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Keeping Your Priceless Collectables in Storage

Keeping Your Priceless Collectables in Storage

Keeping your priceless collectibles in storage has a number of advantages and benefits. For example, by storing delicate items in storage in well-packed boxes or other protective packaging, these collectibles will be insulated and protected from unexpected damage. Because a storage space is maintained under tight control with lock and key there is little chance that accidental damage will occur to your most valued items. Storing priceless collectibles at home in a garage or spare room can ultimately lead to accidental damage or breakage. In addition, storing these precious and sometimes sentimental items behind lock and key in storage makes them ultimately more secure and safe from theft or loss.

Protect the Personal Items That you Care About Most

When planning on storing delicate and priceless collectibles it is always best to carefully pack and label each item. It is also important to clearly mark the word “fragile” on each item that is indeed delicate and susceptible to easy breakage. In addition, it is also important to properly stack items in storage to ensure that damage from compression does not occur. Utilizing shelving units in a storage space is one of the best options available for preventing this type of damage. A well-organized and labeled shelving unit can do wonders for a storage space’s overall functionality. Storing valuable and delicate priceless collectibles is a smart and effective way to protect the personal items that you care about most.

Storing Valuables Where you Know they will be Safe and Secure Offers Peace of Mind

For valued items that are susceptible to variations in humidity and temperature, it is often a good idea to consider storing these items in a climate controlled facility. This type of storage facility maintains strict temperature and humidity parameters inside each storage space. Storing valuables where you know they will be safe and secure offers peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Other benefits to this type of storage strategy include having additional space for other items as they present themselves later on. The benefits of having a storage space are unlimited and endless and give the consumer greater choices and more options than they would ever have otherwise.

Using Storage as Part of a Home Based Business

Using Storage as Part of a Home Based Business

In today’s quickly changing economy more and more people are discovering the benefits of owning and operating a home-based business. Many of these home-based businesses are operated on a very tight margin and a strict budget. By keeping a home business small and compact, typically in a single room of a small single-family home, business owners are able to keep costs and expenses to an absolute minimum. However, as a business grows and matures, more space is usually necessary. This is when a storage facility comes in handy with regard to a home-based business. A storage unit as an extension of a home-based business offers the opportunity to store records, documents and other business related material. Reducing clutter at home means greater productivity.

A Storage Facility as an Auxiliary Location for a Home-Based Business

This strategy helps to keep your home based business organized and clean, as well as neat and tidy. By utilizing a storage facility as an auxiliary location for a home-based business, an entrepreneur can keep business costs low and continue to provide service to customers and clients at an affordable and reasonable price. Other features and benefits of using a storage facility in conjunction with a home-based business include being able to store physical products and inventory when needed. For example, those with e-commerce stores who maintain product inventory can easily store overflow items in a convenient storage unit.

The Freedom to Purchase Discounted Products and Materials Related to your Business

Business storage makes smart business sense and helps entrepreneurs to keep their costs manageable. Other benefits of having an auxiliary storage unit for a home business include having the freedom to purchase discounted products and materials related to your business. Knowing that you have a secure location to store items gives you greater depth of vision and confidence to make purchases related to your business. There is little doubt that using storage as part of a home-based business is a smart and strategic approach to running a home business. Explore your stroage options for a home business today and experience greater freedom and flexibility.

The Best Locks for your Storage Unit

The Best Locks for your Storage Unit

Having a storage unit today is a efficient and cost-effective way to store items of value. With that said, it is important to protect these items with the right kind of lock. There are a variety of locks available today for storage units, with some being more secure than others. One bit of advice for those looking to buy a lock for the storage unit is to consider talking with the storage facility’s managers to ensure that you will buy a lock that is compatible to that particular facility.

The Standard Pad Lock – Good

One of the simplest and most basic ways to protect your valuables while in a storage unit is to use a standard pad lock. Depending on the gauge and ruggedness of the padlock you choose this can be an effective way to protect your belongings, however there are indeed more secure and robust ways to protect valuable items stored in your unit. What you will be storing in your unit will help to determine the type of lock that best suits your needs.

The Disc Type Lock – Better

The disc type lock is a more advanced locking mechanism that exceeds the capabilities of a standard padlock. A disc lock is considered to be largely drill-proof as well as pick-proof. While these locks are more expensive than a standard padlock they can pay for themselves many times over by protecting your expensive and valuable items. Expect to pay upwards of $50-$60 for this type of high security lock.

The Permanant Single-use Lock – Best

A permanent single-use lock is a powerful deterrent designed to be the ultimate in unbreachable locks. This type of lock is intended for those who are certain they will not be re-entering their storage unit for a long period of time. These locks are permanent in nature and require bolt-cutting equipment to be removed. These once-use locks work through a mechanism that physically screws a bolt into place and then shears off permanently. This prevents any unauthorized entry and offers clear indication if there has been entry into your storage unit.

Keeping Your Priceless Collectables in Storage

Keeping Your Priceless Collectables in Storage

Having a storage space can serve many functions including the storing of furniture, business documents, excess inventory, as well as a host of other items. One group of items in particular that is served well by a securely protected storage facility unit is priceless collectibles. Storing these valuables and other important items in a storage unit, especially one that is climate controlled, offers the owner of these items unsurpassed security, safety and dependability. The safety and security related to keeping these items in storage is plain to see in that they are well protected behind a locked and secure door. The idea of dependability comes from the fact that those who store their priceless and valuable collectibles in a storage unit have easy access to their belongings virtually anytime of the day or night. This is true because most storage unit facilities are 24-hour facilities that are accessed via personally issued security cards and access ID numbers.

Keep Track of and Maintain Inventory of all your Valuables and Collectibles

Other benefits of storing important and valuable collectibles in a storage unit include the fact that it offers greater protection from damage. When priceless collectibles and valuables are stored securely in a storage unit, there is never any doubt as to who is near these items. For example, there is never a chance that children will accidentally break or damage a valuable collectible or antique. Having these valuables tucked away safely in a secure location also helps with overall accountability. Knowing where these items are and having them clearly labeled offers the owners of these precious valuables more control. It is a way to keep track of and maintain inventory of all your valuables and collectibles. It also offers owners of these important items a way to keep them in an environmentally controlled space. While it is true that some storage units are environmentally controlled and some are not, those with priceless valuables will certainly be far better off choosing an environmentally controlled storage space. Keeping collectibles that are important to you in storage makes smart sense and is a great way to ensure the long-term safety of these items.