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Packing and Storing 101

Everywhere we are faced with obstacles that can only be accomplished with art. Indeed, the art of packing is in fact and art and one that needs attention. Sure, it’s not the same as learning mathematics, writing, music, or some other highly intellectual art. But, one can vanquish there storage unit with the right strategy and the right method.

Think Ahead

Like a good Chess master who always has a plan at least five moves ahead, one who’s a proficient packer will think at least four or five boxes deep. Keep in mind what items you will need easy access to and which items can hide in the dark corners of your storage unit. Moreover, a smart packer utilizes hooks to work for their advantage. Long story short, plan ahead, and don’t just throw boxes around aimlessly.

Paper or Plastic?

Avoid using paper whenever packing boxes. It is more prone to rip and thus cause damage to your valuables. Plastic boxes are a bit more expensive but far more durable. What’s more plastic boxes are transparent so you can see the contents of your boxes.

Label for Success

Lastly, organization is everything, or so they said in grade school. When you pack your boxes you want to make sure that everything is labeled appropriately so you can quickly retrieve boxes from your storage unit.

Why Is Self-Storage So Good?

Allstate Self-Storage provides the safest storage units in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Allstate Self-Storage has eight locations: 16thst, Thunderbird, Bell rd., Glendate, Cave Creek, Tempe, and San Tan Valley. Self-Storage is the perfect opportunity to free up some space and provide a level of security that an office or home cannot.

Better than Storing in the Office or Home

Allstate Self-Storage is proud to provide storage to a multitude of different businesses in the Phoenix, Arizona area: plumbers, pool guys, painters, ect. Self-Storage is perfect for that small business owner with only a handful of employees and too small of a budget to purchase a warehouse. Store your surplus inventory with us and keep your garage equipped with all of the necessities.

Superior to the Garage

Storing your valuables in the garage comes accompanied with many shortcomings. First, the garage as a self-storage unit will result in clutter. You may not even be able to access the home. Secondly, storing your belongings in the garage leaves them prone to theft. Guests, your kids, or a disgruntled ex are all potential perpetrators of theft.

Consult the Best

Reach out to us today and see what we can do for you. Allstate Self-Storage provides the safest, most affordable, and efficiency self-storage units in the valley. Store your stuff today!

Store Electronics Safely

In this rapidly evolving digital age it is important to replace electronics before they become obsolete. Amidst the arms race to accumulate the latest and greatest in technology, one will no doubt develop a stockpile of obsolete electronics. One never knows when they will need to use that old flat screen T.V. again (it could be a gift to your child when the move away to college). Thus, Self-storage is highly recommended in the digital age.

Savings, Savings, Savings

Many argue that storage units are a superfluous expense. A garage usually suffices to store your valuables. But this is untenable. Follow my imagination for a moment. An unscrupulous man down on his look notices a few extra TV’s stored in your garage. As a result he plans a heist. He intends to infiltrate your garage through the side door at night when everyone is sleeping. But, amidst his ingenious scheme you awake and hear noise in the garage. You grab your gun and hit the garage ready to fire. You see a stranger in the garage and shoot. The man is slain and now you have a world of troubles on your plate. But this could have all been avoided by opting for Self-Storage.

Reach out Today

At Allstate Self-Storage we offer round the clock surveillance of our premises and provide storage space in all shapes and sizes. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

Storing Music Instruments

Turn it up to 11 with Allstate Self Storage. If a thief ever enters your home, God forbid, then the first thing he will go for is your musical instruments. However, if you were to store the instruments you seldom use in self-storage theft could be averted entirely. What’s more self-storage protects against excessive moisture. Our climate controlled self-storage units are the perfect climate for storing your guitar.

Tips for Storing Acoustic Guitars

First and foremost make sure that you store your acoustic guitar in a climate controlled storage unit. Secondly, your guitar is polished and cleaned in order to preserve your protective wax or wood. Thirdly, store your acoustic guitar in a plush-lined hard case in order to protect against any accident that may occur when dropping off or retrieving your musical instrument. It’s not necessary to detune your guitar before storage. All decent guitars are built to hold the tension of the strings for an extended period of time.

Electrical Guitars

Always clean your guitars thoroughly, first and foremost. Use an air duster if necessary. Secondly, make sure that you place a small pack of silica in the case to help eliminate any moisture that might form in your self-storage unit.

Call the Pros

When it comes to self-storage you want to leave your valuables in good hands. At Allstate Self-storage we hire security guards around the clock to help monitor your belongings and we provide the highest quality customer service and care.

Retiree’s Downsize with Self Storage Units

After the kids leave the nest, and one says farewell to their vocation, many people consider the option of downsizing. “But, what will I do with all my extra stuff?” one might ask. Well, we have a solution for you here at Allstate Self Storage, and of course it’s Self Storage.

Why Downsize?

Like most things in life the answer is simple, money. Downsizing will decreases your cost of living and give you financial freedom to travel the world and be there for your children. What’s more, less home maintenance is required when dealing with a downsized home. Lastly, downsizing to a new home symbolizes a new chapter in life. You are moving on to something new.

Tips for Downsize Storage

First and foremost sort your stuff. What will you need? What won’t you need? The former will remain in the domicile the latter will take up residency in self-storage. But, make sure you organize your belongings in such a way that quick retrieval is easy. Self-storage is not saying good bye forever to your valuables.

Master Lists

Last but certainly not least, but it is highly recommended to create a master list to allow for quick retrieval. You don’t want to lose track of your belongings, and a master list will surely prevent against this.

Comic Con and Self-Storage

Every year, comic book enthusiasts get together, dress up, and blow off steam while bonding over the common love for wands, wizards, superheroes, and science fiction. Indeed, Comic Con enthusiast probably have a few boxes of comics or costumes they would prefer to store away from the home (otherwise they risk health). Well my friends, look no further, Allstate Self Storage has you covered.

Comic Book Storage

The ideal location to stow away that comic collection of yours is somewhere in a dark room with a cool temperature and low humidity. Just throw those comic books in a box and stack, stack, stack, and viola, your comic books are now safe. Bags will not suffice because they tend to leave your comic books prone to damage.


Before storing your costumes make sure you take the proper wash and care precaution. All items ought to be completely dry before storing them in self-storage. Costume permeated by moisture may develop mold or mildew. But a climate controlled storage unit will no doubt protect against this. Also, feel free to utilize the hooks and racks included in our self-storage units to hang your costumes. Just make sure you provide your own hangers.

Action Figures

We know that comic con goers hold their action figures to the highest esteem. Remaining ever vigilant about the environment you leave your action figures in is the surest way to ensure security. It is also highly recommended that action figures are encased in a plastic bag to protect against moisture damage.