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3 Amazing Benefits of Using a Self-Storage Facility

If you, your family, or your business are in need of storage, you should carefully consider all of the wide ranging benefits of renting a self-storage unit. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we have everything to meet you varied self-storage needs. Renting a self-store unit is easy, fast, and convenient; the benefits don’t stop there. In our blog today, we will explore 3 amazing benefits of using a self-storage facility.

1. Unmatched Security

When placing your precious belonging in storage, you want to do so with peace of mind. You want to be absolutely sure that your possessions are safe. This is one of the primary benefits of using a self-storage facility. Every Allstate facility is safe and secure. Most importantly, they are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by video surveillance. Nothing will happen at an Allstate Self-Storage facility without a security professional taking note.

2. Ease of Access

Renting a self-storage unit is like having your own, spacious, temperature controlled closet. Except this closet is way, way bigger! It is also safe and secure. You can access your storage unit anytime you like. You have your own key and you own access code to get into the facility. You can organize and maintain your storage unit in any way you see fit. We have some renters who visit their unit every week while others go years without stopping by.

3. Sizes for Every Needs

At an Allstate Self-Storage facility there are storage unit sizes for every needs. Whether you are a family moving and in need of placing your entire home in storage, or you are a college student with a few boxes and a fold-up bed, there is a storage unit perfect for you.

Self-Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

It is often said that small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we are major supporters of small business. During our decades in business we have learned that self-storage facilities can provide a number of solutions to small business owners in need. From medical offices to accounting firms, to law firms, to sporting goods stores, to small retailers, self-store can provide a wide range of valuable benefits.

Providing Season Storage

For businesses that maintain season inventories, self-storage facilities can be a huge boon. Many sporting goods store change their inventory based on the. During the winter they primarily feature snowboarding, and skiing gear. This will also sell winter clothing. During the summer they need to rotate this inventory out. If they don’t have ample storage space at their retail location, what are the supposed to do with it? Why, but it in their self-storage unit, that’s what!

Large Scale Document Storage

In a world going wireless and digital, it is easy to forget that many businesses still rely largely on paper documents. Paper documents are also widely used in record keeping. Medical offices often keep years of medical records on paper. Law firms can have decades of case briefings on file. These piles and piles of paper can mount so high it almost seems like business owners are drowning in paper. Self-storage facilities offer an elegant solution. For just a few dollars a month, all of these important paper documents can be stored somewhere out of the way where they will be safe.

Changing Needs

Small businesses are constantly changing, evolving, and growing. What they need one month may be wildly different from what they need the next month. Self-store offers a flexible, easily accessible, adaptable, storage space for the ever-changing needs of the small business owner.

3 Essential Storage and Organizational Tools

How long has it been since you last tidied up and organized your garage? It’s probably been a long time. Maybe even a very long time. Garages are one of those places in the home that seems to be particularly vulnerable to the forces of entropy. They become more and more cluttered over time. More disorganized. More junk appears day after day. Where is all of this junk coming from?! And the worse the problem gets, the harder it is to motivate yourself to fix the problem. Using these 3 essential storage and organization tools will give you a leg up, and help you get started on the job.

1. Shelves

Shelves are absolutely essential if you are going to get this garage cleaned up and organized! First off, shelves help you find additional space you otherwise would not have had. Your end goal is to have nothing laying on the floor of your garage. You may even be able to park your car inside! Who knew that was possible? They will also help you organize. You can have one shelf for power tools, one for camping gear, one for fishing gear, etc.

2. Hooks

Ceiling-mounted hooks can help you uncover more storage space in your garage. They are very good for the storage of large items like bikes. By hanging your bicycles from the ceiling, you can open up a lot of floor space. Large tools like shovels or ladders can also be hung-up to maximize space.

3. Clear Plastic Containers

Clear plastic containers are perfect for storing all the small, miscellaneous items you have scattered about your garage. We recommend you trying applying some organizing principle to these piles of random junk before you put them away for storage. If you every need to take something out of storage, that should be easy. Finding it will be simple with these clear plastic containers.

Concerning Storage and Fire Hazards

What are the primary things you are looking for when you are shopping for a self-storage facility? It doesn’t matter if you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fort Wayne, Indiana, or Phoenix, Arizona, when you are shopping for a self-storage facility you want it to be clean, easily accessible, and most importantly, SAFE. There are many factors that play into making a self-storage facility as safe as possible. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, safety is one of our primary concerns. In today’s blog, we will share a few words concerning storage and fire hazards.

Clutter in the Home Leads to Fires

This is one of the primary reasons we advise individuals to invest in renting storage units. Studies have shown, time and time again, that clutter in the home directly contributes to home fires. They also make home fires more dangerous when they do happen. Clutter not only cause the fire to spread more rapidly, but it also makes it more difficult to leave quickly the home during an emergency. Often, garages hold most of the clutter in the home. When it starts overflowing out of the garage, you have a real situation on your hands.

Storing Hazardous Materials

The storage of hazardous materials should NEVER be done at a self-storage facility. The reason is a simple one: these facilities are just not properly equipped for the storage of hazards materials. Hazardous materials could cause fires, explosions, and ever then release of toxic or noxious gases. These materials must always be stored in a location that have been specially designed for their storage. These locations are capable of minimizing the safety risks of storing hazardous materials. One person storing hazardous materials in a self-storage location puts everyone else at risk. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden.

Tips for Packing and Organizing Box

Ahhh, yes. Boxes. Here at Allstate Self-Storage we are surrounded by boxes almost every moment of every day of our life. Boxes are essential to the moving and storage industries. Without them, it is likely everything would fall apart. Moving would become impractical; storage a total disaster. Given the necessity and ubiquity of boxes, its surprising how many people don’t use them properly. In our blog today, Allstate Self-Storage is here to drop some tips for packing and organizing boxes.

1. Don’t Overload

Cardboard boxes are strong, but they aren’t infinitely strong. It is important to avoid overloading them. You can’t just mindlessly pack them until they are full to the brim. You have to worry about weight as well. If you have ever packed up a bookcase you are probably familiar with this idea. You can fit a lot of books in a cardboard box, but that box is going to get so heavy it is going to be hard to lift! You may even risk blowing out the bottom of your box. We call that specific whoopsy, “reverse packing,” because you just unpacked all your boxes at once! And on accident!

2. Label Properly

This plays into one of the weakness of cardboard boxes – they are 100 percent opaque, i.e., not transparent, i.e., you can’t see through them. You are probably eventually going to forget exactly what you packed inside your boxes. Sure, this could make opening them a fun and exciting surprise, but it could also be a huge pain. When you are moving you want everything to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Labeling your boxes will be a massive help. You will know precisely what is in each boxes, and thus where to put it. You will save time and effort. Good for you!

Large Appliance Storage

From Fort Wayne, Indiana to Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona, homeowners, individuals, and small business owners have self-storage needs. Here at Allstate Self-Storage we make fulling those storage needs out number one priority. If you are in need of a small unit in which to store a handful of boxes, or a massive unit to store furniture or appliances, Allstate Self-Storage is here to fill your storage needs. In our blog today, we will offer a few tips for storing large appliances.

Maximize Space When Storing Appliances

There is one major problem when it comes to storing large appliances, and it is a rather simple one – they are very large! It is important to maximize space when you are storing large appliances. In the storage world, space is one of the first things we are concerned with. If you are storing anything with a door, then you have some extra secrete space right there. Open up the refrigerator and put some boxes inside. Do the same for the oven and the microwave. You can turn your appliance into genuine matryoshka dolls!

Avoid Damage

The last thing you want to have happen is to see your large, expensive appliances damaged. You are putting them in storage to keep them safe after all. We recommend liberally using bubble wrap. Cover your appliances in it. Pay close attention to the corners which may be more likely to bump into walls. You want to avoid superficial damage like scratches as well as major damage.

Measure Before Storing

The biggest piece of advice we offer it individuals renting a storage unit, is to make sure they are renting the proper size. Measure all of your appliances before you rent a unit. Calculate precisely how much space you are going to need, then maybe add an extra foot or two just to be safe.

3 Incredible Garage Organization and Storage Tips

We are willing to bet it is well past time to give your garage a bit of a tune-up. Many homeowners use their garage as an all-purpose dumping ground for all the clutter in their lives. Sometimes, they even use their garage to store useful or important things like tools! Either way, garages themselves always become more disorganized and cluttered over time. Follow Allstate Self-Storage’s 3 incredible garage organization and storage tips to restore some order to your garage.

1. Reorganize from Scratch

If you have ignored your garage for far too long, it may be time for something more than a cursory reorganization. You may need to start from scratch. Schedule out a large block of time for this job. Move EVERYTHING out of the garage. Pile it up on the driveway and start organizing. If you see things you didn’t even remember you owned, you can probably consider donating them, selling them, or just throwing them out. Now you can start organizing your garage from scratch.

2. Emphasize Accessibility

What good is it placing things in storage if you can’t ever get to them again. The entire point is to get your belongings out of the way, but to be able to use them whenever you want. When you are organizing your garage, place an emphasis on accessibility. Wall hangings work perfectly for this. You can hang your tools out of the way, but they will be easy to find when you need to use them.

3. Use Every Square Inch

Typically, the garage is a BIG room. Make use of the entire thing; we mean the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling. Bike usually take up a lot of room. Why not suspend your bikes from ceiling mounted hooks? You will save an incredible amount of space.

Discover Storage at Home

It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the course of our life. It piles up all around us. And what do we do? We put it in storage! Things really become problematic when even the spaces you have specially set aside for storage, like your storage unit at Allstate Self-Storage, become full and you still have clutter you need to store somewhere! There may be overlooked storage spaces in your home. Let’s discover a few overlooked storage locations in your home.

Always Look Under

For it to be considered a good storage location it needs to be out of the way and out of sight. To discover these perfect spots, start looking under things. Look under your bed. Is there some extra space there? Perfect. Look underneath your dresser or your desk. There is probably open space everywhere! Start filling it up. Declutter your home by putting infrequently used objects out of sight and out of mind.

Time for a Garbage Run

When was the last time you threw anything out? For some of us, it has probably been a while. A long while. Throwing things out can feel very liberating. It can also free up some much-needed space in your home. Tossing that first thing out is always the hardest part. Get the process started by throwing away something small. We all have a junk drawer in our home. This is the perfect place to start. You may as well even toss out the entire draw.

Reorganize the Garage

The garage is one of the most dependable storage locations in the entire home. In fact, you have probably stored so many things in there it has become more than a little unorganized. A reorganization could probably free up a lot of space! Warning: this may also be a lot of work. Proceed with caution.

Frightening & Dangerous Food Storage Mistakes (Part Two)

Proper food storage techniques are extremely important because food which has been stored improperly can lead to food poisoning or foodborne illness. Improperly store food can also force you to throw away a lot of food you would otherwise be happy to eat. By avoiding these frightening and dangerous food storage mistakes, you won’t just be avoiding illness, you will be saving yourself money as well! Aren’t you glad Allstate Self-Storage is here to help?

3. Letting Cooked Food Sit

Typically, food poisoning and foodborne illness are a result of bacteria. The longer food is exposed to the open air, the greater the chance that it will experience bacteria growth. Very high and very low temperatures inhibit the growth of bacteria or even kill it. This is why it is important to cook meat and to store food in the refrigerator. Even food as seemingly innocent as rice can grow deadly bacillus cereus bacteria if left out too long.
Solution: The solution is a simple one: pack up your leftovers the moment you are done eating. Never let food sit out on the counter. Unpack your grocery bags as soon as you get home. Make sure you are storing all temperature sensitive food in the refrigerator.

4. Defrosting Dilemma

Temperature is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to safely storing food. The danger zone in terms of bacteria growth occurs between 40 °F – 140 °F. You want to keep food OUT of this range as often as possible.
Solution: Avoid defrosting food out in the open air as often as possible. Defrosting in the refrigerator Is almost always the best option. This does take foresight. If you know you are going to be eating chicken on Wednesday, move it from the freezer to the refrigerator on Tuesday so that it will be defrosted in time.

Frightening & Dangerous Food Storage Mistakes (Part One)

Here at Allstate Self-Storage, we are experts are storing anything. It doesn’t have to be a couch, bed frame, or room full of boxes for us to know how to store it. In today’s blog, we will talk about something that we store for a rather brief period of time: food. It is important to store food properly, or you may expose yourself to health risks. Let’s learn about a few frightening and dangerous food storage mistakes.

1. Relying on the “Smell Test”

What happens when you cook a massive, delicious meal, but you have piles of food left after you have stuffed yourself full? You store your leftovers for later! One of the most common food storage mistakes people make is eating leftover food passed the point when it is safe or healthy. They rely on the “smell test.” They lower their nose into the container of leftovers and sniff. If it doesn’t smell bad, they take a bite. Unfortunately, food can move beyond its expiration date and still not give off a putrid odor.
Solution: Buy some clear plastic Tupperware and an erasable black marker. When you pack your leftovers for storage, write the date down on the side of the Tupperware container. You should throw away most food items after four days although dishes containing fish should be tossed after just a day or two.

2. Overstocking

Who hasn’t had to throw away food that hung out in their refrigerator for too long simply because they never had time to eat it? Often, this is a sign of overstocking, or buying more food than you need. By avoiding overstocking, you can cut down on food waste and save money.
Solution: Meal planning is a great way to avoid overstocking. Plan out all your meals for the week and shop accordingly. Remember to factor in your leftover. They could help you stretch one meal out over several days.