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Knowing How To Pack For A Storage Unit

Knowing How To Pack For A Storage Unit

Most individuals and businesses would agree that packing in preparation for storage is considerably different than packing for a typical move or for other purposes. When packing with the intent to store items in a self-storage unit it is important to plan strategically for easy access to items over the long-term. Careful consideration should be taken with regard to which items will be stored towards the back of the storage unit and which items will be near the front of the storage unit. Easy access with regard to items that are accessed on a daily or weekly basis can save valuable time and effort.

Increasing The Overall Storage Capacity Of A Typical Storage Unit

In many cases businesses that choose to store products, inventory or documents in a storage unit will often incorporate storage solutions into their self-storage unit. Often businesses or individuals will contract out work to have shelving units or integral shelving installed within a larger storage unit. This in effect increases the overall storage capacity of a typical unit for a business or individual. Packing in a smart and efficient way is critical to ensuring regular and routine access to everything that you have stored is easy.

A Carefully Planned And Organized Labeling System

In addition, it is important to make sure that all delicate items and fragile pieces are carefully wrapped and protected in such a way that they do not become damaged while being stored. Another important consideration with regard to packing for a storage unit includes careful labeling of each box. A carefully planned and organized labeling system can greatly improve the efficiency of any storage unit. Nothing could be more discouraging than searching through countless boxes looking for inventory or products when trying to complete an order for a customer. For business storage it is essential that your storage strategy be highly organized.

A Premier Storage Unit Facility With Many Locations Throughout The Country

Knowing how to pack for a storage unit is easier than it sounds and only requires a little bit of common sense and a little bit of organizational skills. Staying organized and keeping everything in order will help simplify the process of constantly accessing the items in your self-storage unit. Allstate self-storage is a premier storage unit facility with many locations throughout the country that offers detailed information on how best to pack for a storage unit. Contact Allstate self-storage to have any questions answered about the benefits of self-storage.

Self Storage Advantages For Small Businesses

Self Storage Advantages For Small Businesses

Small businesses today are discovering that self-storage offers a wide variety of options with regard to saving money and trimming costs. In fact, businesses now, more than ever before take advantage of self-storage as a cost saving strategy. This is because a challenging economic climate has encouraged businesses to save money every way possible. Self-storage can become an important tool in helping businesses to save money over the long term. For example, using self-storage as an alternative to renting a larger office space can make a big difference in a business’s bottom line.

The Perfect Stopgap During A Downsizing Event

In addition, self storage gives business greater flexibility by allowing them to access documents, products, parts and virtually anything else associated with a business 24 hours a day. In short, when a business chooses to use self-storage they are making a wise strategic business decision. Some businesses today may even opt to downsize into a smaller office as a way to trim costs, making a self-storage unit the perfect stopgap during a downsizing event. Most businesses agree that reducing overhead and lowering costs is a smart strategy in a difficult and challenging economy.

Self-Storage As A Way To Improve The Efficiency Of A Business

Everything from manufacturing plants to industrial and commercial operations can take advantage of self-storage as a way to improve the efficiency of a business. Because self-storage rates are reasonable and affordable, small businesses as well as large and medium-size businesses are joining the trend with regard to using self-storage. Stocking product inventory in an adequately sized self-storage unit can provide a strategic advantage to any business wishing to maximize its productivity. A storage unit can be configured with a shelving unit or other means for improved access. Having better access to inventory and saving money are just a few of the advantages made possible by self-storage.

A Wide Selection Of Storage Units And Storage Options

In many cases businesses can take advantage of more than one storage unit facility in more than one location. This offers greater flexibility in terms of providing fast and convenient access to inventory, products and documents. The good news for businesses of all sizes is that high quality self-storage companies like Allstate Self-Storage offer a wide selection of storage units and storage options. Contact Allstate Self-Storage today and explore your options with regard to helping your business save money through the use of a storage unit. Allstate Self-Storage is always standing by ready to answer your questions with regard to business storage solutions.

Storage Unit Etiquette: What You Should Know

Storage Unit Etiquette: What You Should Know

In many ways a storage unit becomes the personal space of the individual that is renting that unit. Keeping this in mind it is important to consider various kinds of etiquette related to interacting with your storage unit and with those around you. For example, friendly and courteous behavior that is standard everywhere else should be extended to your storage unit interactions. Always ask others nearby if you will be blocking their entry and exit from their storage unit and offer to coordinate as necessary. Common courtesy goes a long way when conducting business around your storage unit.

Polite And Courteous

Driving to and from your storage unit also requires a certain amount of good etiquette. Blocking another individual’s storage unit with your vehicle is probably not a good idea. This is another situation where common sense rules and basic courtesies can save the day. Talk with your storage unit neighbors and offer alternatives to blocking another person’s storage unit. In addition, if another individual has blocked your storage unit for some reason, usually a polite and courteous request to move the vehicle will suffice. On the rare occasion where an individual may be obstinate or resistant to being cooperative it may require that you visit with the storage units manager.

Newly Found Friends

Never take a conflicting situation into your own hands when a storage unit neighbor is being difficult. Always confer with the storage unit manager and let them handle the situation. For the most part, storage unit customers are fair, reasonable and friendly. Extend these same courtesies to those you will be neighbors with in your storage unit facility. In many cases newly found friends may even be discovered right next-door in a storage unit facility. As an added note it is always a good idea to refrain from using any type of foul language as most storage unit facilities often have children present and are considered family-friendly. Contact the friendly staff of Allstate Self Storage today and explore the many options available with regard to storing your items in a friendly and inviting environment.

The Best Times of the Day and Week To Check Your Storage Unit

The Best Times of the Day and Week To Check Your Storage Unit

Because so many people are on the move around the country it is smart to learn a few basic tips on proper storage unit planning. For example, there are certain times of the day and week that it is best to check your storage unit so as to avoid the crowds. In simplest terms, it is easy to imagine that weekends and evenings are probably going to be the most congested times at a typical storage unit facility. As a way to avoid the congestion it is always a good idea to try and visit your storage unit during the weekdays when congestion will be at the least.

A Careful Strategy

Another important consideration with regard to the best time for checking your storage unit is planning ahead for your visit. By planning ahead for your visit you can reduce the amount of time you will be in your unit and simplify the whole process. With a little bit of preplanning and a careful strategy as to when to visit your storage unit you can make your visits stress-free and quick. An additional aspect of visiting your storage unit at off-peak times is that you will have less problems entering and exiting the storage unit facility. Nobody enjoys long lines and congestion so this strategy makes good sense.

Conducting Business In And Out Of Your Storage Unit

Also worth noting is the fact that most storage unit facilities today have extended operating hours. This is good to know in the event that a late-night visit or early morning visit becomes necessary. Having the flexibility to visit your storage unit at various times of the day and during various times of the week makes it much easier to access important documents or personal belongings. This is especially true for those that use a storage unit as overflow for their business. Conducting business efficiently in and out of your storage unit means knowing the best time to arrive. Being delayed at the storage unit can affect business and that is why it is good to always plan ahead for your business related storage unit visits. Contact Allstate Self Storage today and see how easy storing can be when you plan ahead.

Tips on Storing Items in a Storage Unit When You are Downsizing your Home

Tips on Storing Items in a Storage Unit When You are Downsizing your Home

Let’s face it – downsizing has become a more common practice today in these difficult economic times. However, downsizing is also an excellent way to simplify your life and reduce the overall burden associated with a larger house. The good news for those wishing to downsize is that a well-prepared storage unit with a good storage plan in place can make the transition from a larger residence to a smaller residence easy and stress-free. A storage unit plays an important role in helping homeowners move and transition to a different sized home. The transition can be smooth and effortless when a storage unit is used as an intermediary between two different sized homes.

Items That Will Simply Not Fit Into Your New Smaller Sized Home

Prior to making your move and in preparation for downsizing it is always a good idea to sell as many items as possible, giveaway as many items as possible and throw away what is not needed anymore. This reduction in the overall quantity of items in your home can greatly reduce the burden associated with a downsizing type move. The remaining items that are important to you can be safely stored away in a secure storage unit. Storing items in a storage unit when you are downsizing your home is a great way to maintain access to the things that are most important to you but that will simply not fit in your new smaller sized home.

Positioning Frequently Used Items Near The Entryway To Your Storage Unit

Using your storage unit as an overflow mechanism as you move into a smaller house means that you will still have access to items that will be required from time to time. That is why it is vital to carefully store your items in an organized and detailed way. This includes putting less used items towards the back of the storage unit and positioning frequently used items near the entryway to your storage unit. In addition, it is smart to carefully label each item so that retrieval of these items will be quick and easy. Anyone preparing for a downsizing move should contact Allstate Self Storage today as a way to explore the many options available in terms of securing a storage unit.

Simple Tips on Storing Items While Out of the Country

Simple Tips on Storing Items While Out of the Country

As more and more people travel for business today including to overseas destinations it becomes increasingly important to know how to store items efficiently and safely. Because traveling out of the country usually involves extended periods of time it is critical to store items in a way that will preserve them over the long term. In many cases individuals and whole families may work overseas for years and even decades. Careful consideration to your storing strategy will ensure that the items that are important to you will be preserved and maintained for the duration of your time overseas.

Prevent Damage Due To Moisture And Humidity

Simple common sense strategies will guarantee that your personal belongings, furniture and important documents will all be safe and secure while you are out of the country. One example of this strategy is to ensure that essential personal documents and other paper related items are sealed and secure. Careful packing of these items will prevent damage due to moisture and humidity. In many cases it is usually a good idea to incorporate a climate controlled storage unit into your storage strategy. A climate controlled storage unit will prevent moisture and humidity damage from happening. In addition, a climate controlled storage unit will keep electronic equipment free from moisture damage.

Accidental And Unintentional Missed Payments

Another important consideration regarding storage strategies for those that travel outside of the country is setting up a long-term payment plan. Most storage unit companies today offer options for paying online or for paying in advance. This is a good strategy to avoid concerns associated with accidental and unintentional missed payments. Having a payment strategy well in advance will help to keep your storage unit paid and up-to-date. Traveling out of the country for extended periods of time can be much less stressful when you know that everything you own is safe and stored securely in a trusted storage unit. Following these simple and basic guidelines will help you as you navigate the globe and ultimately return home to your well-preserved personal belongings and items.

Common Sense Ways to Store Items Safely in a Storage Unit

Common Sense Ways to Store Items Safely in a Storage Unit

More people are on the go and moving in the United States than ever before. Keeping this in mind it is important to have a few basic common sense ways of storing items. Because a storage unit is a perfect intermediary when moving it is a good idea to have a storage plan in place prior to beginning your move. Following a few simple guidelines can help ensure that your personal items will not become damaged, broken or stolen. One of the first examples of how to prevent these types of events from happening is to purchase a heavy-duty high-security lock for your storage unit.

Carefully Pack Your Items So As To Avoid Damage

While most storage units today are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week via video surveillance and other types of security it is still a good idea to invest in a quality high-security lock. With security out-of-the-way it is now important to carefully pack your items so as to avoid damaged or broken items. In many cases people tend to over pack boxes and not include enough cushioning material and wrapping paper. Over packing items with minimal amounts of cushioning material such as Styrofoam peanuts can ultimately result in damage to the items that are most valuable to you.

It May Be Worth Considering A Slightly Larger Storage Unit

Another important consideration with regard to preventing damage to the things that you care about the most is to not over stack items in your storage unit. Excessive over stacking causes congestion in the storage unit and can ultimately lead to damage. To preserve the integrity of the things that you care about it may be worth considering a slightly larger storage unit to prevent this type of situation from happening. A larger storage unit can ensure that you will have adequate space to move around within your storage area. Creating narrow aisles and walkways in your storage unit will allow you to navigate through the storage space without difficulty. Contact Allstate Self Storage today and explore your choices with regard to how best to store your items safely and securely.

Are Your Belongings Safe in a Storage Unit?

Are Your Belongings Safe in a Storage Unit

As more and more people today take advantage of the options available to them in terms of storing items in a storage unit the question of safety becomes a more central issue. In truth, it is fair to say that storing items in a storage unit is one of the safest ways to protect your personal belongings and treasured items. In fact, in many cases storing valuable items and delicate items in a storage unit is safer and more secure than what would be experienced in many typical residential homes today. Storage facilities today are some of the most secure and safest environments that one would imagine.

Monitoring The Flow Of People Into And Out Of A Storage Facility

Storage facilities are routinely under strict surveillance by a network of surveillance cameras and closed-circuit televisions. In addition, storage facilities are protected behind security fencing and electronic gates that are access limited. Other important considerations with regard to the safety of storage facilities include the fact that on-site managers are constantly monitoring the flow of people into and out of a storage facility at any given time. This close monitoring and high-tech electronic surveillance ensures that your items will be safe and secure in today’s modern type storage facilities. With advances in high tech electronic security it is difficult to imagine a safer place for expensive and delicate items than in a storage unit.

Protecting Personal Items From Accidental Damage

Another important consideration with regard to the safety of your personal items in a storage unit is that they are often far safer than they would be in a typical basement. Delicate items that are hard to replace or expensive can be well protected from damage or theft by being stored in a highly secure storage unit. From protecting personal items from accidental damage to protecting items from unauthorized access or theft, a storage unit is an excellent solution for those wishing to keep items safe and secure. Allstate Self Storage is one of the best-known names in the storage industry and has been serving Arizona and other regions of the country for many years. Contact Allstate Self Storage today.

When to Rent More Than One Storage Unit

When to Rent More Than One Storage Unit

Storage unit rental can be highly useful in today’s extremely mobile world. With people moving more than ever before it is becoming increasingly popular to rent storage units as a strategy to reduce the stress of moving. In many cases moving the contents of an entire home can require the assistance of a storage unit to act as a kind of shock absorber when transitioning between two homes. In some cases this can require the use of more than just one storage unit as a way to accommodate all items being transferred from one home to another.

A Way To Organize Items That Are Being Stored For Long Term

Another condition that calls for the use of more than one storage unit is when different types of items are being stored. For example an individual may choose to store some items that are susceptible to humidity and temperature in a climate controlled unit while other items that are less susceptible to these conditions may be stored in a standard storage unit. It is also possible to use more than one storage unit as a way to organize items that are being stored for long term as opposed to short-term storage. Two storage units can actually make the storage process much simpler and more organized.

Save Money In The Long Term And Reduce The Stress Associated With Moving

Storing short-term items in one storage area that will be accessed repeatedly is an easy way to keep visits to your storage unit short and highly effective. Items that are stored for long-term storage can be tightly packed in a compact way because they will likely not be accessed until it is time to remove these items permanently. Conversely, items that are stored for short-term storage in the second storage unit can be loosely stored and stored in such a way that they can be accessed repeatedly and with great ease. Renting more than just one storage unit in this strategic fashion can actually save money in the long term and reduce the stress associated with moving or transitioning from one location to another. Contact the friendly staff Allstate Self Storage today and discover how easy storing items in multiple units can actually be.

Traps to Avoid When Renting a Storage Unit

Traps to Avoid When Renting a Storage Unit

Everyone agrees that renting a storage unit is a smart way to transition from one home to another or to store personal items as a way to increase available space in your current living environment. However, there are a few things that should be considered when preparing to rent a storage unit. For example, renting the right sized unit is perhaps one of the most critical elements of renting for long-term storage needs. Choosing a storage unit that is too small can result in frustration and additional expenses while renting a unit that is too large can cause similar problems.

Calculate The Cubic Footage Of The Boxes And Other Items Like Furniture

Finding the storage unit that is ideal and the perfect size for your particular needs is easy and only requires a few simple calculations. When preparing to rent a storage unit calculate the cubic footage of the boxes and other items like furniture that will be stored. Compare this number with the cubic space that is provided by a particular sized storage unit. It is also possible to work with customer service representatives of a storage unit facility to get help calculating these estimated numbers. Allstate Self Storage is one company that strives to help customers in finding the ideal sized storage unit for their needs.

Consider The Climate Where You Live As Well As The Items That Will Be Stored

Another important consideration when renting a storage unit is whether to choose climate controlled or non-climate controlled storage options. Several things that should be taken into account when trying to make this type of determination include the climate where you live as well as the items that will be stored. Obviously those living in arid and dry climates where the temperature is routinely moderate will be less likely to require a climate controlled storage unit. For those living in areas of high humidity it is often a good idea to choose climate-controlled storage. This is especially true with regard to storing items that are susceptible to high humidity such as electronic equipment and electronic devices. Plan ahead and avoid the common traps associated with renting a storage unit.