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How to Keep Your Storage Costs Down

If you need more storage space because of the expansion of your business, then you may be faced with substantial expenses for building additional storage space or adding another storage facility next to your main building. Even people who need more storage space for residential belongings may need to expand their garage or suffer the consequences of reduced space in the house. Building or organizing new storage facilities, whether for commercial or residential purposes, involves large expenses because you may need a permit from local authorities or hire a team of construction workers to do the job.

Reduce Storage Costs By Taking Advantage Of Specialized Self Storage Units

Why build additional costly storage facilities for your company or house when you can benefit from affordable, specialized self-storage services from a professional storage company with a long record of impeccable service to its clients? Allstate self storage is operating in four states, which include Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota and Nevada, and provides a diverse range of storage units where your files, belongings or high-value assets can be kept in a controlled and supervised environment. Some of the advantages of self-storage units over adding storage facilities to your house or company building include:

* Saving money on security expenses. Allstate self-storage units are monitored 24-hours per day by advanced security systems, which ensures a lower cost for security.

* Self-storage units have climate control, which ensures regulation of temperature and humidity. Improper enviroment conditions may contribute to damage of your belongings or files, which indirectly increases storage costs.

* You can choose from a variety of storage units, depending on the volume and nature of your assets or belongings, which cannot be precisely predicted when you decide to build your own storage facility.

Partner With Professional Self-Storage Company And Benefit From Secure And Affordable Storage Units

Allstate self storage is proud with its long list of satisfied clients, who experienced substantial saving on their storage costs, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Moreover, Allstate also offers online reservation of units and the possibility to pay your bill on their website. Potential clients can benefit from high-quality, controlled storage space of various dimensions and professional storage services without long term contracts, on a month to month basis. There is no need to waste money and efforts to build new storage space because you can let the professionals take care of your storage needs at affordable prices.

Tips for Relocating Your Business

Tips for Relocating Your Business

Whether it is school, home or businesses related, relocation is never an easy task. As a matter-of-fact, it can be quite daunting. A business owner’s decision to relocate his business may be influenced by several factors. These factors include the need to expand, or to place the business at a more strategic location.

Whatever the reason, its best to face the reality that relocating can be time consuming, expensive, overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. The important thing for business owners to do is to seek the advice of others who have gone through the same or from the experts. Here are a few tips that will help to make that life changing move less of a hassle.

The Basics

1. If you are moving yourself

Start early. Many people underestimate the magnitude of work associated with packing and moving. They may allocate a few days, only to find while packing that they need more time. Start removing items you will not need. Give away what you can as this will help to lessen the number of things you will have to deal with. For those valuables that you must keep, self-storage with a reputable company such as Allstate will take that bit of worry off your hands. You can save on packaging items by purchasing second-hand.

2. If you are using professional movers

Make your arrangements well in advance of the big day. Two months pre-arrangement with the movers is a good choice. Get price quotes, make inquiries about insurance and ensure you get the proof. Prepare the items to be moved as the movers will not be particular about an overflowing trash can or a stacked refrigerator. They will pack everything.

The Technical

3. Making use of Business Relocation Services

These services especially make sense for business owners who have to move quickly and on a budget. Their range of services include taking care of the IT and furniture layout, design of the space and the physical move. It is best to use a service provider that is familiar with your industry, and it should also be a provider you get along with as they will be involved in a crucial aspect of your business move/advancement.

4. Announce your New Location

Let others know where you are by planning a grand opening. Ensure the event includes your customers as well as some media personnel.

Using Storage as an Extension of Your Home: It Doesn’t Have to be Temporary

Using Storage as an Extension of Your Home: It Doesn’t Have to be Temporary

Often people think of self-storage as a temporary place to pack away belongings when moving or renovating their home, but many savvy homeowners have discovered the benefits of using a self-storage unit as a long-term extension of their home or cottage property. Renting or leasing a self-storage unit is an affordable, simple way to expand your living space. It allows you to de-clutter your home without needing to either sacrifice any of your prized possessions or alter your house to add storage space.

Cheaper Than Renovating or Relocating

Many growing families choose to tackle expensive, complex renovations to expand their home storage space. More often than not, what begins as a simple project to add on a room or re-purpose a garage winds up taking far longer than expected, involving complex engineered plans, building permits and inspections. Ask anyone who has tackled a major home renovation project and you’re likely to hear horror stories of blown budgets, battles with contractors and months spent cleaning drywall dust out of every nook and cranny. When you add square footage onto your home, your tax bill also rises, making that extra space pretty expensive!

Alternatively, some homeowners and renters simply decide to relocate once they run out of space in their home – this is a costly and stressful way to deal with a shortage of storage, especially since today’s home market is so volatile. Moving involves many hidden costs, such as utility connection charges, real estate and legal fees and the overall upheaval it can cause to your family.

Self-Storage is Simple and Affordable

When you rent a self-storage unit, you are in complete control of how much space you rent, where you rent it and for how long. This makes self-storage the perfect alternative to renovating or moving when you feel like you (and your belongings) have outgrown your home. Consider how much it will cost you to build an addition onto your house or purchase a different home – chances are good that for the same amount of money, you could lease a self-storage unit for 20, 30 or even 50 years and still have extra money left over! When you choose to rent a self-storage space as an extension of your home, you don’t need to worry about any ongoing maintenance, depreciation or increases to your tax bill – your belongings will be safe and secure, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice for your long-term storage needs.

Whether you need a reliable, low-cost place to store collectables, seasonal clothing or a vintage car, a self-storage unit is the best solution for your long-term storage needs.

Moving 101: Creating a Checklist for a Stress-Free Experience

Moving 101: Creating a Checklist for a Stress-Free Experience

Contrary to popular belief moving does not have to be a stressful or unpleasant experience. As a matter of fact moving can actually be an exciting, fun and stress-free event that should be welcomed and embraced. Being in the right mindset for a pending move simply involves the way one looks at the event. For example, by looking at an upcoming move as an opportunity for change and renewal, an individual will likely have a more positive experience. As with everything else in life, expectations and attitude will dictate how any given activity or event will unfold. By understanding that life is not a static condition but an ever-changing experience, an individual can become motivated to explore the pleasures of a new experience such as moving.

Here are a few simple and very effective tips for making your move as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Call it the simple 1,2,3 checklist if you like. It’s effective and it works.

1. Plan Plan Plan

By planning ahead with such things as calculating the amount of boxes needed, and the amount of storage space needed an individual anticipating a move will be far ahead of the game. Keep a running journal of everything that is required or will be required for your move, keep accurate records of your personal items. Knowing where everything is and where everything is going your stress levels will remain very low.

2. Clothing

Nothing may be more personal than individuals clothing. Taking good care of clothing in a transitional move is important to minimizing a sense of disruption in one’s life. Wardrobe boxes are an excellent choice for moving clothing. These inexpensive and highly useful boxes keep clothes clean, organized and unwrinkled.

3. Organize

Come up with an organizational plan that categorizes items by room. For example, using a color system or number system to identify each room in a home, an individual can quickly organize their new living space once they arrive. This further helps to reduce the stress of getting settled.

These three very simple but highly effective tips for making your move stress-free will help in keeping your move enjoyable. There will certainly be other important steps in a successful move, but these simple tips are an excellent starting point. It is key to always remember that life is about the journey and not arriving in a particular place or time. This idea certainly holds true for those anticipating an upcoming move.