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Why Self-Storage is the Safest Option

Allstate Self-Storage provides safe storage units for the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Allstate Self-Storage has eight locations: Indian School rd., 16th st., Thunderbird, Bell rd., Glendale, Cave Creek, Tempe, and San Tan Valley. Self-Storage offers the chance to free up space, but it also provide a level of security that an office or home cannot.

Superior to Office Storage

Allstate Self-Storage is pleased to service a multitude of businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and so do storage spaces. Indeed, if you have storage needs, then Allstate Self-Storage has space. Often, our sales force will call upon a small business to offer storage space, to which the said business often replies: “we store our surplus inventory in a neglected closet in the office and pay nothing extra for it.” But what this retort fails to account for is that your neglected closet is highly vulnerable to theft. It’s a well-known fact that a majority of theft is perpetrated from within. Those extra computers stashed away in the broom closet are just asking to run away with an unscrupulous employee. It happens all the time.

Better than the Garage

Storing valuable items in the garage has many shortcomings. First, utilizing the garage as self-storage will inevitably result in clutter. Before you know it your garage will be packed to the brim, and that extra car you wanted to purchase will never have a home. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, valuables are not safe in the garage. Guests, kids, friends of kids, or perhaps a disgruntled ex are all potential perpetrators of storage larceny. If one has anything truly valuable stashed in their garage, or several moderately valuable items stacked to the point of clutter, then self-storage is the logical option. Our facilities employ a quality security team to make sure your valuables are safe. Prices are low, and the incentives are great. To argue otherwise would surely be an exercise in irrationality.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Any Arizonian that has traversed the 101 can attest to the fact that they’re a lot of storage facilities in Phoenix, Arizona. Some may think that all storage facilities are created equal, after all its just empty space. Proponents of this notion are mistaken. Choosing the wrong storage unit would be like choosing the wrong spouse. Before you know it, you’re paying out the wazoo for something that’s going to deprive you of what’s valuable. Don’t get caught up with an unreliable, and untrustworthy storage provider. Get in touch with the good guys at Allstate Self Storage for a long relationship of mutual benefit, protecting what’s important to you.

Assessing the Obvious

Just like it might be a bad idea to get involved with someone who pounds two bottles of wine at dinner, and then falls off the chair, it might be best to stay away from a storage unit with broken gates, a dusty facility, and a location in the worst area of town. Allstate Self Storage facilities are always maintained to the highest degree of care, executing repairs and regular cleaning as needed. Our storage facilities look great and they function as well as they look; indeed the only thing that exceeds their outer beauty is their inner beauty. In other words, we are reliable, trustworthy, and hard working.

Associate with the Employees

Another way to assess the quality of a storage facility is to mingle with the staff: security guards, managers, and administrators. If the staff seems sketchy, or volatile then you probably should find another storage provider. We treat our employees with care and respect at Allstate Self Storage, and consequently, they return the favor by taking care of our valued customers. Although we believe all men are created equal with certain unalienable rights, we do not believe this applies to storage facilities. Reach out to us for safe, secure, space.

Pay Online and Save Some Time

As the information age dawned, everything changed, including payment processes. Time can be melted away by simply logging on to a PC, inputting simple payment information, and securing a storage unit. Allstate Self Storage’s payment system is automated, allowing for monthly billing and the option to cease payment at the click of a button. Indeed, the times have changed. No longer is it necessary to engage a customer service rep in a tedious phone call, or take time out of your day to drive to a storage facility and discuss payment options with a facility manager.

No Deposit Required

Freeing up cash for a safety deposit is never a welcomed endeavor. Cash is king, and we know our customers would prefer to keep it readily available in case of an emergency or a lucrative investment opportunity. That is why Allstate Self Storage’s pay online system allows you to simply input credit card or bank information, and begin streaming payments unfettered by the ball and chain of a deposit. Those who are not tech savvy will have no problem setting up online payment for Allstate Self Storage. Our website is user-friendly, and guides your through the process of online payment, gently.

Safe and Secure Payments—Safe and Secure Storage

Our wire is safe and secure, free from cyber-attacks or hackers. Our team at Allstate works hard patrolling the web for any threat that may occur to our easy online payment system. And we also work hard patrolling our storage facility for any unscrupulous individual who wishes to make off with your valuables. In the world of storage, safety is the primary concern. We take it to heart that people trust us with their money and their valuables. Betraying that trust is something we will never do.

A Gigantic Wine Cellar

Some folks are fortunate enough to own a home equipped with a wine cellar that can house thousands of bottles of wine. Most homeowners, however, can only manage a wine cooler or a rack in the kitchen. This should not deter one from the art of wine collecting, which can be a rewarding, lucrative hobby. For over six years we have catered to wine connoisseurs, offering their wine a loving home at our storage facility.

Wine Storage Options

Allstate Self Storage offers storage space of all sizes, but wine collectors’ are usually satisfied by our smallest storage unit, weighing in at 3 x 4 feet. Such a unit has the capacity to store 25 cases of vino. One might argue that such a small space is easy to find, I could just store it in my house? Well, your house certainly can’t provide the same security and reliability that Allstate Self Storage can. Our advanced wine storage systems remain at the precise temperature of 55 degrees all year long. The sweltering heat of the desert is impervious to our climate control system which is supported by a backup generator in case of an emergency. Moreover, at home, your wine is at risk of theft. This is not an issue at Allstate Self Storage because our facility is monitored by a highly trained team of security experts. And moreover, there’s always the chance of a misunderstanding. A guest might stumble into the wine closet a few cocktails deep, and mistake that 77 vino from Italy for a 2014 Chardonnay from Fry’s. The small expense of a satellite wine cellar could spare you from losing that bottle and friend.

Wine not Store with Allstate?

Collectors of wine should seriously consider Allstate Self Storage to keep their wine cool and safe. Branching into the vineyard of wine storage is our newest innovation in storage solutions. Call Allstate today and toast away.

Self-Storage Protecting Fragile Valuables

Storing fragile items in the garage is obviously a bad idea. Foot traffic is inevitable, and shattering fragile boxes could occur at any moment. It is best to consider storing valuables in a climate controlled storage unit, patrolled by a professional security team. Storing your valuables or family heirlooms in a storage unit is the only surefire way to assure the protection of your precious items

What Self-Storage Offers

Besides uncluttered space to store your valuables, Allstate Self Storage provides impregnable storage sure to keep your valuables protected. Moreover, our storage space is impervious to the elements unlike the garage which is subject to leaks, or simple user errors such as leaving the garage door open. Moreover, burglars and thieves will be prohibited from walking off with your precious valuables; our storage units are protected by a highly trained team of security experts.

Climate Control

In the garage, mildew, mold, and dust are unfortunate realities. These substances can be hazardous to the safety and value of your fragile items. However, at AllState Self Storage we can assure that this will not be an issue. Our climate controlled storage units are impervious to moisture, humidity, rain, high temperature, temperatures, and just about anything except for a natural disaster—in that case the garage would also be susceptible.

Self-storage is gaining increasing popularity and momentum. People are beginning to wise up to the fact that the garage cannot keep your valuables safe. That neglected broom closet also cannot protect against calamity. Really the only logical choice is forking up the small amount of cash it takes to secure safe and reliable storage for you, your family, and your valuables. Call Allstate Self Storage today to service all of your storage needs.

Keeping Electronics Safely Stored

Electronics tend to become obsolete fast. Replacing the piece of equipment can become a necessity before you know it. But one never knows when they’ll need to use that old flat screen T.V. again, and storing it in the garage leaves it prone to theft or damage from careless guests or members of the family. If you have a few extra T.V.’s just lying around, then Allstate Self Storage ought to be considered.

Overall Saving

Some may argue that storage units are a superfluous expense, given that a garage usually suffices to store your valuables. However, this is almost entirely unfounded. Follow my imagination for a moment. You have a few extra T.V’s lying around in your garage that are almost too cheap to justify self-storage. The T.V’s completely slip to the back of your mind. But one day an unscrupulous wander notices them in your garage as you leave your garage carelessly open. He begins plotting his heist. A few nights later you hear a loud crash in the garage. Rushing to assess the situation, the burglar flees the premises with haste. You are hot on his tail until he trips on an uprooted branch in the front yard, and crashes face first into the concrete pavement. All of a sudden you have a potential law suit on your hand for no fault of your own. This however could have been avoided by contacting Allstate Storage and removing temptation from the thieves and burglars of the world.

Small Business Owners Beware

Many electronic stores are equipped with some sort of storage space. However, what this space lacks is security from an internal attack. In fact, employees are responsible for a majority of a company’s lost inventory. Why risk it? A business owner leaving inventory unguarded is just asking for one of his employees to pilfer from him, and consequently, lose revenue from the inventory and the unscrupulous employee departure.

Albuquerque Self Storage: Solution to Flexibility

Albuquerque Self Storage: Solution to Flexibility

In Albuquerque New Mexico, the business landscape is perpetually changing. Thus, adapting is key in today’s modern business world. At Albuquerque Self Storage we take pride in knowing that our affordable, reliable, storage solutions allow companies to be nimble.

Rather than lease additional office space to satisfy your storage needs, self-storage should be considered as a viable option for the sustainability of your company. First, short term commitment is key to remaining flexible in the business world. A monthly commitment is always better than a yearly commitment when dealing with storage. If things change in your market, feel free to cancel your storage expense, unfettering your company from the burden of excessive overhead. You will, however, have to collect your equipment on your own—a small price to pay.

Another fact about self-storage is the superior security it provides. Storing valuable items in a personal residence or at the office poses several risks. It is a known fact that most business theft is an internal threat, and thus, the office may not be the best place to store the surplus inventory of computers you recently purchased. If you store with Albuquerque Self Storage, you can be assured that your valuables will be safe from harm’s way. Another option is personal storage at home which we believe ought to be avoided at all costs. Burdening your home life with the irritation of clutter is bad for your health, and can even be considered a threat to your happiness. Moreover, items are not usually safe at home. The dog, the kids, and guests, have been known to stumble upon seemingly useless items and discard them. This will no doubt create tension in the household. But the scenario can be avoided by acquiring the services of Albuquerque Self Storage, a company you can trust.

Appliance Storage

Whether you’re a laundry mat hoping to place a few old machines in the hopper, or a homeowner saving an old washer machine for a future house, Allstate Self-Storage is an ideal spot to store your appliances. Rest assured that your laundry machine, dryer, refrigerator, or oven is safe and secure.

An Overlooked Storage Space

So you just removed all your appliances from that rental house you flipped and sold. You load up the U-Haul with the appliances and then start loading the boxes. It becomes apparent that there are more boxes than space available. And yet, the space you need is within your grasp. Where is it? Try this…open the door to that refrigerator and toss a couple boxes in there. This same technique can be utilized with the dryer, microwave or even the oven. If you failed to realize this, please don’t be discouraged. We at AllState Self storage are professionals.

A Fatal Mistake in Appliance Storage

Generally, storing appliances is safe and easy, posing almost no obstacles. However, there is a substance that can drown an entire operation, water. All appliances must be drained of water and purged of moisture in order to ensure safe storage. If water remains after moving appliances into the storage unit, it will leak and almost certainly damage property. If moisture residue remains, this can lead to rusting, and consequently, the deterioration of your appliances.

The above tips are a comprehensive guide to storing appliances properly. Following these guide lines will assure the safe storage of your appliances; failing to so would be like rolling the dice, no one really knows what will happen. Allstate Self Storage is committed to providing value to our customers in any way we can, and of course we are happy to elucidate the nuances of appliance storage.

Packing Boxes 101

What seems self-explanatory and obvious can sometimes jeopardize an entire moving operation. Packing boxes properly is the single most important aspect to assure a successful move. We at All State Self-Storage enjoy sharing these tips with our customers; a happy mover is a happy customer, and a happy customer is a smile on our faces.

Heavy to Light

When Stephen Sauvestre designed the Eiffel tower, he was surely aware of this packing principal: build a strong base. This is perhaps the most important aspect of packing boxes, movers ought to position the heaviest boxes at the bottom, and stack the lightest boxes on top. This is a simple principle of physics and it was employed while building France’s magnus opus in architecture, the Eiffel tower. We encourage all customers of All-State Self Storage to utilize this principle when stacking boxes in their storage unit.

Be Selective in your Choice of Boxes

Most reasonable people wouldn’t just marry the first girl that showed an interest, then why is it that they drop their standards while selecting boxes? Using a flimsy box or a box that has sustained water damage can surely sink an entire operation. A proper box should be able to handle at least thirty pounds of weight, and a good box can handle more. However, this does not ensure the safety of your belongings. Overloading boxes will cause cardboard to rip no matter how strong the box is. At Allstate Self-Storage we encourage all our customers to be mindful of over packing for their own sake, and the safety of their belongings.

Label to Win

Amidst the clutter of storage, labeling your boxes can make all the difference in the world, especially when confronted with a situation requiring the fast retrievable of your valuables. Keeping your boxes labeled promotes organization, and will inevitably save time. It would be unwise to rip apart the entire storage unit each time you attempt to retrieve a valuable.

Avoiding the Storage of Hazardous Materials

Sometimes, distinguishing what materials are hazardous from what materials are safe can be a difficult endeavor. There’re state and federal laws regulating what constitutes hazardous materials that can get tricky at points. Obviously, controlled substances or dangerous chemicals fall under the category of hazardous materials. But many are unaware that household items such as gasoline, paint thinner, oil based paints, and other similar products are considered hazardous materials. At Allstate Self Storage we of course notify our customers if they have violated any storage regulations, but its best to be aware ahead of time in order to avoid any inconvenience or confusion storing hazardous materials might cause.

Some Commonly Stored Hazardous Materials

Fireworks are never permissible to store at Allstate Self Storage, which seems obvious but we have had some confusion with customers in the past. In addition, poison or cleaning supplies with toxic ingredients are off limits. If you have doubts about any items you intend to store, please contact a manger to clear up any questions you may have. Something as simple as storing matches or lighter fluid is technically considered a hazardous material.

Tools are Circumstantially Hazardous

If you intend to store power tools or power equipment, then make sure you empty the gas tanks before doing so. We store more lawnmowers and generators than we can possibly count. It cannot be stressed enough that the gas tanks of these items are emptied before storing. As a general rule of thumb, anything that involves combustible fuel is a contender for a hazardous materials. At Allstate Self Storage we essentially sell the security and safety of your belongings. Jeopardizing the belongings of our customers is a risk we cannot take. Thus, it is in our best interest, and in indeed the customers, to store only safe items that pose no threat to the safety and security of the storage facility.