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Organizational Strategies Every Homeowner Should Consider

Keeping a home clean and organized is one of the best ways to make full use of existing space. In fact, staying organized is one of the smartest ways to increase available space and reduce the chances of accidents or injury. Here are a few organizational strategies that every homeowner should consider. For example, two of the most important beginning strategies when organizing a home is to start in one place and allow adequate time.

Clean A Home Prior To Beginning The Organization Process

Sometimes organizing a house can be overwhelming and that is why it is important to start with one room and then systematically progress through each room. In terms of allowing plenty of time it is best not to rush. It is a proven fact that it is impossible to organize a house or series of rooms overnight. Take the time to stay organized and plan accordingly so that your organizational efforts are always a success. Next, it is recommended to thoroughly clean a home prior to beginning the organization process. Throwing away items that are no longer being used and setting up a garage sale is often a smart first step in organizing any house.

Taking Inventory And Categorizing All Items

In addition, taking inventory of existing items can make the entire organizational process much easier. This is another case were going through each room one by one and taking inventory and categorizing all items is recommended. In addition, finding wasted space or space that is not being used is a great way to improve organizational functionality in a home. Space underneath beds or over doors provides for excellent areas were items can be stored.

Using Storage Options That Have Wheels

Finally, maximizing all vertical space in a home is a smart way to improve efficiency. Going vertical with shelves or other types of storage units can greatly maximize the available space in a home. As an added note, it is always a good idea to store items that will be used less frequently on higher shelves or in areas closer to the ceiling. Other ideas include using storage options that have wheels. This provides for greater flexibility and can greatly reduce clutter. This is especially true with regard to craft rooms and other similar types of spaces. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to explore your options with regard to Phoenix storage units.

Taking Advantage Of Self-Storage When Preparing To Sell A Home

More people than ever before are deciding to sell their home for one reason or another. This is especially true with regard to families where children have grown up and moved away. Many older adults are choosing to downsize and sell a larger home as a way to save money and reduce maintenance and upkeep. When this is indeed the case it is best to consider storing items in a storage facility.

Following Through By Giving Away

The process is simple in this regard and only requires making a detailed list of all items that will be stored for the long term. Prior to listing a house for sale on the open market it is recommended to go through each room in the house and itemized items that will be given away, sold or stored. Taking a complete inventory of all items prior to listing a home for sale is typically the best option. Once this is been accomplished it is then simply a matter of following through by giving away, selling and storing items as desired.

Garage Sale

Each room should have a dedicated pile or section where items can be put into one of the three categories. Items that will be given away will be in one corner while items that will be sold at a garage sale will be placed in another corner and items that will be stored will have their own dedicated area or pile. Once all these steps have been accomplished it is simply than a matter of first giving away all items that you no longer intend to keep. Friends, family and neighbors will all appreciate receiving items that you are no longer using.

Transporting Or Transferring Items

Next it is simply a matter of organizing a garage sale or simply listing items for sale on the Internet. Resources such as Craigslist offer the opportunity to sell items without bearing any additional cost. After all this has been accomplished it is then only a matter of arranging for the right sized storage unit. Finally, transporting or transferring items to a storage facility is the final step in the process. As an added bonus, most realtors agree that a home that is not over cluttered has a much better chance of selling on the open market. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for self-storage in Arizona.

Self-Storage Solutions For Students

More people today than ever before returning back to school or beginning school for the first time. That said there are some great advantages to making full use of modern storage units. For example, those entering the college environment for the first time will find the dorm rooms are incredibly small and limited in space. One of the best ways for college students to increase their available space is to take advantage of a modern storage unit.

The Perfect Carryover For Items Being Sent From Home

Everything from an overflow of books to clothing and sporting equipment can easily be stored in a storage unit when space is of a premium in a dormitory. Parents sending their children to college for the first time will find that a storage unit provides for the perfect carryover for items being sent from home. This is especially true with regard to students who are going to school out-of-state. In fact, a storage unit is an indispensable resource and tool for students as they progress through four years of college.

Maintain Better Organization By Simply Using A Storage Unit

Another great advantage of using a storage unit while in college is that valuable and delicate items will typically be far safer in a storage unit than they would be in a common dormitory. Equally important to consider is that of organization. College students can maintain better organization by simply using a storage unit. College can be a hectic and confusing time for those earning an education. A storage unit is the perfect way to better manage existing space. With so much to offer it is clear to see why more college students than ever before are taking advantage of self-storage.

Students Throughout Arizona Have Many Choices

Even something as simple as storing a bicycle can be far easier when self-storage is involved. While students throughout Arizona have many choices when it comes to storage facilities, one company has outpaced the competition year after year. Allstate Self-Storage is a trusted and reliable source for the best in self-storage units. The company has a proven track record when it comes to secure storage units that are clean, safe and reliable. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today is a way to learn more about Arizona self-storage options for students.

Effective Tool Storage Options For Homeowners

Many people today tend to accumulate a large quantity of tools. From power tools to hand tools and tools needed for landscaping, in some instances a collection of tools can overwhelm a typical residential space. Tools can accumulate in the garage, attic or even in the basement. One of the best ways to handle an overflow of tools is to simply consider making full use of a modern storage unit.

Dedicated Customer Service And Friendly Representatives

While there are many choices when it comes to quality storage units available in the greater Arizona area, one company has outpaced the competition year after year. Allstate Self Storage is a trusted and dependable source for the best in Arizona self-storage. The company is dedicated to quality customer service and has earned the trust and respect of the community over the years. Homeowners looking for ways to consolidate tools and power equipment need look no further than the professionals of Allstate Self Storage. With dedicated customer service and friendly representatives, few other storage facilities in the region can compare.

Protecting Tools Over The Long Term

In many instances, those who make a living using tools also find that a storage unit is a smart investment. Protecting tools over the long term is a great way to save money and protect valuable resources that are used by professionals who make a living with tools. Most importantly, tools that are stored in a storage unit are protected and in many cases safer than they would be in a home garage. In addition, dangerous tools that could injure or hurt children or pets are kept out of sight and away from the home.

Storing Tools In A Modern Storage Facility

With so many benefits it is easy to see why more people than ever before are turning to storage units as a way to better manage tools and equipment. From rakes and shovels to hand tools and skill saws as well as lawnmowers and ladders, the possibilities are endless when it comes to storing tools in a modern storage facility. Effective tool storage options for homeowners are widely available thanks to today’s modern storage facilities. These facilities are safe, secure and monitored ensuring the highest levels of safety and security. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Arizona storage units that are affordable and reliable.

Storing Your Way To Better Organization

Staying more organized and keeping your home looking great can be as simple as taking full advantage of all that modern self-storage has to offer. In many instances homeowners allow clutter to accumulate over the years. This is especially true with regard to those who have lived in the same house for several decades. One of the best ways to regain control of a garage, basement or attic or all of the above is to incorporate the use of self-storage.

Landscaping Equipment And Antique Furniture

For example, taking the time to inventory all items in a home and make an organized list is the first step in regaining control of your current environment. When all items have been catalogued, itemized and listed it is then easy to determine what must be sold, given away or stored for the long-term or short-term. From sporting equipment to landscaping equipment and antique furniture, the possibilities are endless with regard to what can be transferred into storage. Best of all, today’s modern self storage units are safe, secure and affordable.

Garage Sale Phase Of Organization

Planning this type of activity during the spring or summer months is often the best option. This is simply due to the fact that a garage sale or series of garage sales can be organized and planned as a way to eliminate clutter. Items that are not sold or eliminated during the garage sale phase of organization can then be given away to charity. Even talking with friends, neighbors and family members can be a great way to give away items that are no longer being used. With recycling becoming ever more popular it is also a good idea to recycle scrap metal and other items that are no longer being used.

Consumers Have Many Choices And Options

Finally, once all items have been given away and sold it is than simply a matter of transporting all remaining items on your list to a storage facility. Staying organized and improving overall living conditions in a typical living environment has never been easier. Self-storage is secure and reliable and offers homeowners alternatives that were not available in the past. While consumers have many choices and options when it comes to self-storage, one company has outpaced the competition year after year. Allstate Self Storage is a trusted and respected source for the best in Arizona storage opportunities.

The Benefits Of Packing Away Unused Sporting Equipment

Everyone enjoys participating in sports, whether it is during the summer or during the winter. However, a growing number of people across the country are discovering that sporting goods and sporting equipment tend to clutter a home over time. One of the best ways to deal with this type of problem is to simply consider the use of a storage facility unit. In many cases, storing sporting goods is a cost-effective way of improving organization around the home.

Better Manage Sporting Goods And Sporting Equipment

From hockey sticks to golf clubs and a wide variety of outdoor gear as well as hunting equipment and fishing equipment, there are many types of sporting goods and sporting equipment they can easily clutter a garage, closet, basement or attic. Taking full advantage of all that self-storage has to offer is one of the best ways to better-manage sporting goods and sporting equipment through various seasons. One smart and effective way to make the most out of a storage unit is to cycle sporting equipment in and out of storage based on time of the year.

Variety Of Outdoor Sporting Events

This simply means that winter sporting equipment such as snow skis can be stored during the summer. Once winter arrives it is simply then just a matter of swapping out winter gear with the storing of summer gear. This is a great way to get double use out of a typical storage unit. It also frees up valuable space around the home including in the garage, in the basement and in the attic. More people than ever before are participating in a wide variety of outdoor sporting events and activities.

Clutter And Disorganization Are Major Problems

This is all the more reason to take full advantage of today’s modern storage unit facilities. When clutter and disorganization are a major problem, it is best to consider using self-storage. Families with children will also find that the self-storage option is a smart way to make better use of existing space. This is especially true with regard to those wishing to avoid having to purchase a larger home. In short, a storage unit is a cost-effective way to ultimately save a considerable amount of money over the long term. Contact Allstate Self Storage today as a way to learn more about storage units in Arizona.

Taking Your Home Craft Room To The Next Level

Perhaps one of the most popular trends in recent times has been that of homemakers getting involved in crafts and even scrapbooking. That said there are some important and effective ways of improving the effectiveness of a modern craft room in a typical family home. For example, making full use of a storage unit is a smart way for homeowners to better utilize existing space in a household, especially where a craft room is concerned.

Secure And In Many Cases Environmentally Controlled

For example, many enthusiasts who genuinely enjoy being fully involved in a wide variety of crafts and scrapbooking often accumulate large amounts of craft supplies. When this happens, there is frequently overflow into other areas of the home. This includes craft supplies accumulating in a basement, attic or even a garage. A better option, most would agree, is to simply make use of a storage unit. Storage units are safe, secure and in many situations environmentally controlled. This is a great way to protect craft supplies so that they are available at a later time.

Even Furniture Associated With A Craft Room Can Be Stored

Best of all, today’s modern storage facilities are secure, safe and reliable. Taking a craft room to the next level simply means gaining access to valuable additional storage space in a storage facility. Even furniture associated with a craft room can be stored temporarily as required to make more room in a typical house. In many instances, homeowners use a spare bedroom as a craft room. When guests are expected this is the perfect time to transfer items from a craft room into storage to make room for guests.

One Company Has Delivered On Its Promises Year After Year

From scrapbooking to children’s crafts and painting supplies as well as many other similar activities, self-storage simply makes smart sense today. While the residents of Arizona have many choices when it comes to storage solutions, one company has delivered on its promises year after year. Allstate Self-Storage provides friendly, reliable and secure storage for the residents of Arizona. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to explore your options when it comes to storing crafts in Arizona.

Keeping Antique Furniture Safe Year Round

One of the best ways to keep antique furniture safe around is to consider incorporating the use of a self-storage unit. A growing number of people who enjoy collecting antique furniture are taking full advantage of storage units. There are a number of reasons why the trend has been to use storage units with regard to protecting antique furniture. For example, when antique furniture is stored in a storage unit it is less likely to be stolen or damaged.

Good Sense When Dealing With Expensive Antique Furniture

As the rate of crime increases across the country homeowners have seen an increase in theft of everything from antique furniture to power tools and power equipment as well as other valuables. In days gone by, thieves would typically look for cash, electronics and other similar items. Today times have changed and it seems that criminals have become more desperate. In fact, criminals are willing to steal everything from antique furniture to even linens or housewares. Because this is the case, a self-storage unit simply makes good sense when dealing with expensive antique furniture.

Everything From The Elements To Theft And Accidental Damage

Because antique furniture pieces can be very expensive and valuable it is sometimes best to store them in a location where they will not be disturbed or damaged. Self-storage offers the perfect option in this regard. When antique furniture is stored in a storage unit it is protected over the long term from everything from the elements to theft and accidental damage. Many families with children often prefer to store antiques in a storage unit for this very reason.

Homeowners Gain A Larger Return On A Typical Investment In Antiques

Finally, because antiques and antique furniture can actually increase in value over time it simply makes smart financial sense to consider taking full advantage of all that storage units makes possible. In the simplest of terms, a storage unit can protect a valuable investment and actually help homeowners gain a larger return on a typical investment in antiques. Smart and effective, a self-storage unit is one of the best ways to protect items that would otherwise not be protected adequately. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more about storing antiques in Arizona for the long term.

Why A Storage Unit Is Great For Business

Businesses today that operate on thin margins offer require the advantages that self-storage makes possible. From storing seasonal items to protecting valuables and storing business related documents, a self-storage unit is a smart way to improve overall business efficiency. Best of all, modern businesses can take full advantage of a storage unit in an affordable and reliable way. Today more than ever before, self-storage is cost effective, safe and secure for businesses.

Business Owners Can Actually Save A Substantial Amount Of Money

Business owners who are looking to improve productivity often find a storage unit is the best option. Many experts have shown that a cluttered work environment and a business that is overcrowded will experience reduced productivity and profitability. One of the best ways to approach this situation is to simply make full use of today’s modern self-storage. Best of all, business owners can actually save a substantial amount of money by using a storage unit. This is simply due to the fact that a business can avoid having to purchase additional office or manufacturing space.

Generate A Tremendous Amount Of Documents Over A Period Of Time

From retail outlets to law firms and even medical facilities, there are many applications for a storage unit that must be considered. For example, a typical law firm will generate a tremendous amount of documents over a period of time. The law requires that law firms maintain documents for a specific period of time. One of the best ways for a law firm to handle this requirement is to simply secure a storage unit. Retail outlets often find that seasonal products can be stored in a storage unit to improve overall retail productivity. Items can be stored for one season and then returned to a store when needed again.

Storage Facilities Are A Smart Option For Modern Businesses

In addition, industrial plants and manufacturing plants can store unused equipment and supplies in a storage unit. Staying organized, disciplined and tidy is one of the best ways to keep a business profitable. Businesses concerned with bottom-line performance are increasingly turning to storage units as a way to take full advantage of this important resource. With outstanding security and convenience, storage facilities are a smart option for modern businesses. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to learn more about commercial storage options in the greater Arizona area.

Understanding Simple Rules Associated With Organizing A Home

Today more than ever before, people are looking for ways to increase organizational functionality in a residential home. That said, there are some simple and easy rules that are worth considering when attempting the organization of a typical household environment. For example, the three primary rules associated with organization in general include flexibility, visibility and accessibility. To truly be organized requires utilizing all three of these important factors. Even leaving out one of these important elements of organization can result in a disorganized and poorly planned home environment.


Visibility simply means making full use of what is available in terms of container resources. Fortunately, it is easy and affordable to gain access to modern containers that are either transparent or easy to identify. These items can be found at most big-box stores and can greatly enhance organizational functionality around the typical home. When the idea of visibility is embraced when it comes to organizing a house, homeowners will find that they are spending less time searching for items and more time staying organized.


Choosing carefully when it comes to a storage system simply means incorporating a system that will change with your changing needs. A storage system that adapts as your needs change can make storage and organization easier and more disciplined. Reusing a storage solution or reconfiguring a storage solution to solve a wide variety of storage related problems and organizational problems is always the best option. Staying flexible in this regard can greatly enhance the overall look and appeal of a home and make it more inviting.


When visibility and flexibility are combined with accessibility the end result is a well organized home that is appealing, inviting and livable. Homeowners should ensure that the items that they need most often are easy to access and easily available. In truth, visibility, flexibility and accessibility should all be combined to work in concert In order to produce a well-organized home environment. Placing items that are not used frequently on higher shelves and other out of the way areas while storing items that are used frequently in places that are easy to reach can work wonders in terms of organizational planning. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for Arizona storage unit solutions that are affordable, reliable and secure.