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The Scariest Things About Moving You Don’t Have to Worry About

Moving is always listed as one of the most stressful things people will go through over the course of their life. In fact, in terms of stress, moving is only beaten by going through a divorce, being fired, or experiencing the death of a loved one. Thinking about even a minor move across down can be downright scary, not to mention considering a move all the way across the country. Today we are going to talk about the scariest things about moving that you don’t actually have to worry about.

Fear of Change

It is natural to be scared of change. To worry about facing something new. But the reality is, change is often good for us. It shakes of the cobwebs. It helps us see life through a new light, granting fresh perspective. Change can open doors for us that we never even knew existed. It is okay to feel a little scared when thinking about change, but you should never let that hold you back. So remember, it is only natural to fear change, but you don’t have to worry about it.

Fear of Logistics

Yes, moving can be very complicated. There a millions of little details to worry about. And millions of big details. Just thinking about the logistics can feel overwhelming. There is no need to fear the logistics of moving though. The way to handle this fear is by creating a plan. Bite off problems one at a time, starting with the smallest and working your way up. You don’t want to say, “I am going to make a moving plan!” What you want to do is find a moving company. Then go buy boxes. Then start by packing the hallway closet. By breaking down the problem you will defeat your fear of the logistics.

Staring Down Several Moving Superstitions (Part Three)

It seems like there are almost as many superstitions regarding moving as there are stars in the sky. This list here on the Allstate Self-Storage blog is really just the tip of the very worrisome iceberg. If you followed each and every one of these superstitions, you would find yourself wrapped up in so much mental red tape you wouldn’t be able to move a finger. Without further ado, let’s finish our exploration into moving related superstitions.

5. Backpedaling Beliefs

Ah, backpedaling beliefs, an interesting superstition we can trace back to Ireland. According to this superstition the first time you leave a new home you must do so by passing through the exact same door you used to first enter. Failing to do so will result in an unshakable feeling of uneasiness and restlessness. You may never feel comfortable in your own home! While we have trouble believing in this particular superstition, there is no harm in making sure you stroll out the same door you entered. You might as well do just that. After all, who knows?!

6. Acorn Quality Protection

Here we go with another superstition originating from the northern climes of Europe. According to this Norse superstition you can protect your home from lightning strikes by placing acorns on every windowsill in the home. We note sure how the protective power of the acorn works as they do not function as insulators, but perhaps there is a force at work here we do not yet understand. Probably not. Bur perhaps. This superstition has taken such a strong hold that many window blind manufacturers shape pulls like acorns. We think this is a rather stylish move even if it does not really protect us from the whims of the weather.

Staring Down Several Moving Superstitions (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Allstate Self-Storage blog where we have been talking about several moving-related superstitions. In out last post we talked about the importance of housewarming gifts and the difficulties of picking the best day to move in. Whether or not you believe in superstitions, diving into a few of the most prevalently held beliefs can be an interesting and enlightening experience. Let’s take a look at a few more moving related superstitions.

3. Out With The Old, In With The New Broom

It is a widely held superstition that brooms carry with them more than just dirt and grime. They carry negative energy as well. Or at least old energy. Or different energy. We are not exactly sure which and questioning people directly about this superstition rarely results in clear answers. As we understand it, the belief goes something like this: bringing an old broom into a new house can cause misfortune and bad luck. Next time you move, you may want to consider purchasing a new broom, if for no other reason than cleanliness. But hey, it may even help with that streak of bad luck you have been on lately. Who knows?!

4. Mind the ‘T’

We all know that location matters, but according to this superstition it may matter more than any of us knew. The superstition which we have called Mind the ‘T’ states that you should avoid moving into a home located in a T intersection. The superstition believes this is bad for a number of reason. First, something bad energy. Second, the T shaped intersection forms an arrow pointing directly at your home which could cause cars to plow right into it. While this seems like a long shot to us, we are concerned about headlights blasting into our bedroom window waking us up at 3 AM, so maybe it is a good idea to avoid T shaped intersections.

Staring Down Several Moving Superstitions (Part One)

Superstitions are defined as “widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event or a practice based on such a belief.” Alright. Wait just a minute here. Unjustified you say? Throwing that word out in a definition is one thing, but these superstitions have to come from somewhere, don’t they? Well. Not necessarily. Superstitions may be pervasive and hard to shake but… are they real? Probably not. But that doesn’t make them uninteresting! Let’s look at several moving related superstitions.

1. I Come Bearing Gifts

It is a commonly held superstition that you MUST bring a housewarming gift when you visit someone who has recently moved in. No one is really sure what the consequences are for eschewing this superstition are. Perhaps you will be cursed. Or maybe you will just be forever known as a bad house guest. Either way, it is easy to see how this particular superstition developed. It is rooted in history. In the olden days when families would move out to the frontier. They would do so low on essential supplies such as salt, bread, and butter. When other more established families would stop by to welcome them, they would bring such supplies with them in the form of a housewarming gift.

2. Move On…..

It is a widely held superstition that moving in on Friday or Saturday is bad luck. Of course, moving in during the work week is rather difficult. Oh, and you can’t move in on Sunday because that is supposed to be a day of rest. So when exactly are you supposed to move in? According to superstition it looks like… never. It looks like you may well just have to brave a little bad luck and break this superstition. Good luck!

Essential Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment (Part Three)

As we move into our third post detailing essential tips for moving into your first apartment, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. You probably didn’t realize there was this much to think about. Maybe you thought, “well, I found an apartment I like, time to move in!” Shopping for an apartment takes time and patience. You don’t want to rush into anything. That being said, once you fight the right place, you will be able to tell. We promise, if you take your time, your patience will be rewarded!

5. Start Off Clean

Moving into your first apartment is a chance at a fresh start. Use this as an opportunity to abandon some of your bad habits. We recommend cleaning your apartment thoroughly before moving in if the property manage did not already do so. It is never going to be easier to give the apartment a thorough cleaning than before it is full of furniture and other junk. Once you have moved everything in, give the property one final cleaning. There you go! Now you live in a spotless apartment.

6. Inspect and Record

When you move into an apartment you typically pay a security deposit to protect the owner from any damages you may inflict. You want to be sure you are not held accountable for any preexisting damage. When moving in, carefully assess the condition of the apartment. If you identify any issues, take a picture and write it down. Proper documentation is important. Be very detail oriented. You never know when a small crack in the wall could turn into something much worse. You don’t want to pay for any damage that you were not personally responsible for. There is no better way to protect your investment.

Essential Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment (Part Two)

We are back with part two of our essential tips for moving into your first apartment. What is the one thing all young people have in common? They think they know EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t blame them though. We remember feeling the exact same way. The reality of the situation is, you learn through experience. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we have a lot of experience. Today, we are sharing that experience with a few more tips to make moving into your first apartment as smooth as possible.

3. Find the Right Relationship

When you move into an apartment you are going to have a landlord. The landlord could have a huge impact on your renting experience. Or they could have no impact on it. But the thing is, once you sign a lease, you are stuck with them. Make sure you are renting from a landlord you can get along with. If you are renting from a large company, research their history. Talk to current tenants about how their experience has been. Are issues with the apartment taken care of promptly or are problems ignored for long periods of time? Renting from a bad landlord can make your life miserable. Make sure you are entering into the right relationship.

4. Look Over the Lease

A lease is a legally binding agreement. Never enter into a legal agreement unless you know exactly what you are agreeing to. Look over the lease carefully. If the landlord has offered you any promises or established any expectations that are not explicitly stated in the lease, they may not be legally accountable for said offers. Ask them to add these offers to the lease and inquire why they are not already there.

Essential Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment (Part One)

For a young person, moving into their first apartment is one of the biggest steps into adulthood. It is also a step they are rarely ready for. It is easy for them to think they know exactly what it takes to be an adult, but the reality is, they have no idea. There are a million small, seemingly insignificant details that can turn into major problems if they are overlooked. Today, we are going to offer some essential tips for those young adults who may be moving into their first apartment this year.

1. Budget Big

Time and time again we hear from fist-time apartment buyers who get in over their heads financially. It is easy to underestimate exactly how expensive it is to move out of the family home and live alone. Remember, rent is not the only monthly expense. It is simply the biggest. First time apartment renters also need to factor in utilities such as water and electricity, as well as internet and cable. All of these bills will add up quickly so to it is essential to leave room for them in the budget. That may even mean looking for an apartment with a lower rent than you initially thought you could afford.

2. Consider Location

As a first time apartment buyer, this is the first time YOU get to choose where you live. That is a big responsibility. One that can have a meaningful impact on your life. Do you want to live close to school/work? Do you want to live in a quiet part of town? Do you want to be close to the best restaurants and bars? Maybe you would prefer to live close to a public transportation hub. As a first-time apartment buyer, the choice is yours to make.

How Allstate Self-Storage Improves the Lives of Its Customers (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Allstate Self-Storage blog. This week, we are taking some time out to discuss the many ways we endeavour to improve the lives of our customers. In our previous post, we talked about how we have worked to enhance ease of access while also integrating technology to make bill pay as quick and convenient as possible. These two topics just scratched the surface when it comes to the many ways we work to improve the lives of our customers.

3. Employee Coaching and Development

The Allstate Self-Storage team is already known for being friendly, enthusiastic, and incredibly helpful, but we believe there is always room for improvement. For this reason, we like to place a focusing on coaching and developing our already awesome team. We are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our tenants, and one of the best ways to do this is with our team who interacts with them face to face on a daily basis.

4. Focus on People

While some storage companies always focus on the bottom line, we prefer to focus on people. We never push longer contracts or bigger storage units just to make a few extra dollars. We work closely with prospective tenants to ensure their specific needs are met. We want them to get the correct sized unit with no wasted space and no wasted dollars. We offer month-to-month leases so that tenants never feel like they are trapped in a long-term lease.

6. Incredible Security

Security is essential at a self-storage facility. At All-state Self-Storage, our security is unparalleled. They only thing you are responsible for is providing a lock for our storage unit, everything else is left up to us. Rest easy knowing each of or locations is astoundingly secure.

How Allstate Self-Storage Improves the Lives of Its Customers (Part One)

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we have always made it a priority to treat our customers like family members. Usually, people use our secure storage facilities during transition periods in their lives. Often, these transition periods can be stressful. We want to be a source of security and support for people who are moving or simply storing their belongings. For our next two blogs we are going to talk about all the ways Allstate Self-Storage helps improve the lives of its customers.

1. Ease of Access

Before people move into one of our self-storage facility, they usually ask a lot of questions, sharing with us any worries or concerns they may have. One thing we constantly hear people say is, “I am worried I won’t be able to get to my stuff when I need to.” This is a concern we have taken steps to address by improving ease of access. Anyone who rents a storage locker is free to come and go as they please during business hours, which we extend as long as possible.

2. Integrating Technology

Again, we are always doing everything we can to make the lives of our customers easier. One way we have accomplished this is with easy online bill pay technology. Once a customers has rented a storage unit, all they have to do is make a tenant account on the Allstate Self-Storage website to access online bill pay.This way, tenants can pay their bills without ever having to leave their homes. They can set up auto payments and they can view their payment history. The convenience is amazing. We are always looking for new and inventive ways to integrate technology into what we do to improve the lives of our customers. For Allstate Self-Storage, customers always come first.

What to Consider Before Moving

The average person in the United States moves 11.4 times in their life. According to recent statistics, this number is on the rise. The American population is highly mobile. It cherishes its freedom. It values the opportunity to find fresh starts and new possibilities. However, all this moving can be very stressful. It can have consequences. But that shouldn’t scare you away from moving! Today, we are going to go over a few things to consider before moving.

1. Can You Afford It?

We will get to all the fun stuff later, but the first thing to consider before committing to a move is, can you afford it? Obviously, you need to think about the cost of rent or amortgage. However, the expenses don’t end there. You need to think about things like property tax, utility bills, and renovations. What if you need new furniture? Add up all your costs and take a serious look at the final numbers. Can you afford to move? Do you need to spend a few more months saving up?

2. Is The Timing Right?

The answer to this question is closely tied to the question we asked above. However, finances are just one thing to consider when asking yourself, is the timing right? Season and weather can have a big impact on your move. You also want to make sure you are in a place professional where the move won’t have a negative impact on you. Sometimes though, all of these consideration can be tossed out the window because the right time for you is NOW.

3. What Matters Most?

Make a list of the top 5-10 things that matter most to you. Do you want to live in a quiet neighborhood? Do you want East facing windows? Do you NEED a bathtub? Do you struggle to live with roommates? Figuring out what matters most to you can help you find direction.