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Consider the Storage of Hazardous Materials

The massive explosion that rocked Tian Jin, China in 2015 is still fresh in many people’s minds. Over 100 individuals lost their lives in the tragedy. It was a disaster that was entirely avoidable. It was also a disaster that was link to storage. The storage facility from which the explosion emanated had been storing hazardous materials. The legality of this is still being questioned today. We would like to take a moment to discuss the storing of hazardous materials. Here at Allstate Self-Storage, safety and security if of the utmost importance. We do not allow hazardous materials to be stored in our properties. Let’s look at what that includes

Flammable or Combustible Materials

Flammable or combustible materials are materials that could cause explosions or start fires. This could include everything from fireworks, to explosives, do chemicals. Keeping these in a storage unit puts everyone’s possessions at risk. Gasoline is another combustible material that could be dangerous to store. If you have any questions about what you are storing, it is always best to ask one of our passionate storage professionals.

Prohibition of Toxic Materials

As with flammable or combustible materials, toxic materials are highly dangerous. This could include a wide range of chemicals. Often, toxic materials can break down or degrade over time, giving of noxious or even potentially deadly gasses. Sometimes these gasses can be odorless, making them even more dangerous. The storage of toxic materials is absolute prohibited in all rental agreements.

Illegal Items

As a rule of thumb, if it is illegal to own, it is illegal to store. Illegal items should never be kept in a storage unit. Not only do they put you in danger, they put everyone else who rents nearby units in danger as well. It is always best to err on the side of caution, and to talk with an Allstate Self-Storage professional about any questions.

4 Storage Mistakes You MUST Avoid

We all make mistakes. It is part of being human. The important things is that we learn from our mistakes. Luckily for you, Allstate Self-Storage has been in the storage game for decades. We have seen more storage disaster than you could image. The things people do. We always look at these special moments as learning opportunities, and boy have we learned. In today’s blog, we are going to share with you 4 storage mistakes you MUST avoid.

1. Seal those boxes people

We have seen it happen a thousand times, someone packs a full box of kitchen utensils, bends down to lift it up, and the bottom falls out. Everything crashes to the floor. Things break. Tragedy ensues. Always seal the bottom of your boxes with packing tape to avoid this mistake.

2. Avoid messes and moisture

Most people don’t even realize they have made this mistake until it comes time to empty their storage unit and they find all their belongings in terrible condition. Clean everything before you store it. Make absolutely sure you have moisture that may have gathered on your possession as moisture will cause damage over time.

3. Plan your escape

This is usually the result of tunnel vision. Individuals get in the zone, they are moving box after box after box, just trying to get the job done quickly. Suddenly, they notice they have surrounded themselves with boxes in the storage unit and they have no way to get out! Make sure you leave in isle to move up and down when packing your storage unit. Plan your escape

4. Roll Solo

You might think it is macho, or cool, or maybe you are just a lone wolf type, but trying to moving into a storage unit on your own is always a mistake. Ask friends and family to help you. They won’t mind as long as you buy pizza and beer afterwards.

Valuable Items that Should be Protected

Simply put, some things are more valuable than others. No one would argue that a massive 5 carat diamond is less valuable than a stack of old newspapers. You want to treat things accordingly. When you are packing a storage unit, you want to consider taking extra special care of your more valuable items. Some items may need to be kept under very specific conditions to keep them in the best shape possible. In today’s blog, Allstate Self-Storage will be looking at some of the more valuable items people place in storage, and discuss some ways to keep them protected.

Comic Books

If you have been to the movies even once in the last ten years, you have probably noticed, comic books are now immensely popular. This has made old comic books, which were always somewhat valuable, ever more valuable than ever before. There is a catch here. For comic books to retain their value, they have to be kept in mint condition. Place each comic book in an individually sealed plastic wrap. Close it so that no air can get in. Now pack them in a sealable cardboard box. Avoid over packing it, you don’t want them to get crushed. Keep them in a climate controlled storage unit, and they will stay in mint condition for years to come.

Wooden Furniture

Quality wood furniture is not only beautiful, it is extremely valuable. If you are putting these pieces in storage, you want to make sure they stay in great condition. Like with comic books, plastic wrap will help. It will keep them from getting dusty and protect them from moisture. There are commercial sealants you can apply to your wooden furniture before you place them in storage which will ensure they stay in excellent condition.

Classic Storage Strategies

Have you ever talked to a wildly successful business man or politician? One thing they all have in common, on their road to success, they had a strategy. A strategy is essential if you would like to accomplish something amazing – like moving into a storage unit. Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, philosopher, and one of the finest strategists the world has ever seen. He is famous for saying, “if you know the enemy and know yourself you need no fear the results of a hundred battles.” We here at Allstate Self-Storage like to think of ourselves as the Sun Tzus of the self-storage world, and we would like to share some of our favorite strategies.

Start Heavy

This is an essential strategy for when you are moving and when you are packing your storage unit. You wat to start with the heaviest items. Often, the heaviest items are also the largest, which means you need to pack everything else around them. You will also get tired quickly moving large, heavy items, so you want to do this when you have the most energy. As for packing your storage unit, you need to keep all the heavy items at the bottom if you are stacking things. The last thing you want is to have heavy boxes crush or damage other items.

Numbers Matter

Sun Tzu was very familiar with this fact. There is no substitute for numbers. The fact is, 2 people work twice as fast as a single person. 4 people will work even faster than 2! However, there is a limit to this. If you enlist the aid of too many people, they could just end up getting in the way. An optimal number for a move into a storage unit is probably 4 people. Don’t forget to reward your friends for helping. Pizza is always a good options.

Considering Winter Storage

One thing we always say here at Allstate Self-Storage, one of the biggest benefits to renting a self-storage unit is that you have access to it every day of the year. That is right, you can get to your belongings 365 days a year without having to worry. This means you can move things in and out of your storage unit at your leisure. This makes self-storage facilities perfect for seasonal storage. You can rotate what you are keeping in your storage unit based on whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. Today, we are going to be spending some time considering winter storage.

It’s not what you think!

When we said the phrase “winter storage” you probably thought about heavy winter coats packed away in the closet. This is actually the opposite idea. During the winter, you need your winter gear. This means you want it at home, not in your self-storage facility. What you will be storing during the winter though, is all of your summer gear. Your toys for playing at the lake? Put them in storage! Your jet ski? Put that in storage! Your light summer clothing? You will freeze to death wearing that, go put it in storage! Reduce the clutter around your home by putting unused seasonal items out of site, and somewhere they will be safe.

Consider Temperature Sensitivity

This is primarily a concern if you are not using a climate controlled facility. Even hear in Phoenix, winter temperatures can drop below 30 degrees. You should consider this when you are storing things for winter. If items are temperature sensitive, they might not be candidates for storage. If you are storing anything that contains water, it would be best to drain it before you put it away. The water could freeze and expand, causing damage.

4 Benefits of Self-Storage

To start off, we would like to say there are much more than 4 benefits when it comes to using a self-storage facility, but we here at Allstate Self-Storage want to discuss a few of our favorite points. Most people don’t spend more than a few moments of their life thinking about self-storage, but for the people at Allstate, frankly, it is almost all we think about. We know more about self-storage than almost anyone else in the world and we would like to share some of that knowledge with you today.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Did you know having clutter in your home has actually been shown to have a negative effect on your mental and emotional state? It is surprising, but true! Eliminating clutter can improve your daily life and help you feel better. But where do you put all that clutter? Why, in a self-storage unit, of course!

2. Protect Valuables

Putting valuable items in a secure, self-storage facility is the next best thing to putting them in a bank vault. If you have a large item, like an antique wardrobe, a self-storage facility might actually be your only option!

3. Peace of Mind

Sometimes you just have to put item in storage. Sure you could put them in a buddy’s basement, or you could throw them in that broken down storage shed in your backyard, but who knows what will happen to you possessions in these places. By keeping them in a quality self-storage facility, you know they will be safe and secure, you can rest easy having some peace of mind.

4. Save Money

In terms of cost per square foot, renting a storage unit with Allstate Self-Storage is one of the best values around. Keeping your valuable items in a well maintained self-storage facility is a much cheaper option than any other you may go with.

Keeping Yourself Safe When Moving

We have spent plenty of time here on the Allstate Self-Storage blog talking about all of the best ways to keep your possessions in excellent shape when you are moving and storing them. Today, we are going to discuss something a little different – keeping yourself safe when you are moving! Moving injuries are common and they can put you out of commission for an extended period of time. Don’t end up in traction, follow Allstate Self-Storage’s tips for staying safe while moving.

Avoiding Severe Back Injuries

Back injuries are frustrating, painful, and seem to linger for months at a time. These are the type of injurie you want to avoid at all cost. As always, when lifting heavy objects, you should be lifting with your legs and not your back. To do this, avoid bending your back when reaching down, rather, bend your knees and lower your legs. Lift in one smooth motion, avoiding jerking your back.

Avoiding Dehydration

If you are moving here in Arizona, especially during the summer, than dehydration is a major concern. You need to start properly hydrating the day before your more. Drink plenty of water and electrolytes. Stay out of the sun as much as possible. If at any point during the move you start feeling lightheaded or dizzy, sit down and take a break. Sip some cool water, and wait 30-40 minutes before getting back to work. Dehydration is a serious matter and should be treated as such.

Consider Proper Attire

Wearing the proper attire when moving will go a long ways towards keeping you safe. You want to wear sturdy, closed toe shoes. These will keep you from slipping and falling during the move and they will also protect your feet should something heavy or sharp fall on them.

Tips for Preventing Damage

If you are putting your valuable possessions in storage, it means you really care about them. You are putting them somewhere you knew they will be safe and secure. You want to keep you possession in the best condition possible. Keeping valuable belongs in a safe and secure self-storage facility, like those managed by Allstate Self-Storage is an excellent idea. However, there are additional steps you need to take to keep your belongings from being damaged, especially when you are moving them to and from the storage unit. Let’s look at our tips for preventing damage.

Identify Fragile Items and Label

Before you start hauling couches and beds out of your house, take an inventory of the small and fragile items you are going to be move. You want to keep these items accounted for at all times. Lay down a blanked in a corner of your home and place all your fragile items on top of it. Now pack them carefully into well-labeled cardboard boxes. Use bubble wrap to keep things from banging together and breaking.

Avoid Scratches and Dents on Furniture

If you are storing furniture, you are storing some big ticket items. You are also storing items that are difficult to move! This difficulty often results in furniture items getting banged up and scratched! It is hard to squeeze a large heavy couch out of the front door, let alone into a tight storage unit. To keep your furniture from getting damaged, enlist the help of your friends and family. Use a team of people for lifting and moving. Plan out your maneuvers ahead of time. You don’t want to get yourself into a sticky situation when you are holding a 400 pound refrigerator! Take your time and everything will get into the storage unit safe and sound.

3 Simple Storage tips

You want to get the most out of your storage unit. We here at Allstate Self Storage are prepared to help you out. We have put together a list of 3 simple storage tips which will go a long way towards making your life easier and helping you protect the items you have in storage. If you follow our 4 simple storage tips carefully, you will be well on your way to being an amazing storage unit owner!

1. Protect large, valuable items

Perhaps you are storage a large but very valuable piece of furniture. You want to keep it in the best condition possible. Before you move it, cover it entirely with protective bubble wrap. This will keep it from getting banged up and scratched during the move.

2. Worry about water

Again, this tip is designed to help you protect your valuable items. Even here in Phoenix, Arizona, if you are storing items for a long period of time, you may have to worry about mold and mildew. Make sure there is no water on any of the items that you are storing. If you are putting away a refrigerator or freezer, open the door to these items to let all moisture evaporate before storing. Mold and mildew could cause major damage to many items you may be placing in storage.

3. Consider temperature

Look carefully at the items you are placing in storage and ask yourself, would any of these things be damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures? If that answer is yes, consider storing them in a temperature controlled facility. This will protect your items from potential harm all year around.
If you have any other questions regarding your self-storage needs, please contact us here at Allstate Self-Storage, by calling our individual locations, or by visiting our website.

3 Prefect Storage Resolutions

Here at All States Self Storage, we are absolute storage fanatics. We manage and maintain so many storage facilities, it might blow your mind. We see thousands of people every year move in and out of storage units. That is a lot of boxes and furniture we have seen pass though out storage facilities over the years. In all this time, we would like to think we have learned a thing or two about storage. In this blog, we are excited to share with you our 3 perfect storage resolutions.

1. Resolve to improve organization

Improving organization has so many benefits, we almost done know how to start listing them all. If you improve your organizational techniques you will be able to fit more items in your storage unit. That is a big deal right there. If you can optimize your storage unit, you will be able to use the smallest unit possible. This means saving big money on your monthly bill.

2. Resolve to keep a detailed inventory

We have a few renters who have had their storage units for over twenty years! That is an extremely long time. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these individuals have forgotten what they are actually keeping in their storage units! To keep this from happening to you, keep a detailed inventory of what is contained inside your storage unit. List every item you put into a box. But that list somewhere safe where you can reference it when you need to.

3. Resolve to not store useless items

We know how hard it is to get rid of stuff. We see it every day. Unfortunately, we also see a lot of storage units that are full of things that people never need or see again. Don’t let this happen to you. When you are putting things in storage, look at each item individually and ask yourself, “will I really come looking for this again?”