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Great Storage Solutions That Make Sense

Great Storage Solutions That Make Sense

There are unlimited options available for storing personal belongings and an equal number of personal belongings and items to store today, it seems. With that said, there are a few preferred ways of storing even the most important things in your life in a safe and secure manner. For example self-storage is a smart, effective and very affordable solution for those looking for alternatives to storing items in a garage or basement.

Storage Facilities Located Across The Country

Best of all, today’s modern self storage is safe, secure and easy to access. As a growing number of people turn to self-storage to better manage their life and stay more organized they are discovering the benefits of this affordable and smart solution. Self-storage simply makes good sense because it is readily available throughout most areas in the country and offers convenience that was not available just a few short years ago. This is due to the increased number of storage facilities located across the country. With more people today moving and relocating self-storage has become quite popular.

Meeting And Talking With Storage Facility Managers

Securing a great storage unit can be as easy as visiting your local storage facility and arranging a tour. In most instances, facility managers will be more than happy to take prospective customers on a fully guided tour of the entire facility. This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about the storage process. From choosing the right size storage unit to determining what type of storage is the best, meeting and talking with storage facility managers is a smart first step in taking full advantage of today’s modern self-storage.

Modern Storage Is A Cut Above What Was Available Years Ago

Typical self-storage options that are made available to the general public today features access control that ensures that personal belongings, memorabilia, important documents and other sensitive information always remains secure and safe. With an unsurpassed level peace of mind and courteous and friendly representatives as well as customer service professionals, today’s modern storage is a cut above what was available years ago. Explore all that this innovative and unique way of storing virtually anything makes possible. Contact, call or visit Allstate Self-Storage today to discuss a wide range of options with regard to self-storage or to simply schedule an interesting and informative tour.

Store Delicate Items In A Smart And Safe Way

Store Delicate Items In A Smart And Safe Way

With a growing demand for self-storage today, more people than ever before are choosing to store a wide variety of delicate, sensitive and breakable items. As such, it is important to understand a few simple tips with regard to how to protect these types of items while in storage. One of the first steps in protecting highly sensitive, delicate and easily breakable items that will be stored in a storage unit is to consider the packing process.

Smaller Boxes Will Ultimately Protect These Items Over The Long Term

To ensure that delicate items do not break or become damaged it is important to pack them properly. To do this simply requires choosing the right type of box and the right type of packing materials. When choosing among box options, choose smaller boxes as opposed to larger boxes. This is important because storing fewer delicate items in smaller boxes will ultimately protect these items over the long term. Smaller boxes are a good choice because when stacking boxes there is less weight and ultimately less potential for damage.

This Redundant Method Of Packing Is Important

One of the next steps in preparing to store delicate or easily breakable items is to choose your packing material carefully. With many options available today, those storing items that are easily breakable should choose a packing material that works well with the particular item they are storing. For example, breakable glass and collectibles often and require being well wrapped in paper. Once these items are wrapped in paper they can then be surrounded by Styrofoam popcorn product to further ensure that they will be safe. This redundant method of packing is important as a way to protect easily breakable items.

Those Storing Delicate Items Can Be Sure That Nothing Will Be Broken

Finally, when placing boxes in your storage unit it is important to put the most delicate items toward the back of the unit. This ensures that there will be no accidental knocking, dropping or other unexpected impacts. Stay organized and make a list of all boxes and label each box accordingly. By packing delicate items carefully and considering these simple tips, movers and those storing delicate items can be sure that nothing will be broken, damaged or lost. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for all your self-storage related needs.

Long-Term Versus Short-Term Self Storage Options

Long-Term Versus Short-Term Self Storage Options

It seems everyone today is taking advantage of the benefits made available by modern self-storage facilities. However, there are some considerations with regard to choosing a self-storage option that is best for your particular personal or business related needs. For example, deciding upon long-term versus short-term storage options is one of the first and most important aspects of acquiring a storage unit. Here are a few examples of which type of storage solution is typically best.

Moving From One House To Another

Those contemplating a move or that are preparing to move often find that short-term storage is an effective way to make a move easier, more convenient and more affordable. In short, those that are moving across the nation or just across town find that a storage unit is the perfect go-between when moving from one house to another. It offers the opportunity to temporarily store items as the move is in progress. Once the move has been completed, the storage unit can then be vacated. This is a smart and more effective way to make the most of modern storage to make a move easier and stress-free.

Heirloom Pieces Of Furniture

Those that are downsizing from a larger home into a smaller one typically find that long-term storage solutions are often the best option. For example, many people choose to downsize into a smaller home, as a way to save money and reduce the upkeep and work that is often required of a larger home. However, many people have heirloom pieces of furniture, art and other important items that they simply do not wish to sell. As such, self-storage is an excellent option in this regard.

Simply Change From A Short-Term Storage Option

Finally, there are situations where individuals may take advantage of both short-term and long-term storage options. One example of this is when someone chooses to move or relocate and originally intends on using short-term storage. Once the move is underway and in progress they find that they simply do not have the required space that they thought was available in the home. When this happens, it is easy to simply change over from a short-term storage option to a long-term option as a way to store a host of household belongings for an extended period of time. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for quality storage solutions.

Storing Your Way To A More Organized Life

Storing Your Way To A More Organized Life

Everyone enjoys the prospect of being more organized in both personal and professional life. As such, it is important to consider all options with regard to the storage solutions that are available today. Perhaps the most useful and most affordable forms of storage available today are found in self-storage units. Modern self-storage facilities offer some of the best storage unit options available. These facilities are secure, safe and modern.

Items That You No Longer Use

In addition, in order to store your way to a more organized life it is necessary to plan in a discipline and detailed manner. What this means is that in order to become more organized you must first have a written plan. Take inventory of your home or workspace and begin writing down your goals and objectives with regard to becoming more organized. This may include giving away, throwing away and selling a large portion of items that you no longer use. This is perfectly fine and is also a great way to begin the organizational process.

Outstanding Customer Service And Real Value For Storage Dollars

Another important consideration with regard to storing your way to a more organized lifestyle is to choose the right storage facility. With many storage facilities offering a wide variety of services across the country, only a select few deliver in terms of outstanding customer service and real value for storage dollars. Take the time to research facilities in your local area and choose one that offers the most advantageous deals and quality customer service. Requesting a tour of the facility is also a good idea to ensure that you see before hand what you will be leasing in terms of storage space.

Organizing Your Life

Finally, getting more organized simply means beginning the packing and moving process. If you have a lot of items in your garage and your basement begin by boxing these items up and slowly moving them into your storage unit. Pack carefully, pack well and label every box. At the end of the day you will find that your life is incredibly organized, and probably even stress-free. Explore the options that modern storage facilities make possible with regard to organizing your life by contacting a self-storage facility that has a proven track record. Allstate Self-Storage is a trusted and respected name in all things self-storage.

Smart And Effective Small Business Storage Solutions

Smart And Effective Small Business Storage Solutions

Small businesses today operate on very narrow margins and as such require innovative and smart solutions for storing a wide variety of items. From landscapers looking to store landscaping equipment to caterers looking to store supplies and accessories as well as other types of independent contractors that simply need additional space, self storage is a smart and affordable solution for any size business. The good news is that storage units are readily and widely available today.

Small Businesses That Operate On Narrow Margins

Business storage solutions that are intended to help small businesses and independent contractors save money are safe, secure and easily accessible. They offer businesses a unique opportunity to have additional storage space without having to lease a larger building or purchase a larger facility. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that small businesses that operate on narrow margins are increasingly taking advantage of storage facility units as a way to save money. Best of all, today’s modern storage units are incredibly safe and amazingly secure.

Staying In Business Today Requires Thinking Outside The Box

Another important consideration with regard to storage options for small businesses and independent contractors is that the solution is completely scalable. In other words, small businesses and independent contractors can scale up or scale down to the size of storage unit that they require at a particular time. This incredible level of flexibility makes this type of storage even more desirable and more rewarding. Staying in business today requires thinking outside the box and coming up with cost-saving measures that make a company more competitive. Self-storage is one such example that is quickly growing in popularity among a full range of business owners.

Choose To Have More Than One Storage Unit

Smart business owners that are able to trim expenses and provide reliable service for their clients know the importance of using a self-storage unit in a strategic and more effective manner. For example, a landscaper with a large number of accounts throughout a big metropolitan area may choose to have more than one storage unit located strategically throughout the city. This is a smart and effective way to provide better services to clients over the long term. Contact, call or visit an industry leader when it comes to the best storage solutions. Allstate Self-Storage is always standing by and ready to assist.

How Safe And Secure Is Today’s Modern Self -Storage?

How Safe And Secure Is Today’s Modern Self -Storage?

This is a question that is frequently asked by those that have never taken advantage of all the self-storage makes available in today’s modern world. The good news for those concerned about safety is that self-storage is perhaps safer and more secure than it has ever been in the past. This is largely due to the fact that modern technology has provided many advances in terms of safety and security that simply cannot be ignored.

In Many Instances Video Surveillance Is Recorded

For example, CCTV or closed circuit television and other types of video surveillance offer amazing levels of monitored security that takes security to an entirely new level. Not only is surveillance video important for spotting potential theft or vandalism as it occurs, but in many instances video surveillance is recorded and can be accessed at a later time. This is an important consideration that helps law enforcement to track down would-be thieves and prevent theft or crimes from ever happening. Those that use self-storage can rest assured that the finest and video surveillance is usually available.

Track Times And Dates Of When An Individual Have Accessed A Facility

Another important consideration with regard to the safety and security of today’s modern storage facilities is that they typically incorporate access control systems for entry. This means that only authorized individuals can access the premises of a modern security facility. This greatly reduces and almost totally eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to a storage facility where your items may be stored. Even more impressive is the fact that access control can track times and dates of when an individual may have accessed a particular facility. This serves to better help track those that may be accessing items in a particular storage unit.

Top-Quality Albuquerque Storage Solutions

In addition, other advances in security such as alarm systems and locks that cannot be defeated or picked further secure items in a storage facility. With so much modern security available today it is clear to see why more people feel confident in storing items in a self-storage facility. In fact, the growing trend has been for businesses, individuals and others to take advantage of all that storage solutions and a storage facility has made available. Contact Allstate Self-Storage for top-quality storage solutions that are always safe and secure.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Storage Facility

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Storage Facility

With a large number of people moving and relocating around the country on a daily basis, more storage facilities have been made available than ever before. As the demand for self-storage continues to grow, the increase in the number of storage facilities will likely grow as well. However, with that said, it is important to choose carefully when selecting a storage facility for your personal or business needs.

Latest And Most Modern Safety And Security Features

Because individuals and businesses typically store valuable items as well as irreplaceable documents and other important belongings, security and safety are always a major concern. Take the time to explore all your options with regard to a storage facility. Choose a facility that offers the latest and most modern safety and security features. These features include everything from video surveillance to access control and 24 hour on-site management. With so many options available today, choosing a quality facility that offers the best in security is simple and affordable.

For Those That Typically Travel Overseas

Another important consideration with regard to choosing the right storage facility is in finding one that is geographically favorable to your location. For businesses this is especially true because accessing products, inventory and important paperwork must be convenient and close at hand. In addition, it is a good idea to choose a storage facility that offers a variety of payment options. This is especially of concern for those that typically travel overseas for an extended period of time. Being able to easily and conveniently pay a storage facility bill from anywhere in the world is a great option to take advantage of by individuals and businesses alike.

Choose To Take A Tour Of The Facility

Finally, those in search of the best in a storage facility should choose a company that offers outstanding customer service and a dedicated team of managers that work to ensure that customers get the best in customer service. Total customer satisfaction, outstanding safety and security as well as convenient payment options are three of the most essential and important aspects of choosing a storage facility today. While there are a number of companies that offer all this and more it is still wise to do a little research. If possible, choose to take a tour of a facility before making a commitment. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today for excellent self-storage in four different states.

When Is The Best Time To Move?

When Is The Best Time To Move?

As a growing number of Americans find themselves moving either across country or across town, a common question arises with regard to when is the best time to move. In truth, this question is often dictated by a lot of external factors such as when a house sells or when a child’s school year begins. However, those that do have a choice in when they will move often find that springtime or summer is the best time to make a move.

Doors Can Be Left Open

This is an obvious and clear choice in making a decision with regard to when to move. Moving in the winter and having to deal with snow and ice and high winds can distract from what would otherwise be a more enjoyable experience. Summertime is also convenient for moving because doors can be left open and comfortable clothing can be worn. In short, summer is a perfect and ideal time for moving. It is also considered a great time to move because children are out of school making it easier to change school districts.

The Perfect Rental Property

Another important consideration with regard to choosing a time to move is that the summer months offer more opportunity when it comes to finding a place to live. For example, those moving from a house into a rental will have greater opportunities to find the perfect rental property. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that moving during the summer offers more opportunities and more advantages than any other time of the year. Best of all, it simply means that your move will not be delayed and complicated by typical winter weather.

Self-Storage Is A Shock-Absorber Of Sorts

Only the individual can truly decide when the best time to move will be, but with that said, any time a move can be scheduled for the summer months it is usually a good choice. Along with choosing the right time to move it is also a good idea to consider using self-storage is a shock-absorber of sorts for excess items that may not fit into a smaller residence. A growing number of movers are finding true advantage in using self-storage as a way to ease the burdens associated with a typical move. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more about moving and self-storage.

How Much Space Do You Really Need?

How Much Space Do You Really Need?

This is a common question that is often asked by those looking to store items in a self-storage unit. In truth, the solution to this perplexing question is really quite simple. All it takes is a little bit of planning, a little advanced thought and perhaps a space estimator or a size guide. The good news is that today most self-storage facilities offer both a useful space estimator and a helpful size guide. Taking advantage of these two simple tools can make self-storage very easy.

A Space Estimator Or A Size Guide

In fact, storing items in today’s modern storage facilities is more convenient, easier and more affordable than most people might imagine. With the help of a storage estimator and a size guide it is easy to choose the right storage-unit as a way to ensure that you do not spend more money than is necessary. Even when a space estimator or a size guide is not sufficient most storage facilities today have experienced and knowledgeable managers that can easily help you determine the right size storage unit for your particular needs.

Safe And Protected 24 Hours A Day

More impressive is the fact that today’s modern self storage facilities are extremely secure, safe and protected 24 hours a day. This lets you know in confidence that you are belongings, personal items and valued treasures will stay safe and secure for weeks, years or even decades. Businesses are also discovering the value of self-storage as a way to save money and as a way to avoid the necessity of having to purchase additional office space. In short, self-storage is one of the most valuable and useful tools that homeowners and businesses can possibly have at their disposal.

Self-Storage May Be Safer Than Storing Your Items At Home

As more people discover these simple truths they are turning to a trusted, respected and dependable self-storage facilities for the storage that they demand. Featuring state-of-the-art security systems, closed-circuit television and a host of other security measures, some might even suggest that self-storage may be safer than storing your items at home. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that self-storage is widely accepted today as a smart alternative to purchasing a larger home or acquiring additional office space. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more about your options with regard to residential and commercial self-storage.

Discover One Moving Tool That Can Make All The Difference

Discover One Moving Tool That Can Make All The Difference

There is little doubt that a growing number of people today are on the move and are moving across the street as well as across the country. With that said, the science of moving has become better, more organized and more affordable than it was just a few short years ago. In addition consumers are far more educated and more skilled at moving today thanks to the Internet and other available information. In short, people simply know how to move these days.

A Good In-Between Location For A Large Amount Of Personal Belongings

One clear example of this is the fact that more and more people that are planning a move choose to take full advantage of all that self-storage has to offer. It is perhaps this one tool, self-storage, above all others that can make a move far less stressful, more affordable and more enjoyable. This is due largely in part to the fact that self-storage provides a good in-between location for a large amount of personal belongings, furniture and other items when making a move.

Invaluable And Essential

Best of all, this one important tool with regard to moving is incredibly affordable today. As such, homeowners on the move can easily rent a storage space for weeks or years as a way to keep their life more organized. This is especially important for those that find themselves moving within a particular city every couple of years. When this is indeed the case, a self-storage unit is truly invaluable and essential. Moreover, today’s self-storage units have the highest levels of security and take advantage of modern technology to ensure that your belongings are always safe.

One Company That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Another important consideration with regard to this key moving tool is that when you choose a trusted and respected self storage facility you can be sure that friendly staff will always be there to help assist when necessary. Whether you are moving across the street or from coast-to-coast, taking the opportunity to rent a storage unit can make your move a breeze. While there are many self-storage facilities located throughout the United States, there is one company that has stood the test of time and always provided superior customer service and outstanding customer satisfaction. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to get your move started in the right direction.