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The Best Supplies for Storing Items Safely in a Storage Unit

The Best Supplies for Storing Items Safely in a Storage Unit

One of the friendliest and most knowledgeable storage unit facilities in the region is Allstate Self-Storage. This is a company that goes out of its way to ensure the best in customer satisfaction while being committed to quality customer service. After you have secured a storage unit that is most appropriate for your needs it is then simply a matter of getting the right supplies to pack and store your items properly. Perhaps the first and most obvious supply needed for storage is boxes. Having the right size boxes and the right quantity of boxes is the launching point for any packing and storing strategy.

Packing Material can be Calculated

Carefully consider each room and its contents and then determine the number of small, medium and large boxes that will be required for that particular room. Keep an ongoing log of the total number of boxes required for each room and then add all rooms together and calculate a grand total number of boxes that will be needed. Once you have your box calculations out of the way it is then important to consider packing materials, tape and marking pens. Packing material can be calculated based on the number of boxes that will be used in your packing and storage operation. The friendly staff of Allstate Self-Storage can help in estimating how much packing material will be required based on the number of boxes you will be using.

The Moving and Storage Process Can be Fun and Simple

As with packing material, the required amount of tape can be calculated based on the total number of boxes you will be using for your packing and storage plans. In some cases it is also a good idea to purchase several different colors of marking pens. Color-coding each room by writing on boxes with various colors can expedite and simplify the organizational process of packing and storing items. Ultimately the moving and storage process can be fun and simple with a little bit of planning and coordination. A storage unit is an important and valuable tool for those in the process of moving that helps to make a move more organized and convenient. Always remember to get the right supplies when moving and to make your move fun and enjoyable.

Clever Tricks to Better Organize Your Storage Space

Clever Tricks to Better Organize Your Storage Space

Trust the friendly staff of Allstate Self-Storage to help you choose the right storage space. Once you have the right size storage space there may be a few clever and smart tricks you can use to better organize and utilize your storage space. Making good use of every available square foot of a storage unit is vital to keeping costs to a minimum while at the same time protecting the contents of your storage unit from damage and breakage. Like all things in life organization is the key to making things simpler and easier. When a storage unit is well organized items are easily located and accessed.

Narrow Walkways

One simple trick an individual can use to increase the organization of a storage space is to create pathways between stacked boxes and other items. This makes it easier to move throughout the storage unit and access various things as they are needed or to add additional items at a later time. Carefully stacking boxes into small groups allowing more room for narrow walkways enables an individual to move easily through a storage unit and find what is needed. Along with carefully planned walkways it is also important to group similar items together to improve the overall organizational structure of your unit.

A Simple Commonsense Strategy

Finally it is important to carefully label each item in each organized group so that you know exactly where to go for a particular item without excessive searching or the need to open multiple boxes. Another obvious trick to make your storage unit fully functional and easily accessible it is to place more frequently used items at the front of the storage unit while items less frequently used should be stored further towards the back. This is a simple commonsense strategy, however, many people do not take these basic steps and ultimately spend far too much time digging through a storage unit. Fortunately for those looking to store items, the friendly staff of Allstate Self-Storage is always standing by and ready to assist you in choosing the right storage options for your needs.

Knowing How to Choose the Best Sized Storage Unit

Knowing How to Choose the Best Sized Storage Unit

The helpful people at Allstate Self-Storage are always standing by ready to help customers choose and pick the best size storage unit for their particular needs. Choosing the proper size storage unit is important to not only save money but to preserve the overall integrity of furniture, personal items and other belongings. Selecting a storage unit that is too small can result in over cramming and over packing of the unit. This can ultimately lead to damaged and broken items within the storage unit, especially over time. Conversely, choosing a unit that is far too big can result in excessive and unnecessary cost.

The Smallest Type Unit Available

One example of what a small storage unit can hold might be what a typical 5 x 5 or 25 square-foot storage unit can be expected to store safely. This size unit should be expected to hold the equivalent of about one half of an average size bathroom or a hall closet. This is the smallest type unit available and is ideal for what is normally contained in a 4 x 8 trailer. In addition, a larger 5 x 15 or 75 square-foot storage unit can be expected to store the equivalent of a large walk-in closet. This is roughly equivalent to what could be loaded into a large pickup truck or cargo van. This is also an ideal size for storing motorcycles and seasonal items or business documents.

A Three or Four-Bedroom Home

Those with serious storage needs may require a very large unit that is12 x 20 or a 240 square-foot storage unit. This is a rather large unit and can be expected to hold the contents of a three or four bedroom home. An average size moving truck of 40-foot length would easily fill this size storage unit. Large appliances, a car or truck, as well as large furniture would easily be stored in this size unit. Finally, the largest unit available is a 10 x 30 or 300 square-foot unit and is ideal for moving trucks larger than 40 feet. It is designed to safely store the contents of a large four or five bedroom home. Contact the friendly staff of Allstate Self-Storage and find the perfect sized unit for your unique needs.

Ways a Storage Unit Can Save You Money

Ways a Storage Unit Can Save You Money

Moving can be a tricky business these days with so many options available to those seeking to relocate. Perhaps one of the best ways to plan for a move is to include a storage unit in your moving plans. Allstate Self-Storage is a top quality storage facility with locations in Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota and Nevada. Those seeking storage options in these key states can rest assured that Allstate Self-Storage is a premier storage facility that covers all your storage and moving needs. From RV storage to a wide range of personal and business storage options this company exceeds customer expectations every time.

A Slow Methodical Approach to Finding a New Place

Allstate Self-Storage can save you money a number of ways when you are facing a move of any type. For example, a storage unit offers the perfect opportunity to store personal items temporarily when making a move into a new area. Those wishing to take their time in finding the right property to purchase or rent can safely store their personal belongings in a storage unit while not feeling rushed in their search for living quarters. In the long run, this is sure to save people money allowing them to carefully choose the property that is best suited to their specific needs. Taking a slow methodical approach to finding a new place to live can ultimately save money by reducing the likelihood of having to move multiple times.

Protect Valuables and Delicate Items

In addition, many times people choose to downsize to a smaller home to reduce overhead. A storage unit offers the perfect opportunity to store items that may be sold at a later time when downsizing. A storage unit also provides the perfect opportunity to store overflow furniture and personal items when moving into a smaller more cost efficient home. A storage unit is also the perfect place to protect valuables and delicate items that could be damaged in a garage or home storage. This ultimately saves money by protecting items and reducing the likelihood of damage or theft. In short, a storage unit is a valuable tool for those in the moving process and those who wish to preserve their belongings.