Packing Supply Essential That Will Ensure A Successful Move

Packing Supply Essential That Will Ensure A Successful Move

There are many aspects of a successful move that homeowners should consider when contemplating actually moving. Getting the supply essentials right in the very beginning can help to make a move more streamlined and carefree. One example of an important supply that should not be overlooked when preparing to move is a basic toolkit. This is important to ensure that furniture disassembly and the disassembly of other items is not postponed or delayed.

Boxes For Delicate Items Such As Glasses And Dishes

In addition, boxes are one of the most basic elements of any move. That is why there should be an adequate supply of boxes on hand at all times. Typically speaking, purchasing more boxes then are required is always the best option to ensure that those moving do not come up short on moving day. When considering box requirements it is important to include wardrobe boxes, boxes for delicate items such as glasses and dishes and boxes for electronics. Along with boxes, those moving should have a few quality box cutters available to open boxes when required.

Adequate Supply Of Labels So The Boxes May Be Properly Identified

Equally important is to ensure that there is a generous amount of bubble wrap and other types of packing and wrapping supplies available. This is important to ensure adequate padding in the bottom of boxes especially when wrapping breakable items. When purchasing bubble wrap the best approach is to buy a large role. This is a more cost-effective way of purchasing this type of moving supply. Movers should also have an adequate supply of labels so the boxes may be properly identified.

Ensuring That These Basic Packing Supplies Are Readily Available

Finally, large trash bags are very helpful in tossing out items that are no longer required as well as tossing out excess packing paper and similar items. Pens, notepads and even a stapler should be readily available so that moving day is more organized. As an added note, packing paper whether it is white tissue paper or simply blank newspaper should be available and always on hand when the actual packing of items begins. Ensuring that these basic packing supplies are readily available prior to and on moving day can help to guarantee a more successful move. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for affordable high quality Phoenix moving supplies and storage units.

Successful Packing Strategies Every Mover Should Consider

Successful Packing Strategies Every Mover Should Consider

Packing is one of the most important and essential elements of making a successful move. With that said, there are some important packing strategies that should be considered long before moving day arrives. For example, if you will be incorporating the services of professional movers it is always a good idea to let them packing fragile items. This will greatly reduce the chances of the possibility of breakage or damage. In addition, packing one room at a time is always recommended.

Consider Packing Linens And Clothing In Suitcases

Another key strategy that can make a move more organized and less stressful is to refrain from packing different items from different rooms in the same box. This can ultimately caused delays and confusion once arriving at your destination. It is equally important to consider packing linens and clothing in suitcases as a way to conserve space. Another great tip with regard to packing is to consider wrapping small and delicate pieces in brightly colored sheets of tissue paper. Once these items have been placed in a box they will be much easier to find when unpacking.

Draw An Arrow On Each Box Indicating Which Side Is Up

Another smart way of getting the most out of any move is to carefully label each box with detailed information. This includes adding names, content and whether or not items are fragile. It is also a good idea to draw an arrow on each box indicating which side is up. When labeling boxes homeowners should be cautious not to label the contents indicating that anything of great value is contained within the box. This is a sure way to encourage theft.

Stored Separately Or Shipped Separately

Finally, one commonsense strategy to ensure that everyone stays safe throughout the entire process of moving is to never pack any type of hazardous or flammable materials. Combustibles, toxic chemicals or anything else that may leak and cause damage should always be stored separately or shipped separately. Perhaps the best strategy in this regard is to simply give away any opened or partially used containers of hazardous materials, combustible materials or toxic chemicals. These items can be repurchased once arriving at your new destination making the trip safer in general. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for quality Phoenix storage units that are reasonably priced and well maintained.

Tips And Tricks For The Proper Packing Of Household Goods

Tips And Tricks For The Proper Packing Of Household Goods

Most seasoned movers would agree that no move is complete in terms of preparation until the proper packing of household goods is accomplished. For example, many homeowners find that they have more books than they originally believed. Packing books can be a daunting task especially when there is a large quantity of books to pack. Packing books flat while alternating bindings is always the best strategy in this regard.

Crumbled Packing Paper Where There Are Voids

It is equally important to keep like sized books together in the same box. In addition, expensive books and books that are easily damaged should be wrapped generously in packing paper to ensure that damage does not occur. As with other types of items that are boxed for moving, boxes with book should be filled with crumbled packing paper where there are voids and empty spaces. And as with other types of boxes this simply helps to ensure that if a box is dropped or impacted in some way that the contents will not be damaged.

Read Manufacturers Recommendations With Regard To Packing

Lamps should have their bulbs removed and shades should be removed as well. These items should be packed generously with packing paper to prevent damage. Electronic equipment is another challenge that many movers find overwhelming at times. One of the easiest ways to move electronic equipment is to use the original manufacturers box or use boxes that are specifically intended for electronic equipment. In addition, it is always a good idea to read manufacturers recommendations with regard to packing printers, computers and other electronic devices. Knowing what to expect in advance in this regard can ultimately save an expensive piece of electronic equipment from becoming damaged.

It Is Always Important To Label Each Box Carefully

Another great strategy when moving is to consider making copies of computer files and even storing them in the cloud or online as a way to ensure that they will not become lost or corrupted. Regardless of the type of box used it is important to label each box carefully to prevent confusion upon arrival at the new destination. Having an adequate supply of labels, boxes and packing paper will make the moving day less stressful and more organized. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for the best in Phoenix moving supplies and storage solutions.

Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Moving Company

Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Moving Company

Moving can be a challenging and stressful event for those that are not familiar with all the complexities of moving. However, the good news is that by hiring a professional moving company the entire process can be easy, convenient and stress free. In fact moving companies with years of experience in the business will typically ensure that a move is organized, detailed and free of damage or breakage.

Essential Question That Should Always Be Asked

There are many factors that must be taken into account when choosing a moving company. For example, how long has the company been in business? This is an important and essential question that should always be asked prior to hiring a moving company. Companies that have been in business for a long time will have a proven reputation in the industry. Checking reviews, ratings and general opinions about the quality of a company can go a long way in making the right decision when choosing a company that specializes in moving.

A Moving Company Is Licensed With The Department Of Transportation

Equally important is to know in advance the amount of experience that packers, movers and drivers have. This can greatly enhance peace of mind when it comes to feeling confident that a moving company will get the job done without errors, mistakes or damage. Another smart tip is to make certain that a moving company is licensed with the Department of Transportation in the particular state where you live. Along the same lines it is also good to know whether or not a moving company is licensed to conduct interstate moves. These are all important considerations that simply cannot be overlooked.

Knowing That A Company Is Fully Bonded And Insured

Finally, knowing whether a company offers storage can make the entire moving process far more convenient. Self-storage units provide an excellent opportunity to those that are moving, making available overflow options when required. In short, having the ability to access a storage unit upon arrival at the new destination can take the stress away with regard to finding that there is simply not enough room at a new home or apartment. In addition, knowing that a company is fully bonded and insured can make a moving experience far less stressful. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix self-storage units and moving supplies.

Useful Ideas And Strategies For Moving Pets Safely

Useful Ideas And Strategies For Moving Pets Safely

Moving a home across town or across the country can be an overwhelming experience especially when pets are involved. The good news is that those planning a move can consider a few useful ideas and strategies as a way to make moving pets safer and more enjoyable. For example, long before planning a move it is always a good idea to make certain that pets have ID collars with their name and contact information readily visible.

A Way To Reduce Stress On An Animal

Those planning a move that is short or just across town can gain the best results by simply asking a relative or friend to watch their pets for the day. Not surprising, pets can become stressed by moving activities. Play it safe and let a local friend or family member watch a pet as a way to reduce stress on an animal. Another good reason to seek the assistance of friends and family in this regard is that pets can get underfoot and get in the way during a busy moving event.

They Do Tend To Become Dehydrated On Long Drives

Those planning to have their pets with them during the move should know that in most instances frequent stops should be expected to be required. This is important as it allows pets to get important exercise and walk around to do their business as required. It is also an excellent opportunity to provide pets with much needed water as they do tend to become dehydrated on long drives. Those planning a move should also be cautious and know that pets can become sick on long car or truck drives. It is always a good idea to be prepared in this regard.

Extreme Temperatures Are Weather Conditions

Finally, pet owners should acquire all medical records, documentation and health certificates from their veterinarian prior to move day. This is a great way to stay organized when it comes to planning for vet care in the new arrival city. As an added note, pet owners should be careful to ensure that pets are not exposed to extreme temperatures or weather conditions. It is also a good idea to allow pets to explore their new environment at their leisure once arriving at the new destination. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix moving solutions and storage solutions that are affordable and reliable.

Easy Tips For Packing Flatware When Preparing For A Move

Easy Tips For Packing Flatware When Preparing For A Move

One of the most challenging rooms in a house with regard to moving is perhaps the kitchen. This is simply due to the fact that there are so many delicate and fragile items in this particular room. Taking the time to plan accordingly and having the right packing supplies and equipment can go a long way in ensuring that all fragile items in the kitchen make the transition to a new home in a safe and secure way.

When Packing Flatware The Inside Of A Medium-Sized Box

One of the keys to achieving favorable results when moving a kitchen is to ensure that there is an abundance of protective materials available. From bubble wrap to brown paper wrapping and Styrofoam popcorn, having a large amount of protective material is at the very essence of ensuring that flatware is not damaged during a move. When packing flatware the inside of a medium-sized box should be well lined with paper and then each piece of flatware should be wrapped individually and then put into the box.

Not Broken While In Transit To The New Location

One important aspect of packing flatware is to ensure that generous amounts of packing material are continuously use. This is a particular area of packing where packing material should not be skimped-upon. Spending a little extra money on packing material will ensure that delicate, fragile valuable flatware as well as glasses and other similar items are not broken while in transit to the new location. Equally important is to ensure that all boxes are sealed securely and labeled accordingly.

This Is A Resourceful Way Of Making Use Of Existing Items

As an added note, heavier items should be placed at the bottom of each box with lighter items on the top. This further guarantees that delicate and fragile pieces will not become broken while being moved. Another unique idea is to use towels, linens and other similar textile items as cushioning between various layers of flatware. This is a resourceful way of making use of existing items to further protect fragile and delicate pieces. Finally, using medium boxes, homeowners should ensure that boxes do not exceed 50 pounds in total weight. This protects those lifting boxes and it also protects the contents within the boxes. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix storage solutions and moving assistance.

Smart Strategies For Packing Electronics When Moving

Smart Strategies For Packing Electronics When Moving

There are many aspects of moving that must be considered especially the particulars involved with moving electronic devices. Today’s modern electronic devices are delicate and fragile and require specific moving steps to ensure that they do not become damaged or are rendered useless. From big-screen TVs to stereos and computer systems, careful and detailed moving strategies can ensure that these costly items are not damaged in any stage of the moving process.

A Copy Can Be Requested From The Manufacturer

One of the first and most important steps in moving any electronic device is to refer to the manufacturers manual for specific moving instructions. Even if the manual is not accessible it is easy to go online and find a manufacturer’s manual in an online version. Conversely, a copy can be requested from the manufacturer that will be mailed to a homeowner’s address. Another important aspect of moving electronic devices is to ensure that printers have their ink cartridges or toner removed. These items should be safely stored in a sealed plastic bag or container to avoid damage to other items in the moving truck.

Acquiring Original Packaging

One of the best ways to effectively move electronic devices is to simply use the original packaging or boxes. Often these boxes and packages are simply not available but if they are they are certainly the preferred way of moving electronic equipment. There is also the option of acquiring original packaging for electronic devices by requesting a return kit from the manufacturer. Either way, original boxes and packaging is always the best way to ensure electronic devices do not become damaged during a move. In lieu of original packaging, purchasing specialty boxes that are designed specifically before electronic devices is the second best choice.

Connection Ports On The Back Of Electronic Devices

Finally, those planning a move that involves electronic devices should purchase colored labels that are big enough to write on and yet small enough to label individual connection ports on the back of electronic devices. This will make reconnecting all wiring upon arrival at the new destination easier and more convenient. Equally important is to ensure that plenty of antistatic packing bubble wrap or antistatic popcorn is available when packing electronic equipment. This can prevent static electricity from damaging expensive electronic devices. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix packing and self-storage solutions.

Tips And Tricks In Preparing Appliances For A Move

Tips And Tricks In Preparing Appliances For A Move

Most experienced homeowners that have moved multiple times would agree that no move is complete until the major appliances are firmly in place in the new destination. With that said, there are some essential tips and tricks that must be considered when preparing to move appliances. In fact, one of the most essential and important aspects of moving appliances is properly preparing them well in advance of moving day. The easiest and step in preparing appliances for moving is to contact the dealer or manufacturer for specific moving instructions.

Appliances Can Become Damaged Or Nonfunctional

This is an important aspect of moving appliances that should not be overlooked. Especially considering the fact that many appliances have unique and specific requirements with regard to moving. If these instructions and directives are not followed correctly appliances can become damaged or nonfunctional. This can be a costly mistake that homeowners should avoid by simply working closely with appliance dealers and manufacturers. When moving a refrigerator be sure that it is unplugged at least 24 hours before moving day.

Gas Lines Professionally Disconnected

Dispose of perishable items and defrost the freezer if necessary. With regard to the stove homeowners should ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned both inside and out prior to being moved onto the moving truck. Each rack should be moved and secured prior to moving a stover range. Those with gas stoves should consider contacting the gas company to have gas lines professionally disconnected. This is essential because gas lines are fragile and can easily be damaged. As with a stove, the dishwasher rack should be removed and secure. Taping the door closed on a dishwasher is always the best option.

Cords And Wires Should All Be Taped

A washer and dryer unit will require special handling to avoid damage. Consult with the owner’s manual and follow all specifics in this regard. Hoses should be removed and packed separately. Finally, all appliances should have their doors taped shut while cables, cords and wires should all be taped to the back of the appliance. Considering these simple tips and tricks in preparing appliances for a move can go a long way in making a move more successful, ensuring that appliances are never damaged or rendered nonfunctional. Contact Allstate Self Storage for Phoenix self-storage solutions and moving guidance and assistance.

How To Organize A Moving Event Well In Advance Of Moving Day

How To Organize A Moving Event Well In Advance Of Moving Day

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of planning and organizing a move is to know that a move will take considerable time and effort. Staying ahead of the power curve and planning well in advance for a move will make the entire process far more palatable for even those that simply do not enjoy moving. With that said, most homeowners should plan to begin getting organized for a move at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the actual moving date.

Take A Comprehensive Inventory

One of the first aspects of staying organized when moving is to plan well in advance which items will be moved and which items will be given away. Once this has been established it is important to move quickly to give away, sell and throw away any items that will not be taken. This is the first step in truly becoming organized when planning a move. Once everything has been given away, thrown away or sold it is then a good idea to take a comprehensive inventory of all the remaining items.

Continuing To Keep The Pace Up

Once inventory has been taken homeowners can then begin to pack nonessential items as far out as eight weeks prior to the move date. These items can be packed, labeled and neatly tucked away in the garage or some other location in the home that is out of the way. Continuing to keep the pace up with regard to packing nonessentials 6 to 8 weeks prior to the move will make the actual week of moving easier, more convenient and less stressful in terms of the amount of work that will be required.

Items That Should Be Opened First

Keeping these simple tips in mind will make a move easy and effortless in most cases. However, it is still important to closely follow the inventory list and carefully label boxes in an accurate and detailed way. In addition, items that are fragile should be noted as such and items that should be opened first should also be noted. Finally, when moving furniture ensure that parts, screws, bolts and other small items are sealed in a plastic bag and labeled accordingly. These pieces can actually be taped to the furniture that they are associated with to make the reassembly of furniture easy and effortless. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for Phoenix self-storage needs and moving assistance.

Packing And Moving Must-Have Items

Packing And Moving Must-Have Items Every Homeowner Should Consider

Those planning a move must consider certain essential packing and moving items that can make a move a breeze. Failing to gather the proper packing and moving accessories, items and materials can ultimately result in a disorganized and stressful moving event. Make it easy when planning a move by having all the right moving and packing items ready to go well in advance of moving day.

Keep Everything Clean And Free Of Ink

Typical items that are standard for any move include boxes as well as packing paper and other packing related supplies. This includes plain newspaper or brown paper that can be used to prevent the necessity of having to wash items after moving. Brown paper when used to wrap items will keep everything clean and free of ink. Homeowners should always avoid using actual newspaper to wrap items as the ink may transfer to everything from clothing to dishes and even lampshades. This can actually result in items becoming damaged. Play it safe and stick with brown wrapping paper or plain newspaper.

Peanuts That Are Also Made Of Similar Foam

Equally effective in helping to protect items when moving is foam. Foam is a highly effective protective material that can be used to line boxes and wrap delicate and fragile items. Equally important during the move is to have plenty of stretch wrap. This unique moving supply is designed to protect surfaces and keep items that are somewhat awkward together and organized. From furniture legs to tools and golf clubs, shrink-wrap or stretch wrap has a real and important purpose when moving. Similar to the foam used for moving, peanuts that are also made of similar foam are highly effective at filling empty spaces.

Black Markers

A wide variety of miscellaneous moving essentials must also be considered when planning a move. This includes everything from preprinted labels and custom printed labels to purchasing sheets of blank labels that can be filled in by the homeowner. Also consider having a supply of box cutters that are sharp and free of debris. A good supply of black markers and colored markers as well as mattress covers can also help to ensure that a move goes as planned. Consider these simple packing and moving must-have items to make your entire move easy and effortless. Contact Allstate Self Storage today for a wide range of Phoenix moving supplies and self-storage solutions.