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Good Reasons To Consider Personal Self Storage Today

Good Reasons To Consider Personal Self Storage Today

As compared to business storage needs, personal self-storage needs are continuing to grow in demand as a viable solution for homeowners and those living in apartments. Best of all, today’s modern self-storage is incredibly secure, safe and reliable. From simply wishing to free up space at home to storing personal possessions while moving, there are many useful purposes for a storage unit that simply cannot be ignored.

Keeping Personal Clutter To A Minimum

When moving from a larger home into a smaller home, a storage unit is particularly useful in handling a wide variety of overflow when it comes to personal belongings and furniture. In addition, keeping personal clutter to a minimum and keeping a house more neat and organized when trying to sell a property is a smart way to ensure that a house sells faster and for more money. Another time when a storage unit is useful is when a family is expanding or growing. New additions to the family often require additional space.

Take Up A Considerable Amount Of Space

Rather than overcrowding a garage or basement, it makes good financial sense to store items in a storage unit. Equally effective in terms of storage is using a storage unit to store holiday decorations and seasonal items. Many of these items can take up a considerable amount of space and are far better stored in a storage unit. Those with collections and memorabilia will also find a storage unit to be incredibly useful in keeping these items safe from damage, theft or loss. Even garden furniture and tools can be stored safely in a storage unit.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Some consumers even choose to store clothing on a regular or seasonal basis. A summer wardrobe or winter wardrobe can be stored and retrieved on demand depending on the time of year. Recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, water vehicles and other similar items can be stored in the same way. Storage can be used in a temporary way to store decorative items or to store sporting equipment as required. In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking full advantage of all that a quality storage unit has to offer. Consider these great reasons for personal self-storage as a way to make life more organized. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix Arizona self-storage.

Storage Solutions For Businesses

Storage Solutions For Businesses

Businesses today are turning to self-storage more than ever before as a reliable and dependable source for quality storage options. From law offices to accounting firms and architectural firms as well as medical offices and sales organizations, self-storage has many important and valuable benefits that simply cannot be ignored in today’s highly competitive world. Here are some storage solutions for businesses that are well worth considering.

Outdated Or Seasonal Inventory

For example, by storing office supplies, businesses are then able to buy in bulk and enjoy discounts and savings that would otherwise not be possible. Always consider self-storage as a viable solution for enabling a business to save money in this way. A storage unit can also be used to store excess stock, exhibition equipment and displays as well as outdated or seasonal inventory. Businesses in the process of moving will also find that a storage unit is a valuable asset that can make a move easier and more organized.

Large Volumes Of Legal Documents

In addition, storing office equipment, office furniture and other office related accessories, helps a business to grow and expand in an organized and detailed manner. Even more impressive is the fact that taking advantage of a storage unit means that businesses can better track which employees have access to certain items associated with a business. Law firms find self-storage particularly useful in maintaining large volumes of legal documents in an organized and disciplined manner. There are a number of requirements with regard to maintaining legal documents that must be satisfied by legal firms. Self-storage makes this process easier and more manageable.

Smart And Viable Solution

From archiving documents to storing paperwork and files, there are many key advantages to choosing self-storage with regard to operating a small business or small office. Even larger and more substantial business offices and organizations are increasingly turning to self-storage as a viable solution. Staying more competitive by improving the bottom line when it comes to better organizing a business is easy with a storage unit. Best of all, storage available today is more affordable, more accessible and more secure than has ever been in the past. These reasons along with other key reasons make storage unit options a smart and viable solution for any size business. Contact Allstate Self Storage for storage in Phoenix Arizona.

Organizational Tips For Storage Units

Organizational Tips For Storage Units

As with everything in life, organization is a major factor in preventing breakage, loss and theft. When storing items in a storage unit it is best to consider all aspects of organizational planning. For example, placing moisture absorbers, deodorizers and mothballs as well as other similar items in a storage unit can go a long way in extending the life of items that will be stored for long term.

Quick And Easy Retrieval

Equally important is to avoid storing items in a unit that are un-sturdy, dangerous or wobbly. This is simply due to the fact that these types of items can easily fall on an individual and cause injury. Taking safety precautions in this regard can prevent injury and damage when storing items in a storage unit. When stacking boxes it is recommended to always stack in such a way that labels can be seen for quick and easy retrieval. Even better is to simply label every side of every box making it effortless to identify boxes quickly and efficiently.

Prevent Collapsing Boxes From Causing Damage

When filling boxes it is recommended to always ensure that there are no hollow or empty spaces in boxes. This will prevent a box from collapsing and prevent damage to items inside a box. When stacking boxes it is a commonsense rule to always put the heaviest boxes at the bottom. This will also help to preserve the items in a box and prevent collapsing boxes from causing damage. When filling empty spaces in a box anything from crumbled up newspaper to bubble wrap and Styrofoam can be used in this way.

Plan Accordingly As A Way To Avoid This Type Of Problem

When storing sharp objects, metal objects or other items that can cause damage it is always a good idea to store these items away from delicate pieces of furniture and items that can become damaged. Scratches, rips and damage commonly occurred when sharp metal objects come into contact with items in a storage unit. Plan accordingly as a way to avoid this type of problem. As an added note it is always recommended to avoid leaning furniture on any of the outside walls of a storage unit. This can prevent adequate airflow and ultimately reduce the effectiveness of a storage unit. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for storage units in Phoenix Arizona.

Packing For Self Storage Made Easy

Packing For Self Storage Made Easy

There are many options today when it comes to packing in the right way with regard to storing items in a storage unit. In many respects, packing items for long or short-term storage is an art form. Best of all, packing in the right way will help to ensure that items can be easily accessed and retrieved on demand and as needed. Some of the primary objectives when it comes to storing items are to make sure that they are safe and free of damage and that they can be accessed when they are needed the most.

Detailed Inventory

One easy strategy is to simply place items that will not be required in the near future towards the back of the storage unit. Items that will be more frequently accessed can be placed near the front of the unit making it convenient and effortless to access those items on demand. Keeping an accurate and detailed inventory of all items in a storage unit can also serve to make the storage process more rewarding. A simple clipboard with an inventory list and a pen attached can work wonders in keeping a storage unit organized in the most disciplined way.

Replacement List

Any time an item is removed or added to a storage unit it should be noted on the inventory list clipboard. By using this type of strategy, homeowners and business owners who are taking full advantage of self-storage will find that the entire process is far more manageable. Even taking the time to inventory items and making a replacement list noting the value of each item can help if there is ever an insurance claim. For example, if an antique piece of furniture were to accidentally be dropped during the storage process, there is always the possibility of having the item covered through an insurance policy.

Purchasing Boxes

Finally, investing in quality packing materials and strong sturdy boxes can pay for itself in the long run when it comes to protecting personal belongings or business items. When purchasing boxes it is recommended to acquire similar sized boxes. This will ultimately result in a more organized storage unit. It is also a good idea to never leave loose items in a storage unit that are unboxed. This can cause accumulation of dust and debris over time. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix storage solutions.

Simple Ideas For Better Packing And Storing

Simple Ideas For Better Packing And Storing

The growing trend around the country is to take full advantage of all that modern self-storage facilities and storage units have to offer. One of the best ways to get the most out of self-storage or a storage unit experience is to simply pack items in the right way. For example, when packing books it is always recommended to pack books flat as a way to avoid damage to the spine of a book. Those wishing to preserve the integrity of books for the long term should make it a habit to always store books in a flat and secure way.

Ensuring That There Is Adequate Airflow Circulation

Equally important is to always avoid packing items or belongings in sealed plastic bag or containers. This can easily cause excessive humidity that will result in mold and mildew over time. Allowing items to breath and ensuring that there is adequate airflow and circulation through a storage unit can greatly enhance the storage experience and reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew. Another simple idea when it comes to better packing and storing is to avoid over packing boxes with heavy items. This can cause damage to items and it can also cause injury to various parts of the body.

Using Common Sense And Avoiding Lifting Excessively Heavy Items

Lifting excessively heavy boxes can easily result in serious injury to the back, legs and even the neck. Avoiding injury when moving, pack for even retrieving items from a storage unit can be as simple as using common sense and avoiding lifting excessively heavy items. Buying smaller boxes in a larger quantity is an excellent way to guarantee that lifting related injuries will not occur during the packing and moving or storing process. This is a simple strategy that can greatly enhance safety and make the moving process more enjoyable and less demanding. Finally, labeling boxes accurately and completely will make packing, storing and the retrieval of items easier and more convenient. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to learn more about experienced and knowledgeable assistance in Phoenix self-storage solutions.

Storage Unit Ideas And Tips

Storage Unit Ideas And Tips

Getting the most out of storage can be as easy as considering a few essential yet important tips that can make the entire process easier and more enjoyable. For example, wrapping fragile items and breakable type items such as ornaments, dishes and glasses separately prior to packing in a larger box can ultimately prevent damage or breakage. Paper is always a good option when wrapping items individually.

Refrigerators And Freezers

However, bubble wrap is more reliable in terms of preventing damage or breakage. Packing each individual item tightly inside of a strong firm box and filling all the gaps with filler or paper can ultimately further serve to prevent breakage. It is equally important to avoid putting heavy items on top of any fragile items when stacking boxes in a storage unit. Equally important is to ensure the appliances are properly stored and properly prepared prior to being placed in a storage unit. From defrosting refrigerators and freezers to ensuring that all water is removed there are many aspects of appliance storage that must be considered.

Preventing Water Damage

For example, tying the doors of appliances closed so that they do not swing open while being moved can prevent damage. It is also important to ensure that the doors of appliances are in a slightly open position when stored in a storage unit. This can prevent the formation of condensation, mold, mildew or offensive odors. The draining of all appliances such as washing machines is essential to preventing water damage. In addition, tying down hoses, electrical cords and other similar items can also serve to prevent damage.

Ensuring That There Is No Water Present

As an added note with regard to storing appliances it is always recommended that each appliance that is stored in a storage unit be clean and dry. Wiping the inside of all appliances out thoroughly with a little bit of baking soda can help to ensure that they endure long or short term storage much better than would otherwise be the case. As with ensuring that there is no water present in appliances it is also good to make certain that no other items that are stored in a unit are wet or moist. This is a sure way to attract mold and mildew. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix Arizona self-storage solutions.

Tricks Of The Trade When It Comes To Packing And Storing

Tricks Of The Trade When It Comes To Packing And Storing

Packing and storing items in a storage unit requires a little bit of understanding when it comes to the tricks of the trade. For example, when storing clothing it is best to consider using a wardrobe or clothing box. These boxes are specifically intended to handle clothing so it does not become soiled, damaged or torn. Best of all, storing clothing in a wardrobe box allows for clothing to be stored on hangers.

Become Moldy Or Mildewed Due To Trapped Moisture

When clothing is stored in this way it maintains its shape and will not become wrinkled or distorted. It is also a good idea to make certain that clothing is not stored in sealed plastic bags. This is a sure way to cause clothing to become moldy or mildewed due to trapped moisture. This can ultimately result in clothing becoming damaged or ruined. Exercise caution in this regard and always pack clothing in the right way.

Make The Storage Experience Far More Rewarding

Another simple trick worth considering when storing items in a storage unit is to always plan to purchase sheeting or covers that are specifically intended to protect mattresses, furniture and items such as sofas from damage, dirt or debris. Covering these types of items will provide for an added layer of protection that will make the storage experience far more rewarding over the long-term. When storing a mattress it should be stood up on the long end and should be above floor level on some type of protective sheet or as a way to prevent damage from moisture.

Take The Necessary Precautions As A Way To Avoid Damage

When storing furniture it is also recommended to use a type of dustsheet or some type of cover that will be placed between each piece of furniture. This will help to reduce or minimize scratching and prevent damage when storing these types of items in a storage unit. Taking apart furniture and storing the pieces in an organized way can also improve the self-storage experience. Self-storage has many benefits for homeowners and business owners alike. Taking the time to implement the necessary precautions as a way to avoid damage, breakage and moisture damage is well worth the effort. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to learn more about storage solutions in Phoenix Arizona.

Packing Basics For Self Storage Units

Packing Basics For Self Storage Units

There are some packing basics that every homeowner and business owner should consider when preparing to pack items for long or short-term storage in a storage unit. For example, electrical items and electrical equipment such as televisions, computers and stereos should all be packed in the original box that these items were delivered in when first purchased. If these boxes are not available it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to order a replacement box if possible.

An Added Layer Of Protection During The Storing Period

In the absence of an original box it is recommended to purchase strong heavy-duty boxes and pack electronic items well with plenty of packing paper that provides for cushioning. This is a recommended strategy so that electrical items do not become damaged or broken. Equally important is to consider spraying wood type furniture with a quality furniture spray prior to storing these items. This will provide for an added layer of protection during the storage period.

Avoid Packing Away A Vacuum Cleaner With The Bag Still In Place

In addition, wiping down tools and metal objects with a high quality protective oil prior to storing can prevent rust and help to ensure the tools endure long-term storage far better than would otherwise be the case. Another key strategy when storing items in a storage unit is to avoid packing away a vacuum cleaner with the bag still in place. It is always recommended to remove the bag from a vacuum cleaner and discarded it prior to storing this type of item in a storage unit. Leather is another type of material that can be damaged if not stored correctly.

Photographs Can Easily Suffer Damage Due To Temperature

Leather items should be treated with some type of leather conditioner prior to being placed in storage. This is a simple and inexpensive way to protect valuable leather furniture, clothing and other similar items. Finally, when storing photographs in a storage unit it is recommended to take the time to store these items correctly. Photographs can easily suffer damage due to temperature, moisture and other climate related conditions. When storing photographs always place clean cardboard between each picture so as to avoid curling. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to learn more about effective, affordable and reliable Phoenix storage units.

Strategies For Ensuring Adequate Space In A Storage Unit

Strategies For Ensuring Adequate Space In A Storage Unit

Taking advantage of all that modern self-storage has to offer simply means ensuring that there will be adequate space available when choosing a storage unit. For example, choosing a unit that is too small will ultimately result in unnecessary confusion and delays when trying to store items while making a move. One of the best ways to avoid this type of problem is to simply plan ahead and plan accordingly.

Consider How Many Bedrooms Are Involved

The easiest way to do this is to simply measure the height, width and length of the largest items that will be stored. This will help to determine what size unit will be best. When storing the entire contents of a home it is best to consider how many bedrooms are involved. This will help in determining what size space will work best. Counting boxes can also be useful in helping to determine how much space will be required when storing for the long term.

How Much Space Will Be Required In An Actual Storage Unit

The staff of a self-storage facility can often help individuals make a determination with regard to space needed based on a number of simple considerations. Another excellent strategy for determining the proper size unit is to do a dry run at home first. This simply means stacking boxes and furniture in a spare room or garage to get an idea of how much space will be required in an actual storage unit. This is a great way to avoid the inconvenience of having chosen the wrong sized unit.

Additional Expenses That Could Have Otherwise Been Avoided

Finally, avoiding having to move twice by choosing the wrong size unit can be as easy as staying proactive and planning well in advance. Conversely, it is also important to ensure that a unit that is too big is not chosen. This can result in additional expenses that could have otherwise been avoided. Careful planning, detailed measurements and the counting of boxes can go a long way in saving homeowners and business owners money when choosing to store items in a storage unit. Consider these simple strategies to ensure that adequate space is always available when renting a storage unit. Contact Allstate Self Storage today as a way to learn more about Phoenix self-storage units that are affordable, reliable and dependable.

Why Renting A Storage Unit Makes Good Sense

Why Renting A Storage Unit Makes Good Sense

There are many good reasons to consider renting a storage unit today. For example, reducing clutter around the home or a business is one of the best ways to take full advantage of self-storage. From an overcrowded garage to an over packed basement, a storage unit can help homeowners and business owners better organize any type of interior space. Best of all, a storage unit is an affordable, logical and convenient solution for virtually everyone today.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Renting a storage unit makes good sense because of the level of security that is available today. Today’s modern security features are integrated into most storage facilities. This simply means that video surveillance cameras, card access and on-site managers ensure the highest level of security at all times. With a gated entry, homeowners and business owners can easily track who is accessing a storage unit at any particular time. In many instances, a storage unit is more secure than a garage or basement.

Ladders And An Array Of Other Types Of Items

Another reason to rent a storage unit is that it is a safe way to better store a wide variety of items. In many instances, items that are stored at home in the garage or basement can present dangers and hazards for homeowners. Placing items in a secure area helps to protect family members and pets from unintended injuries. From power tools to ladders and an array of other types of items such as drills and saws, storing these items in a protected and safe location can reduce the chances of an accidental injury.

Camping Gear And Exercise Equipment Can Effectively Be Stored

Finally, and perhaps most important of all is that renting a storage unit simply means more space for a home or business. From sporting equipment to holiday decorations and office supplies as well as excess inventory and an overflow clothing, there are many key reasons to consider renting a storage unit in today’s world. Even camping gear and exercise equipment can effectively be stored in self-storage as a way to free up much-needed space around the home. With so much to offer it is clear to see why there has been a steady increase in the popularity of storage units. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix storage solutions that are affordable and reliable.