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Useful And Effective Ways To Pack Large Pictures And Glass Mirrors

Useful And Effective Ways To Pack Large Pictures And Glass Mirrors

For a move to be truly successful from start to finish it is important to ensure that no delicate items such as large pictures and glass mirrors are broken or damaged. As such, there are some useful and effective ways to pack these delicate items to ensure that no damage occurs in any stage of the moving process. Following these simple and effective strategies can save homeowners money, time and trouble by avoiding damage and breakage to valuable and treasured items.

Firmly Packed And Well Sealed

For example, when packing a glass mirror a larger box then the mirror itself should be selected. With the box firmly on the ground the mirror can be placed on a large piece of bubble wrap and wrapped and then placed into the specialty mirror box. Securely tape the ends of the box ensuring that it is firmly packed and well sealed. In addition, writing in big bold letters the word “fragile” on both sides of the box is important to ensuring that others know that there is glass inside of the box.

Purchase Specialized Cardboard Protectors

One important tip is to ensure that a fragile picture box that has been moved into the moving truck be placed on its side rather than lying flat. This allows the box to absorb pressure and mild impacts better than if it were lying flat. As most movers have discovered over the years it is often a good idea to purchase specialized cardboard protectors that are designed specifically to protect the corners of pictures and mirrors. This is an added touch that can go a long way in keeping a mirror or picture safe throughout the entire moving process.

Packing Tape And Specialty Boxes

Another smart strategy for keeping delicate items such as glass mirror safe during a move is to pack multiple smaller mirrors or pictures on their own and then inside a specialty wardrobe box. Once this has been accomplished the wardrobe box can be wrapped and secured and labeled. Typical supplies needed for preparing pictures for transport include bubble wrap, markers, packing tape and specialty boxes. Follow these simple and useful strategies to ensure that large pictures and glass mirrors are well protected during a move so as to arrive safely at their destination. Contact Allstate Self Storage for Phoenix moving and storage solutions that get results.

Tips, Tricks And Strategies For Packing An Essentials Box

Tips, Tricks And Strategies For Packing An Essentials Box

Perhaps one of the most important boxes in terms of convenience when moving is an essentials box. Preparing and essentials box that includes items that will be needed for the first few nights in the new location as well as the last nights in the old location can make a move more manageable and far less stressful. One of the most important aspects of creating an essentials box is to identify items early on that will be included in the box.

Pack Multiple Essential Boxes For Each Room

Depending on the circumstances, it is even possible to pack multiple essentials boxes for each room in the house. Each case is different and that is why it is important for a mover to determine what will work best for them in this regard. Typical items that are often included in an essentials box include dish soap, instant coffee, toilet paper, beverages, snacks, a small toaster oven, all-purpose cleaner, dishtowels, a radio, pet food and pet supplies and even a small emergency kit.

Essential Documents As Well As A Change Of Clothing

The list can be further expanded to include everything from forks and knives and spoons to an all-purpose cutting knife as well as a box cutter and scissors. In addition, garbage bags, a portable toolkit, medical records and other essential documents as well as a change of clothing, shampoo, conditioner, soap and oral hygiene items should also be in an essentials box. As an added note, a shower curtain can also be included so that once arriving at the new destination everyone is able to shower.

Making Arrival At Your New Destination Less Stressful

The easiest way to ensure that all items are included in an essentials box is to make a list in the early stages of the moving preparation and planning process. When making a list in this regard those moving should plan for items that will be required for at least 24 to 36 hours. In some instances this can be extended to 48 hours. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that having an essentials box can go a long way in making arrival at a new destination less stressful and more enjoyable. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for the best in Phoenix moving supplies and equipment as well as self-storage solutions.