Moving and Relocation

Making a move from one side of town to another can be challenging enough; relocating to another state involves even more planning and preparation. Regardless of whether you are crossing county lines or state lines, there are some things to keep in mind while organizing your geographical transition.

Reserve and schedule a truck and moving crew no less than two to three weeks prior to the actual move. Weighing out your options regarding the use of a professional moving company versus packing up and moving on your own is an issue that requires thoughtful consideration. Finances, logistics, timing and convenience are just a few of the factors that need to be considered before making your decision. If you do decide in favor of professional movers, hire a company with an excellent reputation, and be sure to ask for references.

Properly stacking your belongings in a rented truck takes care and planning to ensure safe delivery to your destination. Make sure that you are packing all boxes and other items tightly inside the truck so that movement is limited while you are on the road. Renting the correct size truck to accommodate your belongings is critical. Rope and bungee cords are mandatory for keeping all items in place during the trip.

Map out the most direct route to your destination, whether it be to a storage facility or directly to your new residence. This will save time, money, and gas. If your plan is in fact to utilize storage once you reach your new location, make all arrangements and reserve any needed storage units ahead of time so that you are not riding around aimlessly with your belongings in the truck, looking for a place to put them at the last minute.

If you do need to rent a couple of storage units, it is important to pack the units in an organized fashion, with less critical items placed at the rear of each unit, and anything that should be immediately accessible placed toward the front.

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    Moves from home and office into next home without the proper planning and preparation.This will become stressful situation. So I think proper preparation and packing is the key to success when moves.

    Good advice! It’s all about making wise choices. A little planning can save a lot of headaches

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