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Stay Organized While Packing To Move

Moving is always a stressful time. Packing everything you own is a big task that can take days. Sometimes it’s not always possible to move everything to the new home. You can rent storage units to store your belongings for a month or more until you are able to get into your new home.

When packing your items, whether they are going to storage or a new home, it’s very easy to get disorganized. Staying organize will make packing and unpacking easier. Designate one are of your home as space for packed boxes. This area should be close to the door where you will be loading the truck, if possible. As soon as a box is packed, it should go to this spot. If you are using a storage unit, you should have two clearly separated locations. One for storage and one to be moved with you.

Try to get boxes that are the same size, so they will stack better. This is important whether you are using storage units or moving the boxes to your new home. All boxes should be clearly labeled what room they should be placed in the new house. Write on the side of the box with a marker, or use labels. It’s also helpful to mark the sides of the box as well as the top.

Moving is never fun, but staying organized can help it go smoother. Boxing items properly and labeling all boxes will help make the move go faster. Remember to give the same instructions to everyone that is helping.