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The Big Question: “Should I Hire Professional Movers?”

You have a big move coming up, and you are not sure you and your family can handle it by yourselves or if you should consider hiring professional movers. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we like to consider ourselves moving experts. We have seen thousands of people move before. We have learned that every move is unique and different in its own little ways. Deciding whether or not you should hire professional movers comes down to a number of considerations. Let’s look closer at the issue.

Do You Like Being in Control?

If you are one of those people that has trouble letting go of control, hiring a professional moving service may not be the best choice for you. If you already excel organizing and just the thought of a bunch of movers putting all your precious belongings in a truck in whatever way they see fit fills you with anxiety, maybe you should consider handling the move by yourself. If you have family and friends who can do all the heavy lifting while you “orchestrate,” all the better.

What about… the Truck?

Yes, you are going to need a moving truck. Probably a really big one. Are you capable of driving such a mammoth vehicle? It is especially difficult if you are moving a long distance. Of course, you can always opt to hire a professional driver rather than a professional moving company. This is a great way to cut costs.

The Benefits

For the right prices, you can hire professional movers who will pack your boxes, pack your furniture, load the truck, drive the truck, unload everything and unpack everything exactly where you want it. Sounds nice doesn’t it? This isn’t cheap, but it sure is easy. Decided what matters most to you, and proceed

How to Pack a Moving Truck Like a Pro

Moving is no easy job. It is a stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming task. But, it is a job that just has to get done! You want to make it as easy on yourself as possible. There are all sorts of little surprises that crop up on moving day. When the moving truck pulls up in front of your house, you may think to yourself: “I’m supposed to fit my entire home in there…?! Jeez. Everything is going to break… isn’t it?”

Banish those worries by packing like a pro.

Organize Your Squad

Moving is a big job so hopefully you have some help. To get the most out of your moving team, you need to keep them organized. Assign two of your best movers to “truck duty.” They are going to stay in the truck to make sure it is loaded properly. All of the items will be handed off to them, and they will be in charge of organizing, stacking and securing everything.

Start Heavy and Large

Make sure you start by packing away your largest and heaviest appliances and pieces of furniture. Move them as far back in the truck as possible. Make sure you are using every available inch. Play it almost like a game of Tetris. Once you have all of these bulky behemoths in place, you can start fitting in everything else around them.

Consider Fragility

One of your primary goals is to make sure nothing gets broken during the move. Keep a careful eye on fragile items. Make sure they are packed securely. Surround them with softer items like mattresses, pillows or blankets. Place light-weight breakable items on top of large piles – not at the bottom of them. Don’t be afraid of using bubble wrap or other packing materials. The safer, the better!

8 Types of People Who Use Self-Storage Facilities (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Allstate Self-Storage blog! In our post, we begin detailing a few of the types of people we commonly see using storage facilities. We learned about the Millennial Mover, the Outdoor Adventurer, and the Dusty Tome Collector. We have five more types of people to look at, so let’s get right into it!

4. The Enthusiastic Holiday Decorator

This is the type of person who lives for the holidays. They care about Arbor Day just as much as Christmas. The thing they really love about the holidays is decorating. This is the family whose Christmas decorations always leave everyone else’s looking shabby in comparison. They have an insane amount of holiday lights which they have to keep somewhere!

5. The Family Historian

Everyone family has a historian. While this isn’t an official elected position, it might as well be. This is the person who manages all the keepsakes. They keep all the blankies, all the stuffed animals, all the elementary school art projects, and all the birthday cards. They think a memory is not a memory unless you can trace it back to a tangible item. They love storage facilities.

6. The Restless Roamer

Did you know that the average American moves 11 times in their life? For the Restless Roamer, that number is nothing. They aren’t sure where their place is in life, but they sure are excited to find it. They don’t want to be tethered down by possession, so they keep them in storage.

7. The Empty Nester

Empty Nesters are the parents of the Moving Millennials. Finally, they got the kids out of the house and they are ready to relax. They are ready to lead a simple and quiet life. They are ready to downsize. But maybe, they are not ready to give up all the possessions they have worked so hard to accumulate over the years. What do they do? Downsize and utilize self-storage!

8 Types of People Who Use Self-Storage Facilities (Part One)

With 10 Allstate Self-Storage locations spread out across Arizona, Indiana, Nevada, and Minnesota, we have seen a lot of people come through our doors to rent self-storage units. Everyone is different and has different storage needs but over time we have started seeing a few patterns develop. We see certain types of people visit us time and time again. So who are these characters who feature so prominently in the self-storage world? Let’s take a look!

1. The Millennial Mover

Countless millennials are caught between finishing their academic careers and starting their professional careers. This transition takes some time. It isn’t easy. What this means is that approximately 20 percent of people between the ages of 20 and 30 are living with their parents. Obviously, their parents are not delighted by this. While they will put up with their millennial, they won’t put up with their millennial’s acoustic guitar, turn table, vintage sea chest, bicycle, and comic book collection. These things are getting put in storage.

2. The Outdoor Adventurer

These days, just about everyone lists hiking as one of their interests. The Outdoor Adventurer takes things to a whole new level. And to get to that level, they need a lot of stuff. The Outdoor Adventurer uses their storage facility to keep their tent, backpack, kayak, rock climbing gear, surf board, bird watching books and mountain bikes. This all takes up a lot of space and the Outdoor Adventurer generally keeps a smaller home because they spend so much time on the road.

3. The Dusty Tome Collector

This is a person who is obsessed with learning. They learn by reading books. Lots of books. Here is the thing about books – they are amazing but they take up space. They are also a pain in the butt to move around. Most of the time, they end up in storage.

How Self-Storage Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

Most of us are on a quest to improve our lives in some form or another. It is part of the human condition. We always want to get better! We want to work harder, learn more, make more money, stress less, get in better shape. There are millions of pages of self-help books devoted to the massive topic of “improving your life.” Have you ever considered that using self-storage may be a way to dramatically improving your life? It is true! Let’s discuss.

Stress Reduction

Often, improving your life comes down to one major concept – reducing stress. Stress can cause headaches, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty sleeping and anxiety. It puts the body in a state of agitation. Studies have shown that small levels of stress can actually be good for you. It can keep you alter and attentive. However, most of us suffer from too much stress. Organizing your home and reducing clutter is a proven way to reduce stress. However, forcing yourself to dispose of things in your home that you care about would only increase your stress. For this reason, self-storage is an excellent tool to use for organizing and decluttering your home. You won’t need to permanently losing anything, but you will reduce clutter.

Eliminating Distraction

Using self-storage is also a great way to eliminate distractions and help you focus on the things that really matter. Living and working in an organized environment can truly help you increase productivity. You will never have to waste time looking for something you need or trying to sort through clutter. Work spaces should be used just for work. Plus, decluttering your home/work environment can make you look more professional. You may even manage to convince everyone else that you really have your life together!

The Importance of Packing BEFORE you Move

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we like to consider ourselves experts at moving. The moving industry and storage industry are closely linked together. A large percentage of our self-storage units are used by people who are in the process of moving. In our decades connected to the moving industry, we have learned a lot. We have learned what it takes to make a move go well. One of the primary ideas you should focus on is packing BEFORE you move. We will explain.

The Difference Between Packing and Moving

There is a big difference between packing and moving. Moving is the acting of taking all your belongings and transporting them somewhere else. Packing is what you need to do BEFORE you move. You cannot move if you have not packed. If you want your move to go smooth (and you do), you need to start things off correctly.This means staying organized and packing correctly.

Packing to Keep your Friends

We all know moving isn’t fun. It is a big job. Usually, we need help. This is why we have friends! Of course, even really good friends are not going to be exactly excited to help you move. You want to make things easy on them. This means having EVERYTHING packed up and ready to go when they arrive. Don’t make them do any extra work. That is how you lose friends.

What it Means to Properly Pack

Now that you know how important it is to pack, you may be wondering, “How do I properly pack?” Great question! First, you need some boxes. Next, you need to start putting things in those boxes. In fact, you need to put EVERYTHING in those boxes. Everything that is not furniture that is. When it is time to move, all your moving crew will have to do is pick up those boxes and walk them to the moving truck.

Combining Belongings: What to do When Moving in Together

You have decided to move in together. This is a big step, whether you just got married, you are in a relationship, or you decided it is finally time to become roommates with your best friend. You are probably excited, picturing all the fun times you are going to have together. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself! You are going to be taking two apartments/homes worth of belongings and combining them. You may find yourself running out of space quickly. A self-storage facility is the perfect place to store those items that you don’t want to get rid of. Let’s take a close look at what you should consider when moving in together.

There Can Be Only One

There are certain items you only need one of. Do you need two sets of dishes? Two toasters? Two microwaves? Seven sauté pans? Of course not! Most of these extras you can simply toss or attempt to sell in a garage sale. However, if one of you have a strong attachment to a set of dishes, you can always opt to put them in storage. Depending on the size of your new abode, you may only need one television. You should discuss this with the individual you are moving in with.

Don’t Dispose of Furniture

When you are combining belongs and moving into a shared space, one of you is going to have to give up on your furniture. There just isn’t going to be room for two couches, four bookcases and whatever else you have. Don’t dispose of these items! Furniture is a big investment and you never know when you may need it in the future. What happens if you upsize in a few years? You may want to have that furniture around. The best option is to put it in storage.

How to Optimize your Garage Storage Game

There are lots of little nooks and crannies in our homes that we use for storage. Who doesn’t have a junk drawer full of batteries, rubber bands, post-it notes, takeout menus and 1,000 forgotten pennies? And that is just where we toss the small stuff! We throw things in closets, forget about them under the stairs and banish items to the attic. For most of us, the garage is really where it is at when it comes to storage. Unfortunately, our garages can turn into unorganized war zones rather quickly. Today, we offer you a few tips for optimizing your garage storage game.

Getting things off the floor!

Basketballs, folding chairs, gardening tools, regular tools, paint buckets, Razor scooters and who knows what else all litter the floor of your garage, piling up, making your life chaotic, making it difficult to find anything and impossible to move from one point to another.Start optimizing your garage storage game by getting things off the floor! There are lots of ways to do this. We will have time to touch on just a few.

-Shelving Units: Shelving units are a great, low-cost way to start getting all this junk off of the floor. You don’t need to purchase anything fancy. Use these to clearly organize smaller items.

-Hanging Wall Hooks: Now it is time to get the large, bulky items off of the floor. Hanging wall hooks are perfect for this. Use them to store things like bicycles, wheelbarrows, and even canoes. They are also great to store seasonal items like snowboards or skis.

-Tool Racks: Now you probably have a big pile of tools laying around. Use a tool rack to get these organized. Mount shovels, garden hoes, hedge clippers, and whatever else you have. Things are already starting to look more organized, aren’t they?!

Questions to Consider Before Moving

Moving is almost always ranked as one of the most stressful experience an individual will go through in their life. It is right up there with the death of a loved one, divorce, getting fired, or coming down with a major illness. Unlike many of these terrible catastrophes, moving is something you often have control over. Even if you are being forced to move because of work or school, you will still have control over your move. Asking these questions can help you reduce the stress of moving and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

What matters to me?

You are moving FROM one home TO another. This is your chance to make sure you get everything you need in your new home. Do you want a lot of extra space so you don’t feel claustrophobic? Do you want an amazing kitchen with endless countertop space? Do you prefer something more warm and cozy? Do you want a backyard? Write down all the things that matter most to you and make sure you get them.

What is my budget?

Don’t JUTS think about the cost of a mortgage/rent, make sure you consider all the other costs associated with living somewhere?Think about utilities such as electricity, water, and internet. All of these expenses add up and could quickly turn an affordable housing situation into an unaffordable one. It is always better to leave more room in your budget than trying to cut things close.

Have I planned my move?

By now you have picked out your perfect place and are ready to set your eyes on moving day. You want to make sure this day goes as smooth as possible. Plan transportation and enlist help. Get an early start to the day. The more you prepare, the easier things will be.

Life Transitions: The Perfect Time for Self-Storage

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we know that people use self-storage facilities for all sorts of reasons. Some families use our storage facilities to store furniture while they are remodeling their homes. Some of our storage units are rented out by business who just need the extra square feet. Often, we rent out storage units to people who are undergoing life transitions. These are individuals who are making big moves. Perhaps they are going off to college or pursuing new careers. Perhaps they are headed off into retirement. Whatever their individual situation, one this is for sure, self-storage facilities are perfect for people going through a life transition.

The Young Career Started

We all remember those exhilarating days that came right after we graduated from high school or college. Our education was complete and it was time to start real life. There were just a few problems. We needed a job. We needed money. We needed a place to live. And we had a bunch of junk. For just a few dollars a month, you can put all these distractions away in a self-storage facility and focus on building your new life as an adult.

The Down Sizers

These are the parents of the individuals we discussed in the previous section. They just put in two decades raising their wild kids and now it is time for some much-deserved rest. Part of that test may mean moving to a smaller home which requires less upkeep. A smaller home means fewer storage spaces. They don’t want to get rid of all their belongings, many of which are linked to precious memories. For these individuals, a self-storage unit really is the best option. They can downsize, eliminate stress and make their lives easier without having to sacrifice anything!