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Tips For Packing Bulky And Uncommon Items

Tips For Packing Bulky And Uncommon Items

Moving can be a stressful and challenging situation for even the most seasoned movers. However, with a little bit of foresight, virtually anyone can make a move easy and stress-free. Here are some tips for packing bulky and uncommon items when preparing to make a move across town or even across the country. Consider these tips in order to reduce breakage, save money and reduce stress.

Filling Each Drawer With Blankets

For example, when disassembling furniture or a bed it is best to use some type of rope or tape to keep the frames or furniture pieces together. This is a simple and effective way of reducing the chances of furniture becoming damaged or pieces becoming lost during a move. When moving a dresser it is best to consider filling each drawer with blankets, linens or clothing. This makes better use of existing space and reduces the requirement for storage space and moving truck space.

Moving A Washing Machine

When moving electronic devices or large appliances it is advised to always read the manufacturers manual and any recommendations with regard to special moving instructions. This is an excellent way of preventing damage and ensuring that all electronic devices and appliances arrive at the destination in the same condition they were in prior to beginning the move. With regard to moving a washing machine it is recommended to stuff blankets for stuffed animals and even old linens in the tub so that it does not move around while it is on the moving truck in transit. If the tub is allowed to move it may damage the appliance.

Items Do Not Become Broken Or Damaged

Finally, when moving small mirrors and small pictures it is best to carefully wrap each one individually and pact them in a box. As an added layer of protection, these individual boxes can then be packed again within a wardrobe box or other type of large box. Marking fragile clearly on each box and the outer box is essential to ensuring that items do not become broken or damaged. When moving outdoor furniture it is recommended to disassemble this type of furniture when possible. Otherwise these large bulky pieces of furniture may take up too much space in a moving truck or in a storage unit. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for storage units in Phoenix Arizona.

Hints And Tips For Packing Like A Real Pro

Hints And Tips For Packing Like A Real Pro

Taking advantage of all that self-storage has to offer often means packing items in the right fashion. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to simply consider packing like a real pro. There are some easy packing methods consumers and business owners may wish to consider for the goal of packing like a pro. It is a way to save money, prevent breakage and enjoy all the self-storage has to offer.

Rent A Safety Deposit Box

For example, items that will not be needed for daily living routines should be the first items to be packed when planning a move. Essential items and valuable items such as home videos, jewelry, photographs and important personal documents should all be packed separately and kept close on hand. These items should be personally carried on to the moving truck the day of moving. Alternately, it is also a good idea to simply rent a safety deposit box at a local bank to ensure that irreplaceable items are well protected.

Arrow On Each Side Of The Box Showing Which Side Of The Boxes Up

Equally important is to make certain that fragile items are packed in a loose way with an abundance of wrapping paper. Each box must be clearly labeled fragile on each side. As an added note, and is recommended to draw an arrow on each side of the box showing which side of the box is up. This will further help to protect fragile items from becoming broken or damaged. When packing smaller non-breakable items it is often best to use smaller boxes and pack these items tightly.

Many Manufacturers Will Make Them Available At A Small Fee

Smaller boxes that are packed densely will weigh less and endure a move far better. Not only will items be less likely to become broken, there will be a less likely chance of a back injury on moving day. Finally, small appliances as well as electronic equipment should always be packed in their original boxes if at all possible. If these boxes are not available, many manufacturers will make them available for a small fee. Either way, protecting valuable electronics and expensive appliances requires proper packing and proper moving. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for the absolute best in Phoenix storage solutions that are reliable, dependable and affordable.

Key Considerations To Ponder When Renting A Storage Unit

Key Considerations To Ponder When Renting A Storage Unit

There is little doubt that the growing trend today is to increasingly make good use of storage units in order to relieve congestion around the home. Best of all, today’s modern storage units are incredibly affordable and modern storage facilities are incredibly secure. Consumers can rest assured that their storage needs will be met by what is available today when it comes to modern storage facilities.

The Frequency With Which A Unit Will Be Accessed

The first step in selecting a storage unit or storage facility is to consider location. It is best to work with a storage facility that is close to your home or place of business so that easy access is always possible. The frequency with which a unit will be accessed can also have an impact on making a decision in terms of location. The next step is to take into account how much actual space will be required. Many of today’s modern storage facilities have space estimators that can make this quite easy to calculate.

Easy And Convenient To Retrieve Items

Going with a smaller storage unit may save money but may ultimately result in items becoming broken. It is better to select a unit that is slightly larger so that walkways can be built allowing items to be easily accessed as needed. Being able to move freely around a storage unit is a great advantage to those who access their units frequently. Best of all, today’s modern storage facilities typically offer 24 hour access seven days a week. This simply means that it is easy and convenient to retrieve items as necessary.

Insulated And Padded To Reduce The Chances Of Scratches

It is effortless to store virtually anything from important and vital documents to antique furniture and sporting equipment. As a note of caution, consumers should ensure that they have the right packing supplies and materials on hand prior to renting a storage unit. Everything should be well packed, insulated and padded to reduce the chances of scratches, breakage or damage. This combined with using pallets or some other similar system to raise everything up off the floor just a few inches can greatly enhance air flow and reduce the chances of items becoming damaged due to stagnant air. Contact Allstate Self Storage today, a Phoenix storage facility with years of experience.

Tips For Maximizing The Use Of A Storage Unit

Tips For Maximizing The Use Of A Storage Unit

There are a number of ways to improve the effectiveness of a self-storage unit. In fact, taking a few proactive steps with regard to storing items in a storage unit can make the process easier, less stressful and more rewarding. For example, using uniform sized boxes makes them easier to stack and easier to retrieve. It is important to note that heavier boxes should always be placed at the bottom of any stack.

Stack In A Tall Vertical Fashion

Those storing a large quantity of items in a storage unit should try if possible to leave a small walkway between boxes and furniture. This can make retrieval of items easy and more convenient. Best of all, items will not have to be moved as much when a storage unit has been packed in this way. When storing a large quantity of boxes in a unit it is best to stack them in a tall vertical fashion. However, this should be done in such a way so that items will not topple or fall on top of individuals walking around in the unit.

A Light Film Of Some Type Of Protective Oil

It is also worth noting that boxes should never be half filled. It is better to fill boxes completely so that they do not crumble and cause damage to items inside the box. Something as simple as adding crumbled up packing paper to a box can prevent a box from collapsing. Another excellent tip when it comes to storing items in a storage unit is to always lightly coat metal items such as file cabinets with a film of some type of protective oil.

Storage Facilities Today Are Incredibly Safe And Secure

There are many products on the market today that are designed specifically for this purpose. Another great trick for reducing the chances of damage or loss is to always store the most valuable and most delicate items toward the back of the unit. This can help to ensure that these items are not easily accessible. While storage facilities today are incredibly safe and secure, it is always a good idea to provide redundancy in this regard. Consider these simple yet important tips as a way to maximize the use of the storage unit and enjoy greater satisfaction. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for self-storage units in Phoenix Arizona.

Storage Unit Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Storage Unit Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Taking full advantage of all that storage units have to offer can greatly enhance available space around the home. That said there are some useful tips, tricks and strategies that anyone can use to greatly increase the overall effectiveness of a storage unit. For example, even the smallest of storage units can hold a tremendous amount of personal belongings when everything is packed correctly.

Using Lightweight Boards Between Levels Of Boxes

Making wise use of space simply means packing everything in a tight, neat and organized way. Going vertical is also important in this regard. While packing all the way to the ceiling is not recommended, as this will limit airflow, packing everything close to the ceiling is a way to increase available space in a storage unit. Using lightweight boards between levels of boxes can also work to stabilize everything in a storage unit. This will help to take pressure off of boxes and reduce the chances of breakage or damage.

Respect A Storage Unit So That It Will Stay In Good Condition

Another major concern with regard to packing effectively in a storage unit is to protect the space itself. Those renting a storage unit should make sure that the walls as well as ceiling and floors of a storage unit are not damaged during the storage process. All it really takes is a little bit of conscientious effort to be careful and respect a storage unit so that will be in good condition for the next renter. As an added note, it is never recommended to use spray paint, solvents or other chemicals in a storage unit. This can damage the unit and even present a health hazard.

Protect Items From Temperature Variations

Finally, it is recommended that those renting a storage unit always plan for variations in temperature. Items stored in a storage unit that are sensitive to temperature changes may be better if stored in a climate-controlled space. That said sometimes simply wrapping things or double wrapping things with well-insulated materials can serve to protect items from temperature variations. Vinyl records, photographs and even electronics can react negatively to temperature changes and excess humidity. Plan accordingly and only store items that will not become damaged by temperature changes or moisture. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for Arizona self-storage that is reliable, dependable and affordable.

Self Storage Tips For Business Owners

Self Storage Tips For Business Owners

Being a business owner comes with many responsibilities today and that is why it is so important to make full use of self-storage when needed. From law firms to manufacturing firms and industry, there is a wide array of applications where self-storage can be highly effective at improving daily operations. Business owners may wish to consider these simple yet important tips as a way to improve the overall effectiveness of a storage unit.

The Right Type Of Archive Boxes

When storing documents, records or files there are some important aspects of proper storage that must be considered. For example, books should always be packed in such a way so that they are flat and that their spines are protected. This will ensure the long-term storage of these types of items will be without incident. Another major concern for business owners who store files is to always use the right type of archive boxes or archive packing cartons. This helps to reduce space requirements and provides the best level of protection for records, files and documents.

Files Or Records Should Always Be Clearly Labeled

In addition, any time a box that contains files, documents or records is not completely full it is recommended to completely packed box with some type of packing material. This will help to ensure the overall integrity of the box and reduce the chances of records, files or documents becoming damaged. As an added note, boxes that contain documents, files or records should always be clearly labeled and easy to identify. Law firms and other businesses that often store a large volume of documents and records should pay particular attention to proper labeling.

Always Put The Lighter Boxes At The Top

Finally, when storing documents and files as well as records it is important to always put the lighter weight boxes at the top of the stack as a way to avoid the potential for collapse. This combined with always building walkways between stacked boxes of documents can greatly improve the chances of fast and efficient retrieval when needed. Business owners across the country and around the world are discovering the value of storage units intended specifically for files, documents and records. Take full advantage of all that these modern facilities have to offer to ensure that your business runs efficiently. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for storage solutions in Phoenix Arizona.

Packing Essentials For Those Using A Storage Unit

Packing Essentials For Those Using A Storage Unit

Having quickly grown in popularity in recent years, storage units offer a unique and affordable way of protecting a wide variety of personal belongings and business items. Best of all, storage units are widely accessible and widely available to those living in most major cities today. With unsurpassed security and impressive reliability, self-storage facilities are impressive by most standards today.

A Variety Of Different Colored Magic Markers

Here are a few essentials with regard to packing items that will be stored in a storage unit. For example, always use strong and sturdy boxes and opt for wardrobe boxes when storing clothing. Those packing items for a storage unit should make full use of high quality packing tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and tissue paper. In addition to having on hand Ziploc bags and a variety of different colored magic markers is always a good idea. All breakable items should always be wrapped in some type of bubble wrap to ensure the breakage does not occur.

Newspaper Has Been Known To Cause Ink Smudges

In addition, it is recommended that individuals purchase ink free wrapping paper as opposed to using newspaper to wrap items for storage. This is simply due to the fact that newspaper has been known to cause ink smudges on personal belongings. Ziploc bags are a unique and inexpensive way to keep small items and odds and ends organized so that they do not become lost when being stored in a storage unit. When the day finally arrives for items will be moved into a storage unit it is best to begin packing early. Staying proactive and ahead of the process is always the best option.

High-Quality Moving Boxes And High Quality Packing Tape

Using strong high-quality moving boxes and high quality packing tape, items should be boxed and stacked in an organized and logical way. This will help to make it easy to retrieve items when necessary. As an added note, those planning to take a day off from work to move items into a storage unit should remain relaxed and take the time to do it right. Rushing, stressing out or getting angry at the process will not help in getting everything moved safely and efficiently. Contact Allstate Self Storage today is a way to learn more about Phoenix storage units that are affordable and reliable.

Why Self-Storage Makes Smart Sense In Today’s World

Why Self-Storage Makes Smart Sense In Today’s World

There are many options available in today’s world for making life more convenient and less stressful. Self-storage is just one example. More people than ever before are turning to self-storage as a way to organize their life and reduce clutter. Best of all, self-storage can free up a wide range of space around the home for other more important things.

It Is Often Necessary To Access Additional Space

Storing everything from sporting equipment to old memorabilia and photographs, self-storage is a smart and cost-effective way of keeping a home completely organized and free of clutter. Business owners stand to gain considerably as well from self-storage solutions. For example, when a business is growing rapidly it is often necessary to access additional space as needed. When in-house storage is simply inadequate, business owners are increasingly turning to storage units as a smart and cost-effective solution.

Provides Greater Flexibility To Those With A Busy Schedule

Best of all, residential and commercial customers that take advantage of a self-storage unit have complete control over who is allowed to access a unit and even how frequently. This is an excellent way of maintaining better control over inventory and even over personal belongings. A self-storage unit provides greater flexibility for those with a busy schedule. Knowing that all items are safe and secure and well protected in a storage unit can provide a level of peace of mind that would otherwise not be possible. Business owners especially stand to gain from a storage unit because it allows them to expand their business without the necessity of expanding their existing office space or manufacturing space.

Law Firms Across The Country Are Increasingly Turning To Self-Storage

Law offices also gain substantially from all that self-storage units have to offer. In fact, there are a number of laws on the books that require legal professionals to maintain documents associated with legal cases for a given period of time. Large law firms can accumulate a tremendous quantity of legal documents over a very short period of time. That is why law firms across the country are increasingly turning to self-storage as a smart and effective strategy for maintaining and organizing a wide array of legal documents. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more about affordable, reliable and secure self-storage units in Phoenix Arizona.

Strategies For Making Better Use Of The Storage Unit

Strategies For Making Better Use Of The Storage Unit

A larger number of people today are turning to storage units as a smart and effective way of protecting items of value while increasing available space at home. Keeping this simple fact in mind, it is important to consider a few strategies that can greatly increase the overall usefulness of a storage unit. For example, storing items in a storage unit can be more effective when everything is wrapped in industrial type plastic.

Stretch Wrap Is Often A Popular Favorite

This is an inexpensive and effective way of protecting a wide variety of items. Best of all, today’s industrial plastic wrap is incredibly affordable and can be purchased in large quantities. Stretch wrap is often a popular favorite because it is easy to use and easy to apply. Keeping everything sealed up tight will prevent the accumulation of dust and keep pests away from valued items. Equally important is to consider putting some type of protective layer down on the floor prior to stacking items in a storage unit.

The Right Type Of Lock Is Used

Many people today choose to use pallets that are inexpensive and easy to acquire for this purpose. Keeping everything up and off the floor by just a few inches can prevent moisture damage and reduce the chances of pest infestation. While most storage facilities today ensure that pests are not an issue, taking every precaution is always the preferred option. Equally important is to ensure that the right type of lock is used when renting a storage unit. In most cases a hefty and rugged small lock is the most reliable kind of locking mechanism.

Access Things That Are Needed When They Are Needed

An all weather type rugged padlock that has short locking arms will prevent a lock from being cut. Finally, one of the easiest ways to stay incredibly organized in a storage unit is to label every single item. Even obvious items should be labeled to make it easy and quick to access things that are needed when they are needed. This is especially true with regard to items that will be stored for the long term. While it may be obvious what is in a box today, it may not be so obvious a year down the road. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for the best in Phoenix self-storage unit solutions.

Storage Tips And Strategies For Consumers And Business Owners

Storage Tips And Strategies For Consumers And Business Owners

Moving and storing items in a storage unit can be an overwhelming experience for those who are not familiar with the moving or storing process. The good news is that there are many useful tips and strategies they can make the entire process more manageable and easier to handle. Above all else, those moving and storing items should remain calm and take their time.

Make The Entire Process A Breeze

Staying organized, getting help and assistance from friends and neighbors and planning well in advance can make the entire process easier and less stressful. Here are a few essential tips and strategies that consumers and business owners can use to make the entire process a breeze. For example, always drain gasoline, oil and other chemicals from lawnmowers and small engines to ensure that contamination does not occur within a storage unit. Equally important is to consider using empty trashcans as way to store rakes, hoses and shovels.

Treat Wood Surfaces With Some Type Of Protective Coating

This will also reduce the chances of potential contamination of other items in a storage unit. One great tip when storing wood furniture is to simply treat wood surfaces with some type of protective coating that is commercially available in order to reduce the chances of damage. This combined with using protective covers can ensure that furniture that is stored for the long term will maintain its integrity over the years. Along the same lines it is recommended that metal items that will be stored for long term be coated with some type of oil film.

Keep Them Flat So It They Do Not Curl

This is another instance where commercially available products are available that can be used for this purpose. Wipe all metal surfaces with a thin oil film as a way to prevent rust and ensure that these items will endure the storage process over the long term. When storing photographs it is recommended to keep them flat so that they do not curl or delaminate. As an added note, storing items that will be accessed most frequently at the front of a storage unit can make the retrieval process easy and convenient anytime of the day or night. Contact Allstate Self Storage today to learn more about a Phoenix storage facility that is reliable and dependable.