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Common Sense Strategies With Regard To Packing For Your Next Move

Common Sense Strategies With Regard To Packing For Your Next Move

Packing is perhaps one of the most essential elements of moving in terms of ensuring that everything remains in excellent condition without damage or breakage occurring. While there are many ways to pack a box when preparing to move, there are a few simple and commonsense strategies that can improve the likelihood of a completely successful move where no breakage, loss or damage has occurred. Allstate Self-Storage offers these few common sense strategies for proper and efficient packing.

Boxes Are An Essential Part Of A Move

For example, one of the keys to packing successfully for a move includes using the right tools, materials and products. Boxes are an essential part of a move and should be chosen carefully to ensure that they will be packed in the proper manner. One of the biggest mistakes many movers make when moving on their own without the help of a professional moving company is to choose boxes that are too big. Large oversized boxes typically become over packed and too heavy. This ultimately results in the damage and breakage of items.

More Confirmation That Less Breakage And Damage Will Occur

A far more sensible approach to packing for any move is to select a larger quantity of smaller boxes. This ensures that items will not be crowded and that less breakage and damage will occur. In addition, smaller boxes are easier to move and manipulate when loading a truck or unloading a truck at a destination. Easier stacking and easier moving means more confirmation that less breakage and damage will occur. It is also important to carefully consider cushioning material when packing boxes for a move. From Styrofoam peanuts to packing paper and plastic bubble wrap, the right packing material can make all the difference.

The Basics Of Packing Right From The Very Beginning

Reducing the stress of making a local or long distance move simply means planning ahead and considering all aspects of that move. Proper packing is one of the key elements of ensuring that your move is a big success. Follow these simple guidelines to make certain that your move goes as planned without any damage, loss or breakage. Because so many people are moving these days it is essential to get the basics of packing right from the very beginning. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more about effective strategies for completing a move successfully.

Organization Is The Key To Any Short Or Long Distance Move

Organization Is The Key To Any Short Or Long Distance Move

As a greater number of people continue to move across the country or within a local community, it is becoming increasingly important for people to understand the basics of organization. In truth, staying organized is not as complicated as it may sound. All it really requires is a few simple and common sense strategies that are easy to implement. The upside to staying organized is that a move can be more enjoyable, less costly and more efficient than would otherwise be possible.

Sit Down And Sketch Out A Carefully Outlined Plan For A Move

One example of increasing organizational skills with regard to a local or long-distance move includes proper planning. The planning stage of the move is perhaps one of the most important elements of any organized strategy designed to result in a successful move. Taking the time to sit down and sketch out a carefully outlined plan for a move will pay for itself ten-fold in the long run. Writing down the essential and key elements of a move such as how items will be packed and how items will be stacked in a moving truck can go along way in making the actual moving day much easier.

The Labeling Or Coding System

Another important consideration with regard to planning a move includes using color-coded systems or labeling systems to carefully track and organize each and every item. When a coding system is combined with a master inventory list, homeowners and business owners alike initiating a move will ultimately reduce loss, breakage and confusion. Along with a labeling or coding system it is also important to have a time frame related strategy with regard to a move. For example, planning for each room and allotting a given amount of time to moving those rooms can keep one on schedule.

A Move Hassle Free And More Affordable

Finally, it is also important to ensure that once items have arrived at their destination that they are dispersed to the appropriate rooms and areas of the new house or business. The master inventory list should include detailed information on where each item goes once it has arrived at its destination. All these strategies and other organizational strategies can serve to make a move hassle free and more affordable. Contact Allstate Self-storage today to learn more about how to better organize your next local or long-distance move.

The Secrets Of Moving In A Simple And Efficient Way

The Secrets Of Moving In A Simple And Efficient Way

Everyone has moved at one point or another in life. While many people have an enjoyable experience moving others find the event to be somewhat more challenging. With that said, it is important to note that there are a few simple strategies that can be incorporated into any move to ensure that the experience is indeed a positive one. From transitioning from one house to another to simply reducing the amount of clutter in an existing home, following a few simple tips can make the whole process more enjoyable.

A Long-Range Move

For example, one of the easiest and most obvious ways to make a move more enjoyable and less stressful is to incorporate an all important storage unit into a moving strategy. A storage unit when packed in a strategic and efficient way can greatly reduce the overall level of stress associated with any move. While storage units are particularly useful for those making a local move, they are also useful to those that are undertaking a long-range move.

Allow Yourself Adequate Room To Move In And Around The Unit

Having a storage unit standing by and ready when arriving at your destination can greatly reduce the chances of misplacing items or losing personal belongings. With that said, there are a few easy ways to interact with a storage unit to get the most out of this important resource. For example, when storing items in a storage unit it is important to allow yourself adequate room to move in and around the unit. Simple and easy planning in this way can ensure that all items are easily accessible. In addition, this indirectly reduces the chances of breakage and damage.

Some Items Do Tend To Shift And Settle

Another important but often overlooked tip with regard to the proper placement of items within a storage unit is to always keep items at least 12 inches away from the front of the unit. This alleviates any concern with regard to items somehow becoming entangled in the door as it closes or opens. This is especially true due to the fact that some items do tend to shift and settle once they have been placed in a storage unit. Providing this simple amount of buffer space ensures that there will never be an issue in this regard. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more.

The Secrets Of A Smart Relocation And Moving Strategy

The Secrets Of A Smart Relocation And Moving Strategy

With a growing number of Americans moving each year around the country it has become more important than ever before to understand a few simple strategies with regard to relocating and moving. In fact, implementing a few of these basic strategies can ultimately save time, trouble and money with regard to a move across town or across country. Whether you choose professional movers to move your belongings or you decide to move everything yourself, planning ahead will make the entire process more manageable.

Planning Well In Advance

One important aspect of preparing for a move is to carefully consider the timeframe necessary to reserve and schedule a truck and moving crew. In most instances, this portion of the move should be planned no less than three weeks prior to the actual move date. Planning well in advance ensures that there will be no surprises as moving day approaches. Regardless of whether you choose to move yourself or use a moving company the financial, logistical and time frame related concerns should all be carefully orchestrated well in advance.

Put A Customer’s Mind At Ease

Those that do choose to use professional movers should take the time to do a little bit of research to find a company that has a proven track record and an excellent reputation for providing quality services at affordable prices. In addition, consumers should always ask for references from the company they ultimately decide to use for their moving needs. A quality moving company will be more than happy to provide a long list of references as a way to put a customer’s mind at ease. Sometimes simple and basic concepts can go a long way in making an otherwise complicated move simpler and more enjoyable.

Reserve The Unit Well In Advance

Those that choose to move themselves should carefully plan a route to their destination to ensure that there are no mix-ups during moving day. It is also important to consider whether items will be intended to arrive at a new residence or business or be delivered to a storage facility. If a storage unit will be used during a move it is important to reserve the unit well in advance. Follow these few simple strategies and save yourself time and trouble in the long run with regard to your next move. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today to learn more.