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You Don’t Just Have to Stack Boxes: How Shelving Can Make Your Storage Unit as Effective As Possible

Beyond Stacking Boxes: How Shelving Can Maximize The Efficiency of Your Storage Unit

Adding shelving to your self-storage unit is the most affordable and practical way to make the most of your space. If you’ve ever tried to store your belongings in stacked cardboard or plastic boxes, you know what a hassle it can be when you want to access something – chances are good that the item you want is located in the box at the bottom of the pile! Worse yet, boxes and crates often collapse over time, leading to a catastrophic mess within your storage unit, damaging the contents and leading to hours of frustration. By using shelves in your storage unit, you can turn your space into a highly efficient area where your belongings are protected from damage no matter if they are packed in boxes, totes or left unwrapped.

Storage for Odd-Shaped Items

Portable metal or wood shelving units are a great way to store oddly-shaped items that are either difficult to pack into boxes or are needed on a regular basis. For example, many people rent or lease self-storage units to store sporting equipment like golf clubs, hockey gear and snowboards. Placing these items on shelves within the unit makes it easy to grab the gear whenever it’s time to play while allowing the equipment to air out when it is being stored.

Shelving is also a practical way to store unused small kitchen appliances, home improvement tools, snow tires and toys, protecting them from damage when they are not needed. Many families have discovered that self-storage is a great way to pack away seasonal toys like bikes and toboggans, and placing these toys on shelves ensures they are safely out of the way while remaining readily accessible.

Putting Boxes on Shelves Saves Time and Money

Shelves in self-storage units are also a good way for entrepreneurs and businesses to store boxes filled with archived files and documents. Placing file boxes on labeled shelves makes accessing files in storage quick, easy and safe and minimizes the chances of back strain or injury that can occur when moving stacks of boxes.

In addition to making your storage unit a safer, more efficient space, shelving units let you use the full height of your self-storage space, maximizing the return on your investment. Why not add some shelves to your unit and enjoy a more efficient, affordable way to store your belongings today?