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Cave Creek

31434 N Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

37 customer reviews
-Jon Hegreness
1 Month Ago

5 stars.

-John Stacy
1 Month Ago


-wendy carswell
2 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Terry Dagon
2 Months Ago

Awesome!! Great managent, organized, Effiecent, clean unbelievable clean !! Thx, Connie, Steve & associates! Terry

-Marihelen McIntyre
2 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Phoenix Range
4 Months Ago

This is by far the best storage facility in the area when you consider affordability, clean-safe storage units and above all a personable staff that cares and are willing to accommodate your needs, what more can one ask for. I have used this facility on three occasions renting single and multiple units and have never been disappointed.

-mira aaronson
8 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Tom Draney
9 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Valerie Mesch
10 Months Ago


-Havasu 50
10 Months Ago

Made the switch from one unit to a larger one very easy and painless. Quick transition. The place is very clean, prices are great and people are nice. Thank you!

-Orlando Pages
11 Months Ago

experience was exceptional the first time and that is why I came back.

-will poole

5 stars.

-Larry Dean

5 stars.

-Christopher Strait

Super clean facility and awesome staff.

-Joe Brown

Cleans and friendly staff. Great rates and service.

-Steven Higgins

These guys are the best around, great customer service, easy set up and clean units. Thanks Allstate !

-Jon Hegreness - Tatum Ranch Realtor

Great facility and great staff. Having stored stuff here for 10 years or so, I have been a satisfied customer the whole time.

-Rich Alsup

Hands on help. Expensive

-Michelle Hinton

Attentive, friendly staff, well-kept facility.

-George Valnicek

Great people to work with!

-Dave Daneck

Very friendly, clean facility, good fast elevators. Easy in and out.

-Michael Stevens

Good location. Experience has been positive. The staff are great to communicate with. Helpful, friendly, and prompt.

-George Hunt

5 stars.

-Justin Gatlin

good prices and security


I've had various storage units with Allstate for almost 15 years and have always experienced great customer service and a safe, secure storage environment.


The limited access hours have been my only problem. Seems like we should have access to our units & stuff 24/7, not just during business hours, no holiday, etc.

-Rubbish Works - Rita

We are a small family run company that needs extra storage for Tools and Recycling. We have been with AllState Storage from the beginning (5 years). We feel appreciated and we appreciate them! Mary and James are very helpful and professional. Also, AllState Storage is a great value. Thank you AllState Storage for all you do!


I have nothing but good things to say about this company. They are very helpful and willing to work with you and find the best option for you. The only thing I wish was different is the hours of operation.


Your staff makes going to our storage unit a pleasure! As kind and as helpful as possible! The only drawback for us is the access hours. Not conducive at all to a working person's schedule. Not sure why access hours can't be extended. Has made moves and getting last-minute needs from the storage unit very difficult.


I was in there the other day and the temperature in the hall was 97. I thought this place was cooled!!! Lights go out on timers and I have to run to the end of the hall because motion sensors are angled down. My locker is in the middle of the hall. All plugs are near the ceiling so I can't even bring a lamp. Hard to move things in and out when you can't see. People who work there are fantastic and helpful.


So far, after 3 months, I have no complaints about Allstate Storage in Cave Creek, AZ. I feel that my stored goods are safe, and I have never been unable to access my stored goods. The facility is clean, well-lit and professionally run.


Very nice family owned storage facility. Only thing I would wish is that their hours would be expanded a bit.


The best storage in the area. New facility. Clean


I feel the prices are expensive. I do not have an air-conditioned unit nor the largest unit but still pay close to $200 month and I have been a customer for over 5 years. I have also e-mailed the company but never receive a response. The operators are always friendly!


I've had units with All-State Storage on Cave Creek Road for many years. It is a beautifully run facility, always clean, and the staff are very friendly and very capable. It's the best of all the self-storage properties I've used in Phoenix.


James and Mary at our Cave Creek Road (Arizona) storage facility are the nicest, most accommodating managers ever! They are never too busy to spend a few minutes talking with us. They are very helpful and patient, and we know we can trust them explicitly with our three units. The buildings are always clean and bug-free with plenty of carts for transporting our belongings. There are cameras everywhere, making us feel very safe indeed. We would highly recommend this facility!

-Pat Walthers

Instead of feeling like a "number", like you do in large Metro area like Phoenix/Tempe, I have ALWAYS experienced friendly, helpful and cheerful service with the employees of Tempe Allstate Self Storage. What a refreshing change that is truly appreciated! I feel like a valued customer in the hands of these guys and like I've known them all my life. Kudos to your staff at that location. The only thing I feel that needs to change is the hours on Sunday, extend them as alot of people move on the weekends. THank you!!