Moving Stats of Interest

Did you know nearly half of all moves take place in the summer, between May and Labor day? A half of the moves in a quarter of the time! We can say from experience that is moving in Arizona during the summer is the absolute worst time to do it, but nearly half do! While we’re all bundled up safe and warm indoors, here are a few fun moving facts and statistics. Pull up your blanket and cup of coffee and learn with us!

• According to the United States Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans moving has hit an all time low, dropping to 11.2 percent in 2016.
• Roughly one third of renters move every year.
• Americans in the Northeastern United States move the least, while our Western neighbors move the most.
• The average mover is a couple, between the ages of 25-44 with one or two children aged between 2-11.
• The average American will have moved roughly 12 times in their lifetime. How many times have you?
• According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life, following death and divorce.
• Roughly 40% of moves are for job related reasons.
• Convenience to work is the most common reason people choose their new neighborhood (at 31 percent).
• Within five years of graduation from university, 30% of students will live in a different state. 35% will be living somewhere other than where they went to high school.
• The average weight of household possessions moved is almost three and a half tons! So much for packing light!
• A whopping almost 20% of moves are for government or military-related relocations.

Well, that is it for this time on the All State Self-Storage blog. We will catch you next time with more of the news fit to pack up and store.

Winterize Your Motorbike

Last time on the blog we discussed winterizing your storage unit proper. This time we’ll talk about something much more specific. If you don’t happen to have a two wheeled vehicle, you can probably skip this one! Today we’re talking motorcycles!

If you utilize any of our locations in the South West, then the riding season continues, and you don’t have any concerns, but those of our friends in the Mid-West winter has come, and your leathers are hung up til the season’s change. If you’re looking to put your bike into a storage unit (which is a totally good idea) here are some steps to take first!

1) The Battery

Make sure your battery is charged before it spends several months in storage. There are two schools of thought when it comes to batteries in storage; some say to use trickle chargers or battery maintainers while others suggest otherwise. Look into the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself. Trickle chargers and maintainers need to be hooked into an outlet so see if the unit accommodates this or prepare to keep it at home.

2) Freshen Up Your Fluids

Antifreeze, despite its name, can freeze if its gone bad and the temps drop too low. Replace the anti-freeze, oil, brake fluids,etc. so that they will keep through the winter and be good to go come spring. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the stabilizer makes its way into the system.

3) Wash Your Motorcycle

Bug guts are gonna be a bigger pain to clean off after settling and freezing for several months. So before you roll that beautiful bike into the unit give it a good scrub down and waxing.

4) Cover That Bike

Even if your bike is indoors, a cover can keep the dust (and anything else that might work its way into your unit) off and your bike protected.

With these boxes checked you can pull your bike into it’s new winter home and feel confident that come warmer weather, it will be ready to roar.

Winterizing Your Storage

If our last blog got you in the door and you’re getting your storage unit game on, then it’s important to know these tips for the winter months. If you’re already storing things… well… hopefully, the winter hasn’t been too harsh, or you have already prepared adequately! Depending on the facility, the units themselves may be climate controlled. If that is the case, you will have less to worry about when it comes to winter.

While the unit is still empty, sweep the interior. Look for anything unusual. During that check look for evidence of water and how it may have found its way into the unit. Cracks in the foundation or the walls will let in moisture which can obviously cause problems for your belongings down the line. Obviously, this is something the facility staff will be keeping an eye out for, but it never hurts to have an extra pair.

When it comes to your actual things, keep an eye on any items or containers that appear to be cracking. The low temperatures can weaken the materials further, and the last thing anyone wants is for their belongings to go spilling out all over their storage unit (that’s why we spend so much time here on the blog with organization tips!) and possibly being damaged.
While you can’t insulate the walls of your unit, you can insulate smaller boxes. With that in mind make sure any temperature sensitive items like musical instruments are wrapped in insulating materials like paper or fabrics to prevent any damage.

As always, feel free to ask the facility manager for anything specific you may need to know, they’re the front line resource for all your storage needs. If you’re just moving into your unit or switching things out for the season, be sure to take the necessary steps to keep your belongings safe.

New Year, New You

The New Year, the start time of self improvement efforts across the globe! (We know, we’re a few days behind on this one but those blogs on packing up after the holidays were time sensitive!) One of the most common resolutions for folks is to revamp their living spaces completely. Keep them cleaner, less cluttered, or pare down to the ever popular minimalist approach. Here is how a self storage unit like those offered by All State can help you reach those goals!

The big hurdle with resolutions is consistency. Sticking to them for the year, and hopefully for the rest of your life, making that permanent change can be tough! If your goal is to declutter your home, the first thought is to throw everything away or give it all to charity. But then the first hurdle jumps in your path “What if I need this later?” and so the whole process of renewal is hampered before it can even begin. Here’s the key work around. You might actually need that thing later, so why not store it somewhere NOT in your living room? And thus, the storage unit enters the scene bringing with it salvation and prosperity.

Gather up all those belongings you don’t use weekly, or monthly, or whatever criteria you decide, (this is your resolution after all) and bring them to an All State Self Storage facility to embolden your resolution. You’ll have a decluttered home, pared down to only what you need on a daily basis, but still have access to all your family keepsakes, extra furniture, or yard tools when you need them but not cluttering up your living space. To use a storage unit almost seems like a way to cheat the whole minimalism game but hey, if it enables you to reach your goals then why not?

Happy New Year from all of us at All State Self Storage! May you stick to all your resolutions, whatever they are!

Repacking the Holidays Part Deux

Last time we discussed getting rid of excess decorations and some tips for how to optimize space when packing the remainders away. Today we are picking up right where we left off with some more space savers.

3) “Unpack First Box”

The folks over at Real suggest this one. Essentially this box is where you’re going to put the key pieces of decorations, the one you always go to first when setting up. Not special ornaments for the tree or leftover wrapping paper, those both can be found later. This box will have that favorite wreath or the welcome mat that kick off the entire holiday cheer.With this fix, you won’t find yourself scouring through the pyramid pile of party pieces looking for that singular item you couldn’t decide where to pack last year.

4) Packing to Protect

If your winter holiday of choice is Christmas, chances are you have lots of special ornaments to display each year. These fragile, meaningful tokens require special care in packing lest anything shift and you find you precious pieces smashed. Try packing the ornaments using egg cartons to keep them spaced out and secure.

5) Seriously, De clutter

We mentioned it first, but it bears repeating. In the process of deciding on the essentials for your Unpack First Box, you no doubt made some value judgments on the rest of your decorations. If there is anything broken, you find ugly now, or pieces you annually make excuses to ignore and not set out, now is the time to remove them from the entire process.

With these tips put to use, Future You will be thanking Current You for making the holiday less stressful, and more immediately festive. The whole rest of your year will benefit from this planning as well; your storage organization will make all of the other hundreds of things in your busy year easier to tackle.

Repacking the Holidays

The winter holidays have come and gone, and if you’re feeling particularly proactive, you might already be taking the lights down and switching out the decor of your home. For many that means “Doing it right this time.” Making it, so next year isn’t such a hassle to get to what you need and when you do have the boxes in hand they’ll be easy to use. Here are some tips to put to work now, so later isn’t such a hassle.

1) Get Rid of Excess

We know, a storage facility telling you to get rid of the excess seems like heresy, but we’re in the business of storing your valuables, not enabling hoarders. As it is every season as the stores convert to the holidays, folks find newer decorations, new light formations or yard pieces, and every year more items find they have no place to go on your home. As you’re packing away what you used this year, take inventory. If it didn’t get used this winter, chances are you won’t be putting it up next year either. Donate the excess decorations to make sure you’re only holding on to things you will be using!

2) Pack it Away Neat

It always starts out as priority number one, but as the days wind on, you find yourself stuck with two half full containers of decorations, and this weekend is the only time you can get to the unit, and dangit, well it’s easy to see how it turns into shoveling everything into cubish shapes and calling it a day. But with a bit of pre planning, you can make sure that this time it goes smooth. For storing artificial trees, bloggers recommend using old belts to cinch the branches in tight, minimizing space needed. For lights, open up old coffee cans and spiral them inside. Cans will keep individual strands from tangling into a real Gordian knot. Packing the cylinders is then easy-peasy.

Come back next time for more Holiday Repacking tips! Don’t let this opportunity to get your decorations under control pass you by.

How To Organize in-shower Products?

How many products do you currently have in the shower? A bar of soap? Three or more shampoos, and maybe even four bottles of conditioner? Even if you’re a single person living on your own, everyone loves trying out new products to help us look, smell, and generally feel better. And while nothing is wrong with that, you might find yourself with less and less legroom as time goes by. Whatever the case, anyone can benefit by putting effort into organizing their shower products. Here are the best tips we have to increase your overall organization…


First of all, keep them off of the floor. Anyone who has ever used a razor has cut themselves at least once in their lifetime. So a good way to avoid an avoidable injury is to keep your razors off of the floor. What you can do is buy yourself a small basket that fashions itself onto the wall of your shower (usually with some suction cups), and keep your razors in there, with the head facing down. Just make sure that the basket has holes on the bottom to keep excess water and bacteria from building up.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You probably have more than one bottle if you’re like most people. The very first thing you’ll want to do is throw away any product you haven’t used in the last four weeks. Even if you think you’ll use it again at some point, everything has a shelf life, including your hair products. It’s better to throw things away than letting them continue to take up space. Then, buy yourself a basket with holes in the bottom, just like the one you bought for the razors! You can also purchase a shower basket that hangs from the shower head itself. Whatever you choose, be sure to throw out your old product, and organize what you decide to keep!

Bar Soap

Always keep bar soap in the little soap-holder fashioned into the shower. Honestly, none of your other products will fit in there anyway! Another great tip is to combine your bar soap when one gets particularly low. Rather than throwing out the last bit, bring a new bar into the shower with you, get it wet, and place the old bar onto the new bar. Trust us, this works!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to better organize your shower products!

How To Organize Out-of-shower Products

For all you ladies and gentlemen who absolutely love their beauty products and makeup, this blog is for you! If you’re anything like most people, your products are most likely spread out around your vanity, sink, or shower. And while it can seem more of like an “organized chaos” than a serious issue, it’s always a shame when we lose or misplace these daily necessities.

So how can you better organize all these items? Luckily there are a number of ways!


When it comes to organizing makeup, a lot of where to begin actually depends on how much makeup you own! To get a better idea of the space you’ll need, lay out and separate all related items together. So that means eyeliners with eyeliners, and eye shadows with eye shadows. Once you’ve done this, go out and buy yourself a mini plastic drawer organizer, and some small, cute baskets. Once you’ve done that, you can have one drawer designated for one or related items! For instance, the top drawer can be all of your face makeup, including foundation, contour, etc. which can be followed by a drawer designated for eye shadow and eyebrows, and all the way down to a drawer for random items like hair ties and bobby pins! But why the baskets? We all know some eye shadow pallets can be pretty big, so you can lay them flat or place them like books against each other for easy access. And brushes? Those can be put in small baskets as well, brush side facing up, of course!

Beauty Products (not in the shower)

Both men and women could benefit from organizing their hair and beauty products. The best way to do this is in a basket. Have all of your product standing upwards, so that nothing falls down or becomes too loose in the basket. You can even keep this organized by product type, with hair spray on the left, and things like dry shampoo on the right. If you have things like putty or hair gel, you can rearrange this to fit all of your products into one basket as well!

Organizing Your Garage 101 (Part 2)

Welcome back! We hope that you’ve taken the time to clean out your garage and get those “donate” and “sell” piles going! If you have, that’s excellent. If you haven’t, then you should really consider doing so! Without further ado, here are the last set of tips when it comes to how to better organize your garage…

Put apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

Please, please don’t store any fruit or vegetables in your garage! Rather, and what we mean by putting apples with apples and oranges with oranges is compiling “like” and “similar” items together. This can be done in a number of ways. We think that it’s best to do this by person and by relevance. For instance, instead of putting all winter clothes together in one large box, have multiple boxes designated for one person’s winter clothes. When it comes to things like holidays, you can have one large box with all related holiday decorations, etc.

Stack and build.

To maximize the storage space in your garage, you’ll want to stack your boxes on top of each other. To make this process easy for you in the long-term, be sure to place the items that you use less frequently on the bottom, so that you won’t have to unstack and restack your boxes all of the time. To make things even easier for you, keep all related items together when you stack them, so that you don’t have to fumble through box after box.

Label, and never get lost again.

While you might have your organization down to a T, the way you stack your boxes won’t be any help if you don’t have them labeled! But remember, always put the label facing outward, so that boxes are easily identifiable and accessible when you need them.

Good luck with your organization!

Organizing Your Garage 101 (Part 1)

When it comes to organizing your garage, you might be a bit intimidated by the large task at hand. After all, some items in your garage can go untouched for years! But fear not! Because we are experts when it comes to organizing large spaces, we are here to help you.

Just like organizing a storage unit, there are a million methods that can be considered. However, garages are a bit different in that you will more than likely be parking a vehicle in there, in addition to all of your other items. Be mindful of these organizational tips to help you maximize the space in your garage…

Clean your garage.

While this isn’t really a tip, removing all of the items from your garage will help you in the long run. Not only will it let you give your garage a thorough cleaning (because let’s be honest- there is probably more than one cobweb in there), but it will give you a better idea of the space you have to work with.

Go through your items one by one.

Even though this might take a massive amount of time, going through all of the items in your garage, as well as what’s inside the individual boxes you have, can save you space and even earn you a bit of money! For instance, if you have a lot of old clothes or books that haven’t been touched in a while, it might be a good idea to create separate piles of things that can be donated or sold to a second-hand store. What’s great about going through old boxes is that you can even find things you thought you had lost a long time ago. What you’ll soon find is that you’re donate/sell pile will get larger, meaning that when all is said and done, you’ll be storing less in your garage, which will give you more room!