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Consider Safety and Security with Self-Storage

When you are investing in a self-storage unit, one of your primary concerns is the safety and security of your personal belongings. There are a number of other factors that you should carefully analyze when you are shopping for the perfect self-storage location, ranging from price, location and convenience, but remember, even if a location scores perfect marks in every other category, it must also be safe and secure. Otherwise there is no point storing there! Here at Allstate Self-Storage, the security of your belongings is always out #1 concern. In our blog today, we will discuss safety and security with self-storage facilities.

Locking it up

When security experts talk about what it takes to keep things absolutely secure, whether it is a home, a storage unit, or a bank vault, they talk about layers of security. There isn’t one easy, cure-all solution to security. It is important to have multiple layers of deterrents. Each addition layer a potential thief faces, increases the odd of failure and abandonment. At a self-storage facility, the individual owners of each storage unit are responsible for buying a lock. This is the bedrock of security. Only you should have the key. One backup should be held somewhere very safe.

Video Monitoring

Studies have shown that video monitoring is one of the most important elements involved in deterring a thief. If they know they are being recorded, they act nervous, and unsure. The odds are, they won’t even try anything. Plus, with video surveillance and monitoring, you have a good chance of catching someone in a worst case scenario in which something is stolen.

A Barrier to Entry

Of course, our primary means of security is establishing a barrier to entry. Every single Allstate Self-Storage facility features state-of-the-art security.

4 Valuable and Exciting Storage Finds

Popular television shows such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters have helped to popularize storage unit auctions which occur when an individual has abandoned their storage unit and defaulted on payment. Most of the time, these storage units are full of boring, uninteresting, almost useless items. On rare occasions, however, they can have valuable and exciting things inside. In our blog today, we are going to look at four such finds!

Michael Jackson Memorabilia

For several decades, Michael Jackson was the undisputed king of pop music, not just in America, but in the world. Even today, Michael Jackson memorabilia is very valuable. Imagine the surprise of the Extra Space Storage in Culver City, California when they opened up an abandoned storage locker to find a wealth of Michael Jackson’s personal belongings. The unit contained everything from costumes to prints, to old set lists.

A Valuable Vehicle

We all know that cars can be very valuable. Well, some are more valuable than others. This unit was never defaulted on, but it did have to be inspected by Lamborghini itself as a matter of insurance because the owner of a 2-year old orange Lamborghini wanted to put his $250,000 vehicle in storage. It was the most valuable item ever held at Cutting Edge Self Storage in Florida.

A Bounty of Beans

This massive 10×20 storage unit was full, floor to ceiling with high-quality coffee beans. Even a single bag full of these high-quality caffeine packed beans is worth something, so just try to image an entire storage unit FULL of them. The owner of the facility called it, “a small goldmine.”

Epicurean Excellence

Again, we find a storage unit with something edible, that is worth a TON. This storage unit in Florida contained box after box of rare Beluga caviar, which is valued at almost $800 for seven ounces!

The Many Benefits of Organizing and Decluttering with Self-Storage

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we are major proponents of the many benefits of using a self-storage facility. One of the primary benefits is that it can help you stay organized and declutter your living space. Studies have shown that decluttering a has major mental benefits. Environment plays an important role in our well-being as humans. Even a minor amount of clutter can have a negative effect. In our blog today, we will learn about a few of the many benefits of organizing and decluttering with self-storage.

Reduce Stress

Most of us have lived in a messy home at one point in our life. It can be a struggle to keep things neat and organized when you lead a busy, active life with lots of responsibilities. Unfortunately, a messy, cluttered environment is actually making things harder for you. A study performed at UCLA showed that mothers had the stress levels dramatically increased when they were living in messy conditions. This stress cleared up dramatically once their environments were cleaned. Using a self-storage facility to declutter will help you reduce your stress levels.

Increase Concentration

This is another surprising benefit that comes with decluttering. Our brains are very active things. They are almost always working overtime. Usually, this is a good thing, but it can have drawbacks when you are trying to concentrate. You brain can be easily distracted by even a minor amount of clutter. This is not the type of distraction that immediately grabs your attention, but it is subtle, more insidious. A study performed at Princeton University showed that individuals who had to complete tasks which required concentration were better able to do so in neat, organized environments. Reduce clutter and increase order in your home by utilizing a self-storage facility.

3 Amazing Smartphone Applications to Help You Stay Organized

These days, it truly seems like there is a smartphone application for everything. We use smartphones from the moment we wake up and start out the day, to the moment we wind down at the end of the night and prepare for bed. We have smartphones applications that track our fitness and our diet. Applications which streamline our work. Applications that guide us around the city. Applications that entertain and educate us. But did you know that there are also a number of applications that can help us stay organized? It is true! Today, we will learn about three of the best.

1) The BrightNest
At the BrightNest, they say it is their mission to “inspire and empower you to take great care of your home.” We all know that home care and maintenance can be hard sometimes. BrightNest offers fun and easy home maintenance guides based on your specific personality type. The BrightNest app delivers awesome ways to stay organized, clean and healthy right in your home.

2) Livible

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting what you packed in a box. You have to open 5-6 before you find what you are looking for. Livible elegantly solves this problem. It helps you create an easy to manage home inventory system. Simply pack the box and take a picture of the contents. Now print out a Livible label and apply it to the box. Seal that box, and you are set. You can scan the label with your phone and see a picture of exactly what is inside it. Additional customization and organization options are available.

3) Wunderlist

We could all benefit from a good to-do list. Wunderlist is an awesome smartphone app that helps you stay organized through creating and maintaining personal plans and to-do lists. Never will an important detail slip your mind again with Wunderlist.

The Decluttering Dilemma: Decluttering made Easy, the Ultimate Decluttering Guide

Who doesn’t want to reduce the level of clutter in their life? It is something we have all thought about from time to time. The accumulation of clutter in our lives is almost inevitable. Have you ever heard of the force of entropy? It pertains to one of the laws of thermodynamics, and it states that everything in the universe will always head gradually towards chaos. Especially living rooms. Especially children’s bedrooms. Actually, that is probably where all the chaos originates from. It is time to cut the clutter, with this ultimate decluttering guide.

Section Off, and Start Small

When you are starting the decluttering process, it is important to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Section of a room, and start decluttering one small area. Don’t even consider looking at the rest of the house yet. That will make the entire job seem to large and unwieldy.

Uses Boxes

Boxes are going to be your most important ally in the decluttering process. Mark one as “save” one as “toss” one as “maybe.” The key here, is to avoid thinking too hard. Pick things up one by one, and toss them in the box you feel is most relevant. You will quickly see cluttering starting to disappear. Do not leave the area of the room you are working in until each and every item has been tossed in a box.


Once you have gone through the entire room, it is time to reorganize. First, go ahead and take that “toss” box out to the garbage and get rid of it. Don’t think twice. Now go through that “maybe” box and readdress each item. Be discerning. Now that you have reduce to the essentials, you can repopulate the room with everything you are keeping in a careful manner, with a blank slate.

Taking your Moving & Storage Game to the Next Level

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we are proponents of always learning, growing, and developing, not just as a business, but as individuals. As such, we are always trying to help others get on that same positive, self-development path. Why not try to take your moving & storage game to the next level? There are always ways to become more efficient, safe and organized. It seems like we always have a move ahead of us, whether we are moving ourselves, or we are helping out friends. When you can take your moving & storage game to the next level, everything becomes just a little easier.

Color Coded Markers for Exceptional Organization

One of the keys to excelling at moving & storing, is exceptional organization. Things are so much easier when you know where everything is. Not only that, but you also know where everything goes. Without a moment’s hesitation, you know what boxes go to the kitchen, which go to the master bedroom, and which go to the storage shed out back. Using colored markers is a great way to achieve this level of organization. Pick out a color for each room, and mark the boxes clearly. If you are using a moving service, this will help them out as well.

Take your Time, and Consider Quality

Using strong high-quality moving boxes and high quality packing tape, items should be boxed and stacked in an organized and logical way. This will help to make it easy to retrieve items when necessary. As an added note, those planning to take a day off from work to move items into a storage unit should remain relaxed and take the time to do it right. Movers who rush are prone to making mistakes. A mistake while moving could even lead to an injury!

Additional Essential Packing Tools, Utensils, and Materials

When it comes time to pack up and move, or even just time to put things in storage, it is easy to get lost in the logistics. You plan out all the big important things and forget the small details. You remember to rent a moving truck and a storage facility, but you forget to have essential packing tools, utensils and materials on hand. This can lead to a major headache on moving day. Plan ahead for your next move and make sure you have everyone one of these essential packing materials on hand. If you do, everything is sure to go smoothly.

Packing Tape

You have to seal all of those cardboard boxes somehow, and frankly, normal tape just isn’t going to get the job done. That last thing you want to have happen during a move is to start having all of your boxes rip open from the bottom. Use high-quality packing tape to seal all of your boxes. Remember, it is always better to have more on hand, than not enough. So stock up!


Of course, you will also need a quality pair of scissors on hand. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to deal with durable and frustratingly sticky packing tape without a good pair of scissors. They will come in handy constantly throughout your move. You may even want to make sure there are a few pairs laying around.

Measuring Tape

You don’t want to be caught by surprise when you are moving. Use measuring tape to make sure everything is going to fit. Measure the moving van. Measure all of your furniture. Measure the boxes. Measure the dog. Measure the cats. Check your own height while you are at it. Equipped with this knowledge, your organization is going to be very easy indeed.

Alternative Uses for Packing Materials

Finally, you have made the big move. It sure was a lot of work wasn’t it? It took a lot of planning, a great deal of time, and a massive, massive amount of effort. So, what do you do know? First off, it is time to relax. Time to kick your feet up, and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. You earned it! Well, there you go. You had your moment! Time to get on with your life. First things first – what are you going to do with all these leftover packing materials? You don’t want just to toss them into the garbage, do you? No, that would be wasteful. Consider these alternative uses for packing materials.

Alternative Cardboard Box Uses

Cardboard boxes are usually the centerpiece of any move. So you probably have a lot of them lying around. Consider saving a few to store items you are not going to use frequently. Cardboard boxes will protect them from elements like dust, and keep things neatly organized. Put them out of the way in the closet or an attic to stay neat and tidy.

Another idea, why not let the give a few cardboard boxes to the kids to play with. Sometimes the best toys are the simple ones. With their active imaginations, they will be able to play with a cardboard box for hours on end. Leftover boxes can also be used in many arts & crafts projects.

Alternative Packing Peanut Uses

Time to do something with all these leftover packing peanuts. Luckily, the uses are nearly endless. Stuff them in a zip-up pillowcase to make a perfect doggy bed on the cheap. Line the base of a flower pot with packing peanuts to create ideal conditions for drainage. Spray paint them, glue them to a string, and make a fun, festive Christmas tree decoration.

3 Essential Packing Materials

In our most recent blog, we discussed three different storage containers. Each of these unique storage containers has their own benefits and drawbacks. While some are more durable and protective, others are cheaper and more versatile. Choosing the perfect storage container is all about fitting your specifics needs, with the precise strength/weakness profile of the selection of storage containers. Of course, storage containers are not the only things you are going to need to pack properly. You will also need packing materials. Especially if you are packing and transporting fragile items. In today’s blog with Allstate Self-Storage, we will be learning about three essential packing materials.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper should be your go-to packing material for anything that is small, delicate, and fragile. Often, we site Christmas ornaments as the perfect packing companion of tissue paper. You can wrap each individual ornament carefully in tissue paper, protecting it from bumps and scrapes, and then nestle it gently in a packing container. Generally, we suggest avoiding using tissue paper for any large packing jobs.

Packing Peanuts

That is right, packing peanuts are not just for fun and games, they are for actually practical packing purposes as well. Packing peanuts are generally made out of polystyrene foam, which is soft, bouncy, and very, very cushioning. The more packing peanuts in a box, the softer and more accommodating that box will be. They are great for protecting medium sized items that you will be transporting in a box. An important note, avoid over packing the box with fragile items as they could end up damaging each other!

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great packing material to protect all your medium to large items. If you are moving a large wardrobe but are worried about it getting dented, scratched, and banged up, simply use bubble wrap!

3 Classic Types of Storage Containers

When you are packing up your home, apartment, or dorm room, whether to move, or to put things in storage, it is important to stay organized, to make the job easy on yourself, and to protect all of your precious belongings. Here at Allstate Self Store, we are something of packing, moving, and organizing experts. After all, this is what we do, day after day, every day – help people move, and make sure that their belongings are safe, sound, and protected. When you are packing, you need something to pack all your stuff in. Today, we will look at three classic types of storage containers.

The Classic Cardboard Box

In terms of storage containers, there is nothing more timeless and versatile than the classic cardboard box. They come in all shapes and sizes, are extremely durable, and are perfect for most storage/moving needs. Best of all when it comes to cardboard boxes, they are cheap. In fact, they are probably your cheapest option when it comes to packing and organizing for storage. They do have drawbacks. For example, if exposed to moisture, they will deteriorate.

Plastic Bins

We almost consider plastic bins the Cadillacs of the moving and storage world. They are nearly indestructible, meaning you can use them for years to come. In addition, they are often see through, making organization very easy, as you will always know what is inside! Purchasing plastic bins is more expensive than standard cardboard boxes, but it is an investment that will pay off in the long run if you have extensive storage or moving needs.

Timeless Trunks

Throwbacks to a more classic era, we don’t see people use large, sturdy storage trunks very often these days, but they still play a role in some individual’s storage strategy. In terms of durability and style, these really can’t be beat, although they do lack a certain degree of practicality.