ve ever been in the process of buying or selling a house, then you know the importance of first impressions. By renting a storage unit, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of clutter in your house, making the layout of the home more visually appealing to potential buyers.

• Long-term business trips and travel: Renting a storage unit for individuals who find themselves taking extended business trips and vacations would be beneficial for a number of reasons. For instance, if you’ll be away for any reason, you might consider subleasing your home or room to someone, short term. By renting a unit, you’ll be able to safely and securely store your belongings, while simultaneously benefiting by keeping your name on a preexisting lease agreement.

• Moving in with someone: Whether you’re dating or married, moving in with your significant other is a big deal. It also means that you’ll only be needing less furniture, i.e. one bed. With a storage unit, you and your special someone can store any excess furniture that you don’t have space for in your new place.

• Home remodeling and updating: Depending on the project, remodeling your home can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to months. Renting a storage unit, even if it’s short term, means that you’ll be able to store everything in the room being remodeled, without the fear of your furniture and other items becoming ruined in the process.

These are only a few of the practical reasons in which you can benefit from renting a storage unit. The possibilities are endless, and by renting with Allstate Self Storage, you will be able to store your goods during any phase of life!

Storage For College Students

Whether you’re sending your child off to, or are currently attending college, renting a storage unit can save you a world of potential space concerns. Even if your dream school is only thirty minutes from your home, anyone can benefit from the extra space provided by a storage unit.

How so? Well, the answers are endless. The most important, however, is that having a storage unit will make moving out at the end of the year much easier. Rather than lugging all of your dorm bedding, furniture, and miscellaneous items home, just put them into storage! This is most useful for people who attend college outside of their home state, as both shipping and luggage fees can add up quickly.

A storage unit is also ideal to keep textbooks and other notes you’ve accumulated throughout the semesters that you can’t seem to get rid of. After all, textbooks can be extremely expensive nowadays! If you know that you’ll need one of your 5-pound books to reference in the future, don’t sell it: store it!

But what about the size? Unless you decide to store your entire life in your unit, our 5×5 (25 square feet) unit is all the space that a college student would need to get them through a standard four year program. You can also help your friends out too, by agreeing to store some of their furniture and bedding. Not only will storing the items from multiple people make the most of the space available, it also helps when moving back into your dorm as you can reconnect with your friends faster!

Paying for college can definitely be a hassle, as well. You might be thinking that with all of the payments you’ll be making towards tuition, room, board, and books, you might not be able to afford the extra expense of renting a unit. If this is the case, don’t be discouraged! We find that many college students who rent our units will split the cost evenly amongst their group, so no one person has to cover the entire cost.

Here at Allstate Self Storage, we value the pursuit of education at all levels. Let us help you, your friends, and family make college life easier by storing your items in one of our many units!

Finding The Right Size For Your Needs

Whatever you need to store, Allstate Self Storage has the perfect sized unit for you! With six different size units to choose from, Allstate Self Storage offers a wide variety of units in order to match your personal needs. Here is a guide to help you rent your next unit:

• 5×5 (25 sq. ft.): Our smallest unit is most popular among people who want to store a few items, like furniture and seasonal clothes. Those who choose this unit also like to store things like garden tools and miscellaneous options they don’t have room for at home.

• 5×10 (50 sq. ft.):Fifty square feet will provide you with plenty of room to store that old furniture you might have lying around. This unit can fit everything from a small bedroom to an individual office. If you get creative with your space, you can even fit some clothes if you store them in some drawers or boxes!

• 10×10 (100 sq. ft.): All 100 square feet of our mid-sized unit provides you with all the storage space that a single person or small family could want to fit! A unit this size is perfect for storing all the items you can find in a living room plus two bedrooms. You’ll never run out of space with this size unit.

• 10×15 (150 sq. ft.): If you think you need just a bit more space than our 10×10, definitely check out our 10×15 unit, giving you a whopping 150 square feet of storage. This unit can hold all of the items used to furnish up to three full bedrooms! If furniture isn’t what you need to store, this unit can fit your beautiful baby grand piano with space still left over.

• 10×20 (200 sq. ft.): Perfect for a large family, our 200 square foot unit can hold all of the items in a five bedroom home. Yes, that’s five beds, five dressers, and five of whatever else you like to furnish your home with.

• 10×30 (300 sq. ft.): Looking to store an old car? Well, look no further. Our largest unit is ideal for those who want to store their vehicles. Whether it’s a classic, antique car you want to store, or a project you’ll get to later, this large unit can fit all of the items you could have in a seven bedroom house!

Remember, you can store practically any item you want to in an Allstate Self Storage unit! For questions regarding our storage units, feel free to call us at any of our locations!

How To Make Organizing Your Unit Fun!

Like all efforts to maintain cleanliness and organization, they aren’t making the list of “most fun things to do.” However, cleaning and organizing your storage unit can be a world of fun with the right mindset! If you’re thinking to yourself, “how do I do that?” begin thinking of it like a game. In fact, think of it like a real-life version of Tetris!

Before you begin, be mindful that it’s in your best interest to grab a few friends or family members to help you organize your unit. In the event that something were to fall and you find yourself injured, it’s best to play it safe and have others around who can call for help if necessary.

With that out of the way, it’s time to get the game started! First, you’ll want to remove all of the items in your unit to sweep out any dust or grime that’s accumulated over time. While someone does that, other people can work on actually cleaning the items and wiping them down. It’s no use to clean the unit if the items themselves aren’t cleaned, as well!

Next, you’ll want to visualize how you want to store each item, and where all like-items should be placed. In order to maximize your space and stay organized, place the items you use less frequently, or large, bulky items, towards the back. While you’re sorting through what you want to place where, be sure that all of your items in boxes are labeled appropriately, so you won’t find yourself rummaging through box after box at a later time. Also, don’t be afraid to stack the items that you have placed in boxes, etc. However, don’t stack them too high. If you did that, you’d have a pretty difficult time getting the items in the middle of the pile.

While you’re doing all of this, be sure to have fun with it! Make all of your bulky items and boxes fit nice and snug like a bug in a rug! Just be sure to leave yourself a little pathway that stretches from the front and back of your unit for easy maneuvering.

Things To Avoid Storing In Your Unit

Here at Allstate Self Storage, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best storage facilities in your state. There are, however, certain items we strongly advise against storing, for both legal and practical reasons. By becoming aware of the items on this list, you’ll become a storage expert in no time!

• People: Though it may seem like common sense to keep yourself and/or others out of the unit, there have been a number of cited cases where people choose to save money on rent of office space by turning their storage unit into temporary professional or living spaces. What might seem like a sound choice to save money is actually very illegal, so please keep yourself and others out of the unit for these purposes.

• Food and plants: Along the same lines as “people,” storing any perishable food items or living plants is also highly advised against. If you’re like most people, you’ll only be visiting your unit every so often, like when you need those winter jackets you have stored away. If you were to keep any perishable food items or living plants, they’ll begin to rot and die. When you do this, you’ll be welcoming a whole slew of small animals and bugs. If you think you can get away with storing a little succulent cactus, please think again.

• Flammable materials: Even though you won’t be setting off any fireworks in your unit, avoid storing those with any of your items. Despite being illegal, you’d want to avoid an utter catastrophe if they were ever to go off in your unit. This also applies to things like propane tanks, paints, fertilizers, etc. If you need to store something like a propane tank or gasoline tank itself, be sure that the tank has been both emptied and cleaned before it makes its way into your unit.

If you have any further questions or concerns about what you should avoid storing in your unit, give us a call at any one of our state and city locations!

Keeping Track Of Your Items 101

Whether you’ve been renting a storage unit for a while or you’re new to storage units, keeping track of your items doesn’t have to be a difficult task.If you’ve had a unit for a while, you’ve probably put both time and effort into keeping the unit clean and organized. If you’re new to storage, you’ve been more than careful to add items that you can’t fit in your house, or items you can’t seem to let go.

Whatever the case, you’ll need to keep track of everything stored in your unit. And because we are all human, we tend to forget what we’ve stored every once in a while. But have no fear! You can keep track of your items by making a checklist or spreadsheet with all of your items listed and up-to-date. You’ll also want at least two copies of this list: one at home or on your computer, and the other inside of your unit. That way, making adjustments to your list will be hassle free.

Before you jump to counting and writing down each of your items, you can make this process easier to organizing your unit. First, you should begin by storing your items according to their likeness – clothes with clothes, electronics with electronics – and so on. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep track of all your items and their whereabouts within the unit. Once you accomplished that, then feel free to start making that checklist of items.

You don’t have to stop there, however. In addition to your checklist, you might also want to consider creating a map of your unit, which visually relays which items you have placed in each area of your unit, like a photograph! The combination of a checklist and visual map of everything in your unit will keep you on track to never losing or misplacing an item again.