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A Satellite Wine Cellar

Nowadays, satellite options are all the rage. Big companies are all about setting up satellite offices, satellite warehouse, or satellite manufacturing plants to evade regulations and increase profits. But a new trend in satellite operations is occurring, albeit on a much smaller scale. People without a wine cellar in their own home, or without enough space to store their entire inventory, should seriously consider a self-storage unit tailored to store their vino.

Options for Wine Storage

The smallest wine cellar offered by self-storage companies weighs in at 3×4 feet. This unit can store up to 25 cases of wine, comfortably. One might argue why not store those 25 cases in your own home. Basically, wine self-storage offers the unique advantage of impregnable security, and perfect climate control for your valuables. The most advanced wine storage units function precisely at 55 degrees. If you were to try and store those cases of wine in your garage, the sweltering heat of the valley would surely deteriorate your stock of precious fermented grapes.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of using self-storage is keeping unwanted visitors out. It is not uncommon for a friend or an oblivious relative to stumble into the wine cellar and drain an expensive bottle of wine. It’s easy to confuse the good stuff from the bad stuff, and after a few cocktails it’s highly probable.

Call Allstate Today

If you are interested in securing a wine cellar to keep your precious vino safe, then reach out to us at Allstate Self-Storage. We are more than eager to assist you with your self-storage needs. For more information, click here.

On the Nature of Boxing

In this case, boxing is not strapping the gloves on and squaring up to see who the better man is. No, boxing in this case means storing your valuables and belongings efficiently and effectively. Although the art of boxing in question is not as endearing as a slug fest, it is nevertheless equally as important. For without properly packed boxes the entire storage operation can fall to the wayside.

The Eiffel Tower

When it comes to stacking boxes, the principles of proper architecture can be derived by taking a glimpse at the Eiffel tower. Notice how the impressive structure starts thick and heavy at the base and then builds to its apex on a solid foundation. Indeed, when Steven Sauvestre engineered the Eiffel tower he had this principal in mind. At Allstate Self-Storage we encourage all our customers to do the same.

Paper or Plastic

This is an essential question that most reasonable people should asses. Paper boxes are cheaper and more readily available, but plastic boxes are less prone to tearing and breaking. A sturdy plastic box should be able to handle around 80lbs, whereas a paper box can only handle 30lbs safely. When dealing with paper, however, the most important thing is to avoid overloading the box. We encourage all our customers to take the utmost care when selecting the right box for your belongings. Something precious may require plastic, something superfluous may require cardboard.

Labeling for Success

By labelling you boxes you are setting yourself up for success. After the arduous task of moving, it will be easy to forget where you placed your boxes and what you placed inside them. Simply using a bit of masking tape along with a sharpie will surely solve this issue. The little things make all the difference when it comes to packing.

Assessing the Size of your Future Self-Storage Unit

Finding out the correct size for storage space can be a difficult process, but at All State Self-Storage, our sales representatives are more than equipped to meet your unique storage needs. For those who naturally seek knowledge and want reassurance that they are making the correct purchase, then this website will certainly help. It will grant you a size estimate based on the contents of your storage units.

Different Sizes

Although the link above will suffice for assessing your self-storage needs, following are some estimated storage sizes: 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’, 10’x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’x 15’, 10’ x 20’ and 10 x 30’. To calculate the area of the storage space simply multiply the two integer’s together. Most storage spaces are around the size of 5’x 10’, but some larger spaces reach the size of 10 x 30.

A tip for Estimating

In order to gauge just how big each unit is, measuring rooms in your own house is a good place to start. Your typical master bedroom is around 200 square feet, and your typical closet is somewhere in the 5’ x 5’ range.

Stop on by!

When in doubt, come by and give us a shout. We are more than eager to assist with your self-storage needs. One of the many benefits self-storage offers that your garage does not is round the clock supervision by a qualified, professional, security guard. What’s more, all our units are climate controlled. This will ensure that moths and other deleterious assailants are forbidden from eroding your belongings and valuables.

Self-Storage and its many Advantages for Small Businesses

This may at first sound strange. Sure, when one imagines their dream business it does not involve running an operation with a van and a self-storage unit. But frankly, it beats running a business with just a van and a garage. Self-storage offers the unique advantage of extremely low overhead, and safe effective storage. Small business owners can expect to pay around $0.75 to $1.50 a square foot. Also, you can sign month to month contracts to avoid being locked into a deal in the event that expansion takes place.

Using Self-Storage for Office Space

Although one might expect for self-storage to be used for the service industry like plumbing, or landscaping, typical offices can also utilize self-storage. For instance, if you’re running a sales office it is inevitable that you will have extra-phones, PC monitors, and internet routers laying around. Leaving those in the office is just asking for internal theft. By utilizing self-storage, one can completely deter the phenomenon from occurring. All of our self-storage units are guarded round the clock by security guards, and in areas patrolled regularly by the police.

Some Things to Consider

First off, check with your self-storage provider to make sure that they are comfortable meeting your business’s needs. If you’re a pool guy looking to stock your inventory of chlorine, then it’s important to check with your self-storage company to make sure its ok. Secondly, you want to make sure that your self-storage provider is equipped to meet your needs. Consider whether or not 24 hour access is required. Consider, the value of the inventory you’re storing and secure storage insurance if necessary. For any more questions reach out to us at Allstate Self-Storage.

Vinyl Storage Safety

If you browse E-bay with the search tag, “Elvis Vinyl’s” you will be fascinated by the dollar amount of useless Vinyl records sell for. Let’s face it, no one really needs vinyls. Cd’s and MP3’s have completely replaced the need for Vinyl’s. But, they have now become a work of art. An original Elvis record has become something like an early Picasso. Well, maybe not that great, but selling Vinyl records can be an extremely lucrative an exciting endeavor. Those individuals sitting on a stockpile of vinyl records should seriously consider self-storage.

The Virtue of Climate Control

Climate control will ensure that your vinyl records are kept dry and free from moisture. This will no doubt increase the lifespan of the records. When you leave vinyl records in the attic they will be especially prone to erosion, deterioration, and eventually a decrease in value. It is always best to store your records in the attic, otherwise you risk losing the record forever.

Self-Storage as Theft Protection

Another virtue of self-storage is the protection it provides against theft. Leaving your vinyl in the attic is just inviting the box to be taken. People may think the vinyls are useless or the vinyl heist will go unnoticed. And this is not untrue. But, storing your vinyls in self-storage will ensure that the boxes will remain safe, sound, and unnoticed by uninvited guests.


This is tangential to storage, but essential for selling old vinyl records. Keep the original sleeve. Just like an action figure that loses its value because it’s been removed from the original box, so it is the same with vinyl records. If you have the plastic wrap on, well my friend, even better!

Keeping your Belongings Safe while on an Adventure

Life sometimes pulls you towards adventure, away from your valuables and belongings. Leave your belongings vulnerable can be a difficult endeavor, but the anxiety can be ameliorated by option for sweet, sound, secure storage. It will grant you peace of mind. So whether you are called away for military duty, a job oversees, or just struck by the lust to wander, it is important to rest easy knowing your most treasured treasures are safe.

Error on the Side of Aggressiveness

This advice is usually offered to telemarketers by their managers. But, when it comes to stowing away belongings for a long trip, this valuable advice also applies. Always overcompensate when choosing to store your belongings. Sometimes, your adventure may be extended longer than expected. In the event that this takes place, you don’t want to scramble to extend your contract—long distance phone bills are never fun. So in summation, you are always better off overextending yourself on a self-storage contract.

Pack Effectively

Everyone thinks they can write; everyone thinks they can sing; and everyone thinks they know how to pack. But the blazing truth is all of these are an art. With regards to the latter it is essential that the utmost precaution is taken when packing your boxes. There are two elements indispensable when dealing with packing: planning ahead and using logic. You want the most important boxes stored in safe, easy to reach places. What’s more, you want to avoid excessive clutter. If your self-storage unit looks like the room of Jeff Spicoli, then you are surely erring.

Consult the Pros

When it comes to self-storage you need a provider you can trust. Not all storage spaces are created equal. If you’d like to learn more about Allstates Self-storage click here.

Using Self-Storage as a Library Reserve

Although most people nowadays have little use for books, there’re a few people in this world who still enjoy reading. Some people even own books. For those unique individuals who would prefer to stare at paper with ink rather than a bright, blinding computer screen, self-storage may come in handy when your inventory of books becomes too large.

The Virtues of Using Self-Storage for Books

A climate controlled, self-storage unit, is perfect for keeping your books pages preserved. If you were to store books in the garage, you risk moisture accumulation, and this results in the formation of mold on the pages of a book. Of course, you can always donate your books to charity, but you never know when you’ll have another chunk of time allotted for tearing through the pages of Moby Dick or Ulysses.

Packing Books

When packing books, it’s important to keep moisture out. This will no doubt cause the formation of mold, the erosion of the books binding, or even worse, the infiltration of moths to the storage unit. Next, you want to use some common sense when packing boxes. Put all the heavier books at the bottom and stack your way up from there. Furthermore, always prioritize when packing. Pack the books your most likely to need in easy to reach places. That means your copy of the History of the Tribes of Africa or the An Account of 18th century Italy can be buried beneath your copy of The Collected Works of John Keats or William Blake.

Keep a Positive Attitude

What’s most important is to keep a positive attitude when packing. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to go wrong when storing your old library away in self-storage. To learn more about self-storage options click here.

Why College Kids Should Consider Self-Storage

College kids ever year are forced to pack and re-pack their belongings. But what they ought to know is that this can be avoided. Instead of lugging home your stuff every year, and then lugging it back when the semester begins, why not consider self-storage? Self-storage is the perfect solution for evading the pesky task of moving your belongings every year.

The Many Advantages of Self-Storage for College Kids

College kids ought to consider self-storage if they plan to study abroad. Usually, when students study abroad, the endeavor may only last a semester. If this is the case, it makes little sense to cart your belongings all the way home, or leave them unguarded with a roommate. Indeed, the major advantage of self-storage is that it keeps college kids nimble. And let’s face it, when your young, things can change in the wink of an eye.

After Schools Out

Graduating college is bittersweet. Finally, no more learning about Shakespeare from an old coot. You can get out in the wide world and start making a name for yourself and a story. At the same time, graduating college is saying goodbye to a blissful, carefree existence. But some of the stress associated with establishing yourself as a real person can be mitigated by self-storage. Indeed, life is full of twists and turns, especially right out of school. Why waste your time hauling your valuables everywhere you go. And thus, it makes complete sense for college students to seriously consider self-storage.

Self-Storage Organization 101

When it comes to storage, utility is everything. A properly packed storage unit is like a great game of Chess. Every move is carefully calculated several moves in advance; all the pieces function together in unison. A perfect job packing is no doubt a check mate against another master.

Stacking Boxes Properly

When it comes to stacking boxes, there’s one simple rule to follow: Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. This will ensure that the boxes at the top of the stack remain unharmed from damage. Place your heavier boxes at the bottom so they can sustain the rest of the boxes weight. Also, you want to stack boxes with the most important belongings in easy to reach places. This is your best bet for easy access to your self-storage unit.

Avoiding the Clutter

Clutter in a self-storage unit is a dangerous road to walk down. When it comes time to reclaim your belongings, the additional clutter will make the process almost impossible. In the worst cases, we’ve seen self-storage units transform into a jungle of boxes. Also, make sure you keep the most important valuables in reach.

Furniture Storage

This goes alongside planning. Make sure you know where your major furniture units are going to be placed. Also, you want to remove the legs on your furniture before storage. This will help preserve the furniture and protect against the destruction of property.

What to Avoid when Storing

Sometimes, the best course of action is playing defense. When preparing for self-storage knowing the most common mistakes is the best way to ensure sound, safe storage. Below are some of the most common storage mistakes people make when preparing for self-storage.

Set Aside Time and Equip yourself with Adequate Resources

One of the most common mistakes in storage, and in life in general, is taking on more than you handle. The last think you want is a scenario where you have more boxes than you can handle. If you fail to acquire the proper amount of help, your entire moving operation may collapse. When it comes to moving, it’s always better to overcompensate.

Insure for Assurance

Any serious moving company will offer moving insurance. If you are crossing state lines, moving insurance will actually be necessary. But when faced with a local move, within the bounds of state lines, insurance is your best choice. Usually, you can expect to pay $50 dollars. But, if things go awry, it is worth every penny. Also, self-storage companies will offer insurance for your valuables.

The Key to Storing Valuables

When it comes to storing valuables, it is always best to be prepared. That means packing boxes with newspapers, bubble wrap, and other forms of insulation. Also, you want to make sure your boxes are dry. The easiest way to stymie a storage operation is to accidently pack something damp away. Double checking your work is the surest way to success. At Allstate Self-Storage we encourage all our customers to handle their valuables with the utmost diligence. If you’d like to learn more click here.