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Commercial and Residential Customers in Queen Creek AZ

As a leader in self storage in communities throughout our state, Allstate Self Storage is pleased to offer storage units in Cave Creek Arizona. Units range from sizes 3×3 to 20×40 and include Indoor and Outdoor Availability, Drive-up Access, and Car/Boat/RV* Space. Contracts are renewable on a Month to Month basis and we offer Resident Management services.

Taking Care of Your Self Storage Needs

Over the course of time, we tend to accumulate more possessions than we can find place to store. This usually leads to the need to de-clutter our work or home environment. We then go on the hunt for a additional storage space that is easy to reach and affordable. If you’re presently going through a storage space crisis in your home or work place we offer you a solution that will be sure to satisfy your needs.

Allstate Self Storage offers secure, affordable and convenient self-storage facilities to both business and residential individuals in your community. We also offer our customers storage advice. Our company has established and built its reputation by delivering quality service and fostering good customer relations. We have spent over 35 years listening to our customers and structuring our service to meet their needs.

Storage Locations

We have facilities for storage Cave Creek, storage Queen Creek AZ, Cave Creek self-storage and Queen Creek storage facilities, and can be found in 13 convenient locations throughout four states. Each storage solution is designed to satisfy the needs of the community in which it is located.

Allstate Self Storage’s Performance

We are highly rated for valuing our customers and for the quality service we deliver. Allstate Self Storage has dedicated its services throughout the years to providing a service that meets the needs of our customers. This strategy has placed us ahead of other players in our industry. Our experience and commitment continues to serve our loyal customers and win the respect of new customers. Our customers are especially pleased that our facilities consistently display qualities such as safety, convenience, affordability and security.


With a 24/7 surveillance security system that is constantly monitored by a team of experts as well as a key and access control system, our facilities have an overall system that is hard to beat. It is hard for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the facility or to a customer’s unit. The key and access control system sees each customer receiving a key and an access code that allows them sole entry to their unit. Not even the customer can gain access without their key or access code.

The units are also designed to protect your property from moisture related damage such as mildew. Units are clean and equipped with a climate control feature.

Customers Reviews

Our Allstate Self Storage customers, as seen through reviews, have been especially pleased with our service. We are highly rated for efficiency, the level of service we give, the quality of our facilities and the safety measures that are used.

Customer Reviews